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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1864 by

Chapter 1864

“Senior brother, I didn’t send random emails, I sent him a cooperation intention email.” Norah Jones said confidently, “He replied to me with an address, should he ask me to meet and talk about it?”

“Yes. This address is not far from our company. If you don’t know the exact location, I can take you there.” Senior brother was a little excited, “I can accompany you to see my boss.”

“Senior brother, isn’t your boss unwilling to show his true face? I’m afraid I’ll bring someone over, and he won’t even see me.” Norah Jones couldn’t let anyone spoil this great event.

During this time, there must be countless people who want to work with Billy, but Billy only wants to see Norah, it must be because he is fascinated by her photos.

“Okay! No one in our company has seen our boss! Norah Jones, you are amazing! I really want to see what emails you sent to our boss.” The senior asked politely, “I don’t know if you are inconvenient. Show me the email.”

Of course Norah Jones wouldn’t show her email to her brother.

“Senior brother, after I meet your boss, I can tell you what happened after the meeting. I won’t tell anyone about this, I’ll tell you.” Norah Jones promised.

The senior brother was satisfied with her promise: “Okay, then I’ll wait for your good news.”

After speaking on the phone, Norah Jones immediately emailed Billy back to schedule a meeting time.

About an hour later, Billy replied to her with a detailed time.

Billy about to meet tomorrow morning.

Norah Jones looked at Billy’s two reply emails and felt like she was dreaming.

In the past two years, she had wasted so much energy on Elliot, and it was all in vain. As a result, it is now completely effortless.

What does this mean?

It shows that Elliot is the wrong person, and Billy is her real person.

Norah Jones closed the notebook, grabbed the bag and prepared to go out.

She had to go out and buy a formal dress, get a look by the way, and meet Billy in the most beautiful way.

Try to make Billy fall in love with him at first sight!

When she went out, she called the assistant and asked the assistant to wait for her in the mall.

By the time she got to the mall, the assistant had already arrived.

“Ms. Jones, what’s the happy event? You look so good today!” The assistant heard Norah Jones’s tone on the phone just now, so he guessed something good happened.

“Billy asked me to meet.” Norah Jones pulled the long hair behind her ear.


“The dream maker’s boss!” Norah Jones lowered her voice, “I sent him an email the day before yesterday, and he replied to me today. Ask me to meet!”

“Wow! Ms. Jones! You really are amazing! Didn’t all the executives of the Dream Makers Company have seen the real boss? There are still many people who speculate that their boss is actually an alien! It’s so funny! Those people are simply ignorant. Or Ms. Jones, you are amazing. You let the boss show his real body as soon as you go out!”

The assistant flattered wildly.

Norah Jones entered the mall with his assistant: “Thank you for reminding me, otherwise I would never have thought of sending an email to Billy. The more I think about it now, the more I feel that Elliot and I are indeed inappropriate. Why would you take me for such an excellent woman? Putting his hot face on his cold a$$? Not only is he divorced, but he also has so many children. Even if I am really with him, how much can he give me?”

Norah Jones said, with a shy smile on her face.

“Billy is different. Even if Billy is divorced and has children, the concept of foreigners is different from that of people in Aryadelle. As long as I can marry Billy, half of Billy’s property will belong to me.”

The assistant couldn’t bear it. He was happy for her: “Ms. Jones, you must dress up nicely tomorrow, and try to win Billy. If the two of you are together, you won’t have to look down on Elliot in the future!”

MS. Jones raised her chin arrogantly: “Yeah. I think so too. In the past two years, I have worked so hard for the Tate Industries, and Elliot can’t see it at all. And I don’t want to continue to bear the Tate Industries’s company name. And how many people think that the Tate Industries belongs to the Tate family?!”

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