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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1858 by

Chapter 1858

Avery woke up almost immediately, held her phone, got out of bed, walked to the window, and opened it.

The weather was sunny today, with a gentle breeze, but a little hot.

After explaining the reason for looking for her, Manager Wu on the other end of the phone asked, “Are you at home now? Do I send someone to take the car to you now, or will I send it to you when you are free?”

Avery was puzzled, so she said, “I’m at home now, please bring it to me now!”

Manager Wu: “Okay.”

After speaking, Avery put down the phone and went to the bathroom to wash up.

Manager Wu told Avery that she had two imported cars, and they could go to pick up the cars after completing the customs declaration at their customs broker.

Because Avery has two cars, it is inconvenient for her to carry it alone, so the car dealership plans to deliver it to her home.

After washing, Avery went back to the bedroom, opened the closet, found a dress and changed it at random, and then came out of the master bedroom.

She took the water glass, took a glass of water and drank it, then sat down on the sofa and dialed Mike’s number.

“Mike, you said you made a custom car for me, is that one?” Avery asked.

“Yeah! Is it here? Does it look good? Hayden said that you like pink, but I think pure pink is too childish, so I made silver pink for you. From a distance, it looks silver, and when you look closely, there is powder in the silver, and silver in the powder. There is cuteness in nobleness, playfulness in cuteness, and mystery in playfulness…”

Avery: “I got goosebumps.”

“It was the designer who told me that. He said that women will like this color.” Mike is full of confidence, “I’ve seen the actual color of that car, it’s really good. Because I wanted to surprise you, I didn’t take a picture for you. And I couldn’t take a picture at all. It’s beautiful.”

“Oh…but why did the customs broker say there are two cars?” Avery asked, “Who else bought me a car?”

Mike was also stunned: “I don’t know! We only customized one for you.”

Avery’s brain started running at high speed, and she began to think about who it was.

“Has the car arrived? Look at what the other car is. If it’s also the dreamer’s car, I can ask someone to check the order.” Mike said.

“Well. I’ll talk about it later when the car arrives.” Avery hung up the phone, opened the message, and saw no unread messages.

Someone booked her a car without telling her in advance.

After the car was delivered to Avery’s Starry River Villa, Elliot’s mobile phone received a message that the order had been completed.

The car he bought for Avery is now in Avery’s home.

He turned on his mobile phone, hesitating whether to call Avery and talk.

Avery received the car, didn’t she doubt it?

She doesn’t know who she thought gave her the car.

“Boss, everyone has already arrived at the conference room.” Chad knocked on the door of Elliot’s office and walked in. Seeing Elliot was holding his phone in a daze, Chad reminded him, “If you have something to do, you can ask them to have a meeting first.”

Elliot called the meeting this morning. things, forget everything.

“I bought a car for Avery, and now it’s at her house. Do I want to call her and tell her?” Elliot asked.

Chad was stunned for a moment: “What car? You didn’t tell her in advance, aren’t you afraid that she would refuse?”

Elliot replied, “Avery has already signed for it. Last time I went to Bridgedale to look for Hayden, and by the way, I visited Dream Maker. Then I ordered a car for her. I think she might like it. Because her father wanted to make such a car before.”

Chad suddenly realized: “It’s hard to buy a dreamer’s car now! If she bought it, she would definitely like it. If I were you, I would definitely call her and tell her, otherwise she thought someone else bought it for her, so isn’t your kindness a waste?”

Elliot wanted to call Avery at first, but Chad’s answer just gave him more courage.

“Boss, since Avery is at home now, why don’t you visit her house in person? In case she doesn’t know how to drive a new car, you can teach her!” Chad has seen that the boss still has an old love for Avery, so Bold proposal.

Elliot immediately accepted his opinion: “Then I’ll go first. Let the vice president go to the meeting, and call me if you have anything.”

“Don’t worry! There will be nothing wrong with the company.” Chad smiled and sent the boss out of the office .

Starry River Villa.

Avery looked at the two cars sent by the customs broker and fell into deep thought.

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