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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1851 by

Chapter 1851

Avery especially wanted to drill a hole in the ground. She knew that what Robert said was definitely not at Elliot’s order.

Robert opened and closed his mouth to say that his sister liked his mom, so he must have kept his mom to sleep at home to make her happy.

“Robert, we can invite your mother to play at home during the day, but at night your mother has to go back to her house to sleep.” Elliot touched his son’s head, “Everyone has their own home and must go to their own home to sleep.”

Robert Seems to understand but does not understand: “The cat wants to go to the cat’s house, the dog to the dog’s house, and the mother to the mother’s house.”

Everyone: “???”

Avery can’t help laughing: “Robert, next time you go to your mother’s house to play. Are you okay?”

Robert: “I’ll go when my sister goes.”

“Robert is really good.” Avery is very pleased that the relationship between the sister and brother is so good.

After a while, the children were full and left the table, and the ladies who did not drink also left the table.

Tammy took Avery to the outside of the villa to breathe.

“Avery, are you two really reconciled?”

“That’s right! Elliot explained what happened to me at the beginning. But I don’t know if I should believe it or not.” Avery took a breath of fresh air, “I’ve already had a feverish head once. Now I’m afraid of repeating the same mistakes, so this time I want to stay awake.”

Tammy: “Actually, even if the two of you don’t remarry, as long as you maintain the current relationship where you can eat at the same table, it’s not bad. After all, the divorce between the two of you was too ugly. I thought that the two of you would never get along with each other for the rest of your life… The main thing is that you have a good temper and are generous enough. If I were you, I would never forgive Elliot in my life.”

Avery: “Why?”

“Only the fact that Elliot forced you to sell the company, I can’t take this breath.” Tammy frowned, “As for Elliot’s stinky temper, he is only suitable for being with a woman who loves him to the point of being irrational. He doesn’t look down on those women.”

Avery chuckled softly: “Tammy, ​​it’s my own decision to sell the company. It has nothing to do with Elliot.”

“It’s not because the Tate Industries opened a branch in Bridgedale. Did you sell the company if you wanted to bring down your company?” Tammy was puzzled, “The version I’ve heard has always been like this.”

Avery shook her head: “It’s not exactly the reason. It’s what I think. I was very tired and wanted to get the money in my hands, so I sold it.”

Tammy: “Okay! It seems that I misunderstood him.”

“Tammy, Elliot said he didn’t hear me on the phone when we were talking on the phone. Do you think it’s possible?” Avery asked doubts, “My phone is good. It’s been working fine for a few years.”

Tammy: “He can’t hear you?”

“Yeah! He was Recording the call at that time. In the second half of the call, there was no voice from me.”

Tammy scratched her head: “I don’t understand this either. Why did you two just talk about it now? Open, wouldn’t it be easier to find out?”

Avery was also very annoyed: “I had a problem with my eyes at the time, and I was very depressed. I was also very impulsive. After the surgery on both eyes, I couldn’t touch my phone for several months.”

Tammy: “Avery, no matter what you do, it doesn’t matter to you.”

“But if Elliot really didn’t know about my situation at the time, then I can’t blame him anymore. After all, we are both too proud. I’d rather sit down and part ways and I don’t want to say a few more words to make things clear. It seems that whoever says more, loses face.” Avery reflected.

Tammy: “Then don’t blame anyone, you can live a good life in the future, and raise three children together, so everyone will be happy.”

Avery said, “Yeah. In front of me and Layla today, he separated his relationship with Norah Jones. It’s embarrassing. Although I know he didn’t tell me.”

“How do you know it’s not? To put it aside for you? What if it was for you? He knows that you are still single, and maybe he wants to get you back.” Tammy guessed.

Avery: “Layla said the same.”

“What do you think?” Tammy asked.

Avery replied, “I don’t have any idea. I just want to get back Haze quickly. When I get back Haze, I will be in the mood to talk about other things.”

Tammy: “If Elliot gets Haze back, will you be able to? Let him redeem his merits? After all, you have four children! Four! My God, I can’t even think about it!”

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  1. its not the fault of eliot nor avery why they have had the misunderstanding, it was the writer who deliberately sabotage the phone call and placed avery to mute mode hence the ruckus πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  2. I can’t stand Tammy either! Here she goes again stirring up trouble with her assumptions, and loud and wrong as usual, Avery didn’t check Tammy good enough, and she sounds real stupid saying that the more they talk the more they lose face, that’s a bunch of b.s., talking things out is how You start to resolve problems and clear up issues, I mean make it make sense! But she’s so selfish, narcissistic, petty, and immature it’s frustrating to keep reading.

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