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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1861 by

Chapter 1861

Elliot: “Built her a house in her hometown and pay her alimony every month.”

“Well.” Avery couldn’t help but glance at him, “Elliot, I lived in Bridgedale before, how could it be possible? I don’t know the company and products of the dream maker. I want it, I will buy it myself. But thank you for sending me the car.”

“Can you tell me now, how did your pink car come to be?” Elliot had already asked her From what she said just now, he guessed that most of the car was not purchased by her.

“Don’t you already have the answer in your heart?” Avery said, “Someone gave it to me. Do you want to ask who gave it?”

Elliot’s eyes suddenly became cold. He didn’t ask who sent it, because even if he asked, Avery wouldn’t say it.

“It’s me being amorous.” Elliot felt extremely ironic, “Don’t you have no place to park at your house?”

“Do you want to take back the car you sent me?” Avery looked at him with a frustrated look, and her heart was like a mess numb.

She did not expect that the two cars would be delivered to her house at the same time.

It’s like stepping on two boats to be discovered, but it’s obviously not like that.

“What I send, I never take back.” Elliot clenched his fists with anger on his face.

He thought about it for a while, and the person who can send Avery a special custom car is definitely not an ordinary person.

After all, when he went to the Dream Maker Headquarters as him, the staff clearly told him that special customization would not be accepted.

So the person who sent her the car was either a senior inside the Dream Maker Company, or someone more powerful than him.

Others only know that Avery has been a doctor for more than two years, but now it seems that they underestimate her.

Avery watched him turn around and strode away, and her eyebrows were twisted tightly.

Just because someone gave her a special custom car, so Elliot was angry… why was he angry? The two of them are not in a relationship. Even if there are other men pursuing her, she accepts the pursuit of others, that is her freedom. Why is he angry?

Avery remembered the gloomy face before Elliot left, and felt inexplicably irritable.

After Elliot left, the bodyguard came in.

“Boss, where are the two new cars parked in the yard?” The bodyguard looked eager to try, “Why don’t you drive the car out of the garage first, and put the new car in the garage first?”

Avery hasn’t figured out what to do.

“Boss, you can also buy two parking spaces in the underground parking lot of the community.” The bodyguard saw her entangled, so he gave her advice, “It’s very convenient anyway.”

Avery replied, “We’ll talk about it later.”

Elliot came out of Avery’s house and drove back to the company.

The meeting was over, Chad was puzzled when he saw the boss’s face ashen.

“Boss, Avery refused the car you sent?” Chad guessed carefully.

“No.” Elliot’s heart was full of anger, burning brightly, “There were other men who gave her a car. It was also a new car for the Dream Maker. And it was a special customized model, silver and pink. The Dream Maker car on the market. There are only four colors of black, white, gray and red.”

“Silver pink…Is it possible that I took it to the 4S shop and remodeled it?”

“No. If it is remodeled, it can’t be so fast. I looked carefully, and the interior is also specially customized.” Elliot sat down in the boss chair, rubbed his eyebrows with his slender fingers, “Avery has already admitted that it was given to her by someone else.”

“Oh…you mean, someone is chasing Avery. And Avery intends to accept that person’s pursuit. Otherwise, why would she accept the car sent by someone else?” The man who pursues Avery is very good, otherwise how could Avery agree.”

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    1. Seriously! Y can’t she just come out clean to avoid another unnecessary drama n misunderstanding… Cos if Elliot were to be in her shoes that’s someone else bought d same gift she also bought 4 Elliot,,, u wud have bin hearing English like, “u are d most despicable, unspeakable, irritable person I’ve ever met”😅😅😅 unto wat madam!…. N den u’ll see Elliot trying everything possible to explain to her n make her 4give him n now she can’t do d same… I’m just so tired of dose duo 🤦

  1. I know, Avery is the cause for all of this unnecessary, continuous drama! Does she ever plan on growing up? Avery’s more childish than the children, it makes no sense for a grown ass woman to behave so juvenile and petty.

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