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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1847 by

Chapter 1847

“Nora intends to sell this set of jewelry to me.” Avery put the jewelry box on the coffee table, then reached out to Elliot and asked for the invoice, “Give me the invoice.”

Elliot glanced at the invoice.

$10 million.

This money is not a small amount.

Elliot: “I’ll give her the money later…”

“Nora sold it to me, not to you.” Avery walked up to him and took the invoice from his hand, “$10 million … She is so proud to spend so much money on gifts for Layla. Does she usually give gifts to Layla, but is it so expensive?”

Elliot shook his head: “No. Last year she gave Layla a dress. I looked at the price. It’s only a few hundred thousand dollars.”

“Hundreds of thousands?! Do you think a few hundred thousand is cheap? You dare to accept such an expensive gift from someone who gave your child for no reason!” Avery glared glanced at him.

Elliot pursed his lips, not knowing what to say.

The gift was received by Layla, not through Elliot’s hands at all.

He took a peek at the price tag after Layla had received the gift.

“Mom, I received the birthday present she gave me last year. The dress she gave me was very beautiful, I didn’t think it was very expensive…” How did Layla know that a dress cost hundreds of thousands.

“It’s okay, just accept it. Your father must have returned the gift.” Avery took a deep breath and returned to her daughter with the receipt, “Layla, look at the jewelry, if you like it, mother will pay the money to Norah Jones.”

Layla opened the box and glanced at it.

When Layla looked at the pictures before, She thought this set of jewelry was very beautiful, but now She sees it with her own eyes and She thinks it is very beautiful, but she doesn’t like it that much.

“Mom, it’s so expensive…I don’t want it.” Layla didn’t want her mother to spend so much for herself, so she glanced at the jewelry and closed the box.

“Baby, it’s fine as long as you like it. Mom can afford it.” Avery reopened the box, “Mom will put it on for you, try it.”

“$10 million! With so much money, you can buy a lot of jewelry…” Layla said, looking at Dad, “Dad, you pay.”

Elliot responded and immediately transferred $10 million to Norah Jones.

“Elliot, I said I can afford it, who do you look down on!” Avery said in a sour tone when she saw that Elliot had paid the bill, “I’ll transfer the money to you later. This is a gift I bought for my daughter, I have to pay for it myself.”

Elliot was stunned: “Didn’t we just make the misunderstanding clear?”

“Have I accepted your explanation?” Avery retorted, “Even if you didn’t lie, it was me who misunderstood you, and we already divorced. Friendss still have to settle accounts, we are not friends, we have nothing to do with each other now.”

Elliot saw her attitude was so strong, and said, “Then give me the money.”

“Well.” Avery take Layla to look in the mirror.

Avery: “Baby, you look so good in this set of jewelry. Money is spent, don’t think it’s expensive, mom can really afford it.”

Layla whispered: “But you don’t have a job now, if I spend all your money What should you do?”

“Mom will do what she can.” Avery said, glanced outside the bathroom door, and lowered her voice, “Mom has money, don’t tell your dad. Because it’s mom’s secret…”

Layla opened her mouth in an ‘O’ shape, looking surprised: “Okay mom, I won’t tell him.”

Avery: “Well. Tell mom now, do you like this set of jewelry?”

“Yes.” A happy smile finally bloomed on Layla’s face. “But Mom, Dad just said that you made the misunderstanding clear with you. Did you really make it clear? Did you blame Dad?”

“Your father made it clear, but I don’t know if what he said is true. If I accept what he said, I can’t explain it myself. I don’t want to blindly listen to him, but I don’t hate him as much as I used to. It’s over.” Avery didn’t want to let the grievance between himself and Elliot affect the child, “Layla, if you think he is a good father, then you shouldn’t hate him because of your mother.”

“Look at his performance!” Layla said, “I think he wants to chase you again.”

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