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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1857 by

Chapter 1857

“I can pay you, but you will say that I insult you with money.” Ben Schaffer staggered to the sofa and sat down, “Gwen, I’m really happy tonight, so I let myself drink too much. “

“What are you happy about?” After putting down the water glass, Gwen walked over to Ben Schaffer and sat down, “Because my brother and Avery explained the misunderstanding clearly?”

“Yeah! Isn’t this something to be happy about?” Ben Schaffer leaned On the sofa, he raised his head and breathed a little heavy, “When your brother stabilizes, we should be able to stabilize as well?”

Ben said, looking at Gwen.

“My job hasn’t stabilized yet!” After Gwen returned to Aryadelle, she was forced to marry by Ben Schaffer every now and then, with a big head.

She and Ben Schaffer have known each other for several years, and of course they have developed feelings. It was just not enough for her to make up her mind to marry him.

Gwen knew Ben was old, and she didn’t want to hang Ben. She wanted to wait for her domestic work to improve before considering marriage with Ben.

“Gwen, I’ve been working for most of my life. Listen to me, work can never be finished. We can get married first, and then you can work hard for your career. This is not a conflict.” Ben Schaffer advised, “Start a family and start a business. Get married first and then start a career, many people are like this.”

“But after I marry you, your family will definitely urge me to have a child.” Gwen was distressed, “If I become pregnant and have a child, my work will have to stop. “

“Not necessarily!” Ben Schaffer answered.

“What is not necessarily? Are you saying that your family will not necessarily urge me to have a child?” Gwen blinked, “If this is the case…”

“My parents will definitely urge you to have a child.” Ben Schaffer broke her fantasy, “I mean, you can continue to work even when you are pregnant. I will not stop you from working. You can work until the day you give birth.”

Gwen: “…”

Ben Schaffer took a magazine from under the coffee table.

“Look, this cover model is an international supermodel. This is the cover of a magazine she took during pregnancy. I read her interview, and she said that after she became pregnant, she insisted on exercising and working hard. In fact, pregnant women are not what we imagined. So fragile.”

Gwen took the magazine, glanced at it, and then looked at Ben Schaffer again: “Have you prepared the trap long ago, waiting for me to drill into it?”

Ben: “I did make some preparations, but it’s not a big deal. Can’t be trapped? Gwen, I…”

“You feel lonely when you are old, and you want to find someone to accompany you and give you a baby by the way.” Gwen stood up and barbed, “My domestic agent, Hendrix told me I’m not worthy of you. He makes me recognize the reality every day. He said that with your worth, you can find any kind of woman…”

“Why is this person talking nonsense?!” Ben Schaffer sat upright, “You know Chelsea Tierney? I used to chase her for so long, and she didn’t even look at me directly. If I want to find any woman, I can find it. As for I’m not married yet?”

Gwen heard him mention Chelsea Tierney, when she heard that Ben had been chasing Chelsea for a long time, she was suddenly jealous.

She immediately stood up from the sofa, grabbed her bag and walked out.

“Gwen! Don’t go! I…hey! I said something wrong just now!” Ben Schaffer realized that he had mentioned someone he shouldn’t have mentioned, and immediately chased out angrily.

“Don’t chase after me! I don’t want to hear your explanation! You’ve been drinking too much, so stay home and calm down!” Gwen finished speaking, and quickly drowned in the dark night.

The next morning.

Avery was sleeping soundly when the ringtone of her mobile phone suddenly rang, waking her up from her sleep.

She rubbed her eyes, found her phone, and held it in front of her.

Seeing the unfamiliar number, she immediately put down the phone and closed her eyes, not wanting to answer.

But the bell kept coming, making her not only dizzy, but also her heart started to hurt.

She took a deep breath and answered the phone.

“Hello, are you Ms. Tate?” A polite and courteous male voice came from the phone, “I’m Manager Wu of Jetta Customs Broker.”

Avery was stunned: “What’s the matter with you?”

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