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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1855 by

Chapter 1855

“You want to lie to me?” Although Elliot drank, he was not drunk.

“Why are you so vigilant? Even if I know your true thoughts, I won’t laugh at you. For the sake of your four children, maybe I will help you?” Tammy said, “Don’t look at me I usually scold you for scolding because I hate you!”

“I don’t need your help.” Elliot said arrogantly, “We will solve the matter between me and Avery by ourselves.”

“Don’t let me help.” Tammy glared at him and turned to leave.

It was probably because of alcohol, Elliot hesitated for a moment, and then stopped her.

Elliot: “What did you talk to Avery today?”

“Didn’t you want my help?” Tammy said with a smug smile, “I thought you were so powerful that you could handle Avery by yourself. Avery told me, what she is most worried about now is Haze. If you can find Haze, the two of you will have hope of remarrying. After all, with four children, how could she give up completely?”

“I’ve been looking for Haze.” Elliot’s eyes dimmed, “It’s just that the results are not optimistic.”

“You don’t have to be so pessimistic. Even if Haze is really gone, then you can rely on yourself! Take the initiative! You can explain the previous misunderstanding to her today, she is right. Is your attitude better?” Tammy teased, “Avery is the best talking woman I’ve ever met. If I were a man, I’d catch her in minutes.”

Elliot: “… “

Tammy got in the car and drove the car out of the Foster family compound.

Jun rubbed his temples and asked, “What did you tell Brother Elliot? I see that his expression is so serious, you shouldn’t make him angry, right?”

“Jun, I am Tammy in your eyes. It’s just a stupid pig!” Tammy glared at him, “You think I’m making a mess no matter what I do.”

Jun woke up most of the time: “Wife, you misunderstood me! If you do other things, I won’t doubt you. It’s because you always quarrel with Brother Elliot that I…”

“Today Avery told him about the misunderstanding, why am I still scolding him? I am encouraging him! Let him pursue Avery again!” Tammy said, “They were already in love with each other, and if there was no misunderstanding, they would not have divorced. Plus there are so many children, of course I hope they can reconcile!”

“Wife, you have changed.” Jun looked at Tammy affectionately, “After you gave birth, you became more gentle and open-minded. It’s more reasonable.”

Tammy: “Don’t be rude! I’m all for Avery, not for Elliot.”

“I know. Avery and Elliot is good. The three children are also good. They are good, and we will follow them.” When Jun said this, he thought of one thing, “Wife, do you know the Dream Maker car? It’s a pity that it’s only sold in Bridgedale. I really want to buy one.”

“I know! I saw the news. I heard that its self-driving function is good, if you want it, we can order one in Bridgedale.” Tammy also wanted to try the feel of the Dream Maker’s car.

Jun sighed, “My friend from Bridgedale bought it. It’s very exciting to say it. I knew the news when I pre-sold it before. I wanted to wait and see, but it was sold out. I don’t know how long it will take for the second batch to go online.”

“Don’t worry! The first batch is a big sell. Now that they are full of orders, they will definitely expand the production line. It is a fool to have money and not make money. It will not exceed a month at most, and you will definitely be able to buy it. “Tammy said firmly, “This car company is quite good. Do you know that Avery’s father wanted to build a driverless system in the past?”

“Of course I remember. It’s a pity that her father was in poor health and died early. Otherwise her father may have succeeded. So we don’t have to go to Bridgedale to book a car.”

“What’s this called, time is also fate! A person who can succeed not only needs a good brain, but also a good body.” Tammy plausibly said, “There is a saying that it is necessary to get famous as soon as possible. A genius like Hayden is the sky. The son of the election. Do you know how good he is? He has already started taking college courses. I really don’t know how good he will be in the future.”

“Don’t think about it. Let’s raise our daughter well.” Jun Squinting, his tone relaxed, “If Hayden is so arrogant in the future, won’t he have to find a wife? Maybe, like his father, he will be pinched by women.” Women can’t be ordinary people. Let’s just say Avery, is Avery an ordinary person? A hundred Norah Jones can’t compare to one Avery.”

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        1. I agree cause she has money! And she would never take Hayden’s money so she has to be a part owner. And if the auction is any indication she has ALOT of money. Plus it was her dads dream so she probably proposes the idea to Hayden and mike

      1. Mike, Avery and Hayden are not the trio. The trio are the 3 known dept heads. Their identities are known to the company. Avery and Mike are probably behind it somehow but Hayden is definitely Billy!!! That is also why he refused to do business with Norah and Elliot.

    1. Yes, Billy is Hayden, they blame Elliott for oppressing Avery and forcing her to sell her company but it’s not true. She sold so she could invest in the Dream company. No Hayden is set to surpass Elliot’s finances. The company belongs to Hayden , Avery and Mike!

    2. Sou, yes it is his company. His mom and Mike are involved, they are keeping it a secret for now. He said was waiting to surpass his dad in wealth.

  1. I like where this is starting to go. I’m worried what Nora is going to dig up on this dreamer company. This is not going to be good

  2. Yes, Billy is Hayden, they blame Elliott for oppressing Avery and forcing her to sell her company but it’s not true. She sold and invest in the Dream company. Hayden is set to surpass Elliot’s financially. The company belongs to Hayden , Avery, and Mike!

  3. I think so to and I also think that Norah is up to no good and she is very jealous of Avery, but please let them be a happy family together again and thank you

  4. I’m glad everything is under control between Elliot and Avery, but Nora is going for her downfall because the minute Billy aka Hayden sees her message? I’m feeling sorry for her already.

  5. I want spoilersss. If anyone knows what will happen next pls tell. Its too boring to wait for so long. Although i read all chapters after spoilers as well

    1. Mmb, Avery and Elliott will talk and confess love for each other.. Avery said let the past be. Of course this is when they are trapped in a cave. They went searching for Hazel and was tricked.. Hayden is looking for his mom now.

  6. Shayla Kaminitz

    I need to keep reading!! Does anyone know where I can find more chapters or the whole novel? Please and thank you!

  7. This is getting good, I love that Avery and Elliott are better now.. and I’m very surprised that Tammy wants to help Elliott?? I’m so looking forward to more chapters!!! Ty

    1. Tammy is trying to help herself after she treated Elliot so bad only to hear from Avery that it was am a mistake. Avery forgives him. They are a family of 6. They have 4 children.

      1. How many chapters are there in the Chinese version? Is the novel finished or still ongoing in the Chinese version?

  8. I really have a feeling that Wendy Todd has hazel I bet she found out that it she was Elliott’s daughter and she’s the one that killed Rebecca and all her bodyguards and took Hazel

  9. Billy is definitely Hayden. Elliot will be happy, never sad that his son is so successful. Maybe Hayden will see how much his father loves him once he realizes this.

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