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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1849 by

Chapter 1849

“No. No matter if you speak ill of me in front of Hayden, Hayden hates me.” Elliot’s heart was like a mirror, “When we didn’t divorce before, you couldn’t make your son forgive me. He has himself and my thoughts are not affected by the outside world.”

“You are wrong. Hayden can’t naturally hate you because you make me sad again and again, and he thinks you are unreliable.” Avery corrected him, “but you don’t have to be sad, after all Robert likes you so much, so you should be content.”

Elliot: “You can really comfort people. Hayden is my son after all, how could I not care about him at all? I gave him a card. He accepted it. But I checked and he didn’t spend the money for the time being.”

Avery: “…”

Elliot saw her stop and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Why did you give him money? He is with you. Are you saying he is short of money?” Avery felt that Hayden must be angry.

“Chad told me that he has a lot of expenses. I’m afraid he’s out of money, so I’m too embarrassed to ask you for it.” Elliot expressed his thoughts, “What’s your expression? Do you blame me? I’ll pay you alimony, don’t you? Hayden is my son, and I should give him the money.”

“I’m really touched.” Avery put down the fruit knife and took a bite of the apple, “You are such a good father. Layla said in the bathroom just now that you are a good father. “

Elliot: “Really?”

“Can I lie to you?” Avery glanced at him, “My daughter also said that you’ve been staring at me and you must want to chase me.”

Elliot: “…”

Elliot seemed to be knocked out, and Avery felt much lighter.

“I think at our age, we should live more freely.” Avery shared her feelings with him, “Let’s let go of past grievances and grievances when we should. Enjoy in time. Who knows which will come first, tomorrow or the accident. “

Elliot understood her overtones.

What Avery means is that even if she chase after him, she will not promise you.

Because she wants to be free.

In the afternoon, Wesley came to Foster’s house with Shea and two children.

Seeing her sister, Robert immediately turned into a sticky spirit, wishing he could hang on her sister.

“Brother! You don’t even want to hug your sister! Your sister will laugh at you!” Layla hugged Robert for a while and felt tired, so she forced her brother to the ground.

“Call Tammy and the others too!” Avery wanted more people and more lively, “and Gwen.”

“I’ll call Jun, you call Gwen.” Elliot divided the work with Avery.

Avery: “Okay.”

The two went to call.

Layla followed Wesley’s gaze, looked at her mother’s back, and said playfully, “My parents cleared up the misunderstanding today. My mother said that I don’t hate my father so much.”

“That’s great.” Wesley said, “Your parents are reconciled, and their three children can be reunited.”

Layla: “They didn’t reconcile! They just made the misunderstanding clear, but they still have their own ways.”

Wesley stunned.

“My mom doesn’t like my dad very much anymore.” Layla leaned into Wesley’s ear and said regretfully.

In the evening, everyone gathered at Foster’s house to celebrate Layla’s birthday in advance.

“If only Layla had her birthday every day.” Chad sighed looking at the long-lost smile on Elliot’s face.

“Do you want to come over to eat every day?” Ben teased.

“Brother Ben, even if I want to eat, I’ll go to your place.” Chad whispered in Ben Schaffer’s ear when he said this, “I saw the two of them looked at each other just now, and there was no murderous light in their eyes.”

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