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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1862 by

Chapter 1862

Chad guessed that Elliot’s face became even gloomier!

“Boss, I’ll call and ask Mike later. Let’s see who is the man who pursues Avery. Don’t be angry, if Avery is determined to start a new relationship, you might as well accept it lightly. After all, even if you are so angry that Avery will not change her mind.”

“Avery told me before that she would not look for it again.” Elliot’s Adam’s apple rolled, and he was unwilling.

“You thought she wouldn’t find her again, so you never thought about remarrying, did you?” Chad seemed to have suddenly discovered a secret.

Elliot: “Have you watched too many romance movies? In addition to falling in love, there are more important things to do in life.”

If Elliot hadn’t fallen in love with Avery, Elliot would not have gotten married, would not have so many children, and would not have become kind father.

Chad was trained and immediately lowered his head: “Boss, I’m going out first.”

Chad came out of Elliot’s office, returned to his office, and immediately found Mike’s number and dialed it.

Mike answered the phone quickly.

“Mike, tell me the truth, does Avery have a new love?” Chad lowered his voice, his heartbeat couldn’t stop accelerating, “My boss went to Avery just now, and saw that someone sent Avery a dream car. My boss felt jealous!”

Mike couldn’t help but laugh when he heard Chad’s last words.

Elliot felt jealous hahaha! very good. Just make him jealous!

Mike: “Uh… You also know that Avery is not only young and beautiful, but also has outstanding ability, is erudite, and has many men who like her. In Bridgedale, she has too many suitors. People who like her range from ordinary college students to the rich and powerful. As for who sent her the car, I really don’t know.”

Chad was very disappointed when he got this answer.

Chad teased, “I thought you and Avery had such a close relationship, how much would you know some insider information! Since Avery has accepted a luxury car from someone else, does that mean she has already agreed to date others? Don’t you care about the important things?”

“I’m not with her now. I don’t know what’s going on with her. Since you told me, I’ll call her and ask.” Mike said with a chuckle, “Your boss is very interesting! Isn’t it normal for Avery to have a new boyfriend? A woman in her thirties is like a wolf like a tiger. If she does have a boyfriend, we should celebrate for her!”

“Why are you laughing at my boss? He didn’t want to get divorced at the beginning. He hasn’t found another woman for more than two years. Who knows that Avery will let it go when he says let it go!” Chad said here, “You Hurry up and call Avery! Let me know when you get the result.”

“Got it.” Mike hung up the phone.

Mike didn’t call Avery. Nothing to beat.

Because of Avery’s private life, he knew it very well.

He took a glass of water, and drank it, then figured it out in his heart.

Now Avery just received a car, and overturned Elliot’s vinegar jar.

Hehe, if Elliot knew that Avery had a boyfriend, he would be angry.

After a while, Mike called Chad back: “I’ve already asked, but don’t tell your boss. Avery has always been a low-key person. Unless she is sure to get married, she doesn’t want people to know that she has a new love. This thing.”

“D*mn it! Avery really has a new love?! Who is her new love?” Chad pushed his glasses and looked surprised.

This incident was beyond his expectations.

“Why can’t she have a new love?” Mike asked back, “She’s so young and her child is grown up. Although Robert is young, she is not allowed to take him with her. She doesn’t fall in love, how boring!”

Chad: “But my boss said that Avery had said before that she would not remarry.”

Mike: “Avery has no plans to get married. It’s just a relationship.”

13 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1862 by”

  1. Why is Mike always trying to ruin things whenever there’s an possibility of Elliot & Avery working things out? He’s a terrible friend & a garbage human being! I hope Avery finds out that he’s lying & instigating drama & cuts him out of her life entirely. I’ve tried to overlook so much of what Mike has done, but this crossed the line. Their lives would be so much more peaceful.

  2. We all feel the same he is an evil selfish person. I also dislike him. Also he is the one who probably found Avery’s broken phone and she’ll never know what really happened.

  3. Mike you are a dog. You are jealous of Elliot. Stop putting problems and get a life. I’m sick of you. Choops
    I didn’t finish read the chapter just because of the lie you told Chad. You need to get yourself a woman and stop the same sex relationship. So mad at you Mike.

  4. I can’t stand Mike either! It lays me out too that every time Avery gets into it with Elliott, Mike dumps Chad and Chad doesn’t even realize it, Mike thrives off of causing havoc and chaos in Elliott and Avery’s lives, he also gets off on causing a wedge between father and son. Mike is an awful person and I’m still wondering why he’s the only person who hasn’t had any type of downfall, I guess he wouldn’t when his hands are always in the pot stirring up someone else’s downfall.

  5. Mike is a D*ck. He has no motive, he doesn’t love Avery he doesn’t even love chad! He loves only himself and is a hateful human being , actually not even human he’s a … not even dog , dogs are good , he’s like the son of Satan

  6. This writer needs to find a new job or hobby… Or take some basic novel writing classes this is to much 🤦🏻‍♀️

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