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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1866 by

Chapter 1866

“Avery! Are you angry?! Don’t be angry!” Tammy saw Avery leave the garage and immediately chased after her, “I thought we were not outsiders, so I’ll tell you be honest!”

“Tammy, ​​I’m not mad at you, I’ll make a phone call first.” Avery was really not mad at Tammy.

After all, Tammy just wished her from the bottom of her heart.

“Who are you calling?” Tammy felt that Avery was going to get angry.

Avery found the phone, opened it, and saw the message from Mike.

She opened the message immediately.

——[Avery, Chad called me today and said that Elliot saw that someone sent you a car and was so jealous. I thought it was funny, so I told Chad that you have a boyfriend, and the boyfriend is the boss of the dream maker. Don’t expose me]

After reading the news, Avery was in a mess.

It’s not that Elliot is talking about her behind her back, but that b*stard Mike is making up her rumors behind her back!

Mike said so, Chad and the others must be convinced.

No wonder Tammy would say things like ‘agree with this marriage’!

That’s how outrageous rumors sometimes arise.

Maybe Mike just told Chad that she had found a boyfriend, and then when he arrived at Chad’s place, Chad would tell others that she and her boyfriend were like glue, and the wedding was imminent.

“Avery, who are you calling?” Tammy walked over to her and stared at the screen of her mobile phone.

Her phone had returned to the main interface, and Tammy didn’t see anything.

Avery went to the sofa and sat down: “Stop fighting. Tammy, how did I tell you about my boyfriend and I?”

“Let’s just say you’re with the boss of the Dream Makers Group. I and Jun both praise you for being amazing!” Tammy saw that Avery didn’t seem so angry, so she walked over to her and sat down, “I came here. After thinking about it on the road, I actually kind of understand why you are with the dreamer’s boss.”

Avery was curious about the reason, so she asked, “Why?”

“Because your father wanted to develop a driverless car before, and he wanted to do but today’s Dream Makers Group has done it… If your father is still alive, and seeing the success of the Dream Makers, and seeing you together with the Dream Maker’s boss, your father will definitely be very happy!” Tammy looked at her without blinking, trying to judge whether her guess was right or not by her expression.

Avery’s mood was like a roller coaster, going up and down.

If Tammy is not at her house now, she will call Mike immediately and give Mike a lesson.

Mike made such an outrageous joke, he was happy, but how was Avery going to face everyone’s eyes and comments?

Avery doesn’t care what others say about her, but Tammy is her best friend. If she is really in love, why would she hide Tammy?

Besides, Elliot was annoyed, and Avery would probably have some trouble seeing Robert in the future.

Who knows if Elliot will make a small stumbling block openly or secretly.

“Avery, it is almost certain now that Elliot still has you in his heart.” Tammy said with an attitude of watching the fun and not taking it too seriously, “Chad told everyone about this, but Elliot didn’t. Chad said that if Elliot knew about this, he would definitely explode.”

Avery was a little shocked, and at the same time thought of what Mike said in the text message.

The reason why Mike said she had a boyfriend was to stimulate Elliot.

Now that the lie has been told, then… let it be!

11 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1866 by”

  1. Mike and Tammy they are the hindrance of Elliot and Avery. They need to go…I don’t like there characters but to make up stories and destroys their relationship. Both are gossipers. We just wish for Elliot and Avery for them to get back together. And Hayden to treat Elliot better. Now let’s wait what’s going to happened to Nora Jones when he meet Billy. To the Translator thank you for your time and effort.

    1. I definitely agree. Mike and Tammy are not good friends. They just love to see Elliott suffer but does not think of Avery and her kids. They’re really bad influence too to Elliott and Avery’s kids.

      1. I really do not like Mike his is an awful friend. Tammy as well. They do not have the best interest of Avery or the kids. It is all about them. I wish they both would go away and let Avery and Elliott find their own way without all the outside influences.

  2. Tammy reveals the latest gossip about Avery’s love life. Avery was about to accuse and scold Elliott thinking he is the one spreading the gossip.she opened her phone and saw the message from Mike!

    1. exactly! its ok to assume bad about elliot and scold him at anytime but if its mike and tammy, its just ok! hahaha genius Avery😂😂

  3. Yeah, I totally agree with everyone! I lays me out how she’s quick to the draw to tear Elliott a new ass whenever she thinks he remotely done her wrong, but as soon as she finds out that it’s Mike that’s spreading lies, gossip and rumors it’s totally fine! That’s unacceptable, and she still sees nothing wrong with their behavior, even though she just cursed Mike for being a bastard, but she didn’t publicly and openly disrespect or set him and Tammy straight, Avery loves it and so do her friends, Tammy was just team Elliott and as soon as she heard that Avery was messing with the dream-makers boss, she was all for it, because she feels like the dream-makers have more money and pull than Elliott, she’s such a gold-digger!

  4. I feel sorry for these characters, they are so materialistic and love themselves they are missing out on real love. What a sad bunch. Elliot deserves so much better that the shitty people that surround him.

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