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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1852 by

Chapter 1852

Avery didn’t dare to think about it. Every time she thought about it, it felt like she was dreaming.

Fortunately, both Layla and Hayden have grown up, so they don’t need her to bother much.

Otherwise, if the four children encounter problems together, she will not be able to take care of it even if she is incapable of doing it.

“Avery, I’m celebrating Layla’s birthday today, so when will Hayden celebrate?” Tammy asked, “Hayden hasn’t returned to Aryadelle for so long, or let him go back, let’s all celebrate him together!”

Avery said that she did not discuss this issue with Hayden.

In previous years, Hayden’s birthday was spent at home. Buy a cake, make a table of delicious dishes, and have a meal together, even if it’s a birthday.

Avery: “He may not be willing to come back.”

“Why?” Tammy was puzzled, “Is it just because of Elliot? Wouldn’t it be better if we didn’t invite Elliot? I really miss Hayden. Last time I went to Bridgedale, I haven’t seen him, what is he busy with? Is he so busy with school?”

Avery took a deep breath and explained: “What he is learning now is the content of high school and college.”

Tammy: “…”

Avery: “When he was busy, he went out early in the morning and came back late at night. I told him many times that he should not give himself such a big pressure, but he doesn’t listen. Now that he’s grown up, he doesn’t listen to me so much.”

“Geniuses work so hard, yet let ordinary people live?” Tammy sighed, “I heard it before, Hayden’s goal is to surpass Elliot, and I guess he is striving for this goal.”

Avery nodded: “His personality is very similar to Elliot. Self-esteem and competitiveness are very strong.”

“That’s a good thing! In the future, when your son is promising, you can lie down completely.” Tammy was envious, “Your daughter Layla can make you lie down now, right? She earns money from winter and summer vacations every year. Did you give it all to you?”

Avery: “I kept it for her, I didn’t spend her money.”

Tammy: “I know you won’t spend her money, but your daughter has the ability and the heart, I’m going to die of envy. My daughter Kara will probably be the same as me in the future. The flowers in the greenhouse are not motivated, and they only eat old.”

Avery: “Tammy, ​​children’s health and good behavior are the greatest blessings. What will they develop in the future? We don’t have to worry too much.”

Tammy: “Well. It’s right that Hayden and Layla feel so sorry for you. After all, you brought them up with your own hands. Robert grew up beside Elliot, so he would love Elliot even more. If Haze is found, you’d better let Haze follow you.”

“It’s too early to say this, I just hope this child is still alive.” Avery said worriedly.



Norah Jones was ready to fly to Bridgedale.

For the past two years, she had been flying back and forth between the two countries. She was used to flying.

But this time she went to Bridgedale, in addition to work, it was also because she was upset.

Layla’s attitude towards her today was really rude!

The reason why Layla was so fierce to her must be instigated by Avery.

Avery’s return to Aryadelle this time must be for the purpose of reuniting with Elliot.

What chilled her the most was Elliot’s attitude.

Before Avery returned to Aryadelle, Elliot was polite to her and a gentleman.

Who knew that Avery would disrupt the peaceful relationship between them as soon as she returned to Aryadelle.

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  1. Yes it is! I was starting to think 🤔 that I was the only one thinking 🤔 (REALLY) Hayden’s all grown up now! He’s been grown for awhile now, stop it, in what world, I’m so tired of the author always trying to make Hayden this independent, boy genius hacker, hero, it’s past become too much for me. Everyone always encouraging him to best his father, I find down right disgusting, what type of mother and adults would promote such awful and deplorable behavior? 🤷

    1. In most home this is their daily way of upbringing to their children, because women are fond of instigating their children’s, the author somehow portraying daily life of family squabble. I’m getting the author points. In a situation where you allow others to dictate & take over your home because of inferiority complex it will be doomed. Thanks so far for d updates

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