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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1853 by

Chapter 1853

Norah Jones doesn’t want to deceive herself. Now that Elliot does not allow her to go to his house in the future, the two of them seem to have no hope.

Unless Avery disappears or dies.

But Norah Jones would not do anything illegal. She will not ruin her bright future for anyone.

Like Chelsea Tierney, Zoe Sanford and others, she despised them in every possible way. This kind of sacrifice for a man is really stupid!

She prides herself on being smarter and more capable than Chelsea Tierney and Zoe Sanford. In the future, even if she can’t find a man as good as Elliot, she can live a good life.

“Boss, I think you might as well change your goals!” Seeing Norah’s frowning, the assistant comforted her, “Compared to oldmonkey like Elliot, I think newmonkey like the boss of Dream Makers Group is more suitable for you!”

“Do you think I don’t understand this truth?” Norah Jones’s eyes were cold and her tone was cold, “Do you know who the boss of the Dream Makers Group is? Do you know where he lives? Do you know where you can meet him? I work hard and still be able to stand beside Elliot, but the boss of the Dream Maker Group is like a phantom shadow. I can’t even see him, let alone catch him.”

The assistant said, “We can find a way. The more mysterious he is, the better! Ms. Jones, you think, we can’t find him, and other women who covet him can’t find him? If you can find a way to see him, is it possible to stand out among so many suitors?”

The assistant’s words gave Norah Jones a new idea.

“Ms. Jones, I guessed in private with a few friends that rich, mysterious and capable people like the dream maker boss are mostly introverted and honest science men. People like them don’t understand the style, it might be boring, but it doesn’t matter, as long as they can make money.”

Norah Jones nodded: “I also think he may be a nerd or a technical man with some psychological problems.”

The assistant: “If you have a psychological problem, forget it!”

Norah Jones: “I’m definitely not talking about a serious psychological problem.”

“Well, Ms. Jones, don’t be unhappy. You should go to the new target, and after success, let Elliot have the guts. Go regret it!” The assistant said, laughed.

Norah Jones: “It’s just your sweet mouth!”

The assistant: “Don’t I feel wronged for you? Since you joined the Tate Industries, you have worked diligently every day to achieve the current glory of the Tate Industries. But Elliot doesn’t know that he feels sorry for you.”

“So this is also the reason why I proposed to let the Tate Industries go public independently. If Elliot can’t give me a name, then I definitely don’t want to continue working for him.” Norah Jones’s mouth rose slightly, “He should also know what I think. So he proposed A gambling agreement.”

Elliot agreed to let the Tate Industries go public independently, but Norah Jones must make the Tate Industries’s profit reach his target within three years. If Norah Jones can complete it, then he can split the equity and management rights to Norah Jones. If Norah Jones can’t complete it, Tate Industries will continue to be subject to Sterling Group.



After Norah Jones landed, she returned to her apartment.

She thought about it for a long time on the plane and decided to take advantage of this opportunity.

She must find a way to meet Billy, the Dream Maker’s boss.

Only by seeing Billy one step ahead of the other women would she be more likely to succeed.

In her opinion, the Dream Makers Group will definitely achieve great success!

Because the first batch of cars of the Dream Maker Group were sold out immediately after they went on the market.

Since then, countless postings and positive reviews have emerged on the Internet. Real feedback and good reputation from users are more convincing than celebrity endorsements.

It took her one night to write an email and sent it to the mailbox of Billy, the owner of the dream maker.

Billy’s mailbox was asked by her brother.

She assured her brother that she would never send Billy random emails.

But now what she sends Billy, how can outsiders control.

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