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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1868 by

Chapter 1868

Every time Avery tells a lie, her heart beats faster.

Fortunately, Tammy left happily after asking this question.

Avery raised her hand to wipe off the sweat on her forehead, then found Mike’s number and dialed it.

Mike answered in seconds, with a flattering tone: “Avery, have you seen the news?”

“You are so brave to make such a joke!” Avery took a deep breath and reprimanded, “The joke is not on you. It’s a lot of fun watching it, right?”

“What’s the fun I’m watching, I’m in Bridgedale, and I can’t see Elliot’s wonderful reaction at all!” Mike laughed, “Since I said that, don’t demolish my stage. Let them misunderstand! If Elliot really wants to get you back, even if you marry another man, he can find a way to get you back! If he is not determined to you, it means that he does not love you that much.”

Avery sneered: “I think I can help Chad pay attention to see if there are better people, and introduce him to him at that time, maybe he will realize who is more suitable for him.”

Mike suddenly changed his face: ” Avery! You don’t have to do this, right? I’m all here to help you! Elliot secretly booked a car for you, and made it clear that he wanted to get back with you. But how could we let him go so easily? You forgot the grievances you suffered before Now? I’m just testing him out for you to see if you feel bad. If you feel bad for him so much, you should call him directly and say that I lied!”

“Why are you still wronged?” Avery asked, “I’m angry not only because you made fun of me, but also because you kill first and then play. Can’t you discuss it with me first?”

“If I discuss it with you, this matter will be messed up. You will definitely not agree with me to do this” Mike said, “You can rest easy! Even if Elliot is jealous and angry, he can only bear it silently. Will he dare to trouble you?”

Avery: “I’m afraid he won’t let me see the child when he gets angry.”

“He dares.” Mike didn’t worry at all, “Layla doesn’t listen to him. Don’t worry! No one will stand by him if he doesn’t care.”

Avery’s mood calmed down a little.

“By the way, there’s something very funny that I haven’t told you yet.” Mike said this, and laughed, “Norah Jones sent Billy an email, and there were pictures of scratching her head in it.”

“Who scratched her head?” Avery was taken aback.

“Norah Jones posted a photo of herself. There are a lot of sensational words in it. It can be seen that she did well in English language when she was in school.” Mike teased, “Hayden didn’t want to care about her, but I don’t think how can let her down?”

Avery heard Mike’s words and knew that Mike had another bad idea.

Avery: “Mike, why are you so bad?”

“I’m really sad when you say that to me.” Mike said in a pitiful tone, “I didn’t take the initiative to provoke others, didn’t they all come from others?”

Avery reminded: “Be careful and don’t go too far.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll tease her.” Mike said, yawning, “I didn’t sleep tonight, just waiting for your call. You just called me now.”

Avery: “You won’t take the initiative to call me and tell me?”

“I’m afraid you’ll be angry.” Mike said with a smile, “I’m relieved now, I feel like you want to watch the show too.”

Avery: “Go get some sleep! I’m going to dinner.”

“Well, call me anytime if you have anything. If Elliot troubles you, call me immediately and I’ll fly back to help you deal with him.”

Avery took a deep breath. She didn’t dare to think about what would happen the next time she saw Elliot.

4 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1868 by”

  1. I sure can’t stand Mike. I guess because he never had the love from his family. He has to make everyone suffer like he did! He makes me sick…

  2. Mike is always stirring up trouble! He’s not a true friend and very childish! Hayden is the owner of Dream Makers! Avery should have explained to him long ago about Elliott and not leave it so he would hate him! Hayden is rude as hell too! These are not normal people and the author can make them be whatever but people are not this stupid in real life! Mike needs to disappear from their lives and a few other ones!

  3. I agree 👍💯 That’s why I said, long time ago, that Avery loves every bit of the drama, none of them are satisfied unless Elliott is being disrespected by them , the kids, and the miserable bad guy!

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