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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1846 by

Chapter 1846

At this time, at the gate of the courtyard, a blue car slowly stopped.

After a while, the bodyguard entered the living room and reported to Elliot, “Boss, Miss Norah Jones is here. Said that she’s looking for Avery.”

Avery immediately looked out the door when she heard this.

She and Norah Jones have not met formally yet.

Now Norah Jones came to Elliot’s house to look for her, which was very strange.

Elliot didn’t say a word, and strode outside.

Avery followed behind Elliot. She wanted to know why Norah Jones came to her.

Norah Jones held a large jewelry box in her hand.

The moment Avery saw the box in her hand, she knew the purpose of her coming.

“Elliot, Miss Tate.” Norah Jones saw the two of them walking from the room together and looking at how they were a good match. It was impossible not to be jealous at all.

“Norah Jones, I made it very clear to you on the phone.” Elliot frowned, his voice unpleasant, “Don’t come to my house in the future. We should not talk about anything other than official business.”

Elliot’s tone can be described as Is very welcome.

If Avery heard what Elliot said, Norah would definitely turn around and leave without thinking about it. But Norah did not do that.

The expression on Norah Jones’s face did not change.

“Elliot, I didn’t come to you. I didn’t plan to go into your house.” After Norah Jones finished speaking, she looked at Avery, “Miss Tate, I’m very sorry. I didn’t know you wanted to buy this set of jewelry. Since now Say yes, then this set of jewelry is still for you. It belongs to you. I think this set of jewelry is very suitable for Layla. You can buy it and give it to Layla. This is the invoice I bought at the time, I know you won’t be accepted for free, so you can just give me the amount above.”

Before Avery could react, Elliot cut off the invoice in Norah Jones’s hand.

“If that’s the case, then it’s hard for you to make a trip.” After speaking, Elliot took the jewelry from Norah Jones’s hand.

This is what Avery fancy and was going to give to Layla before, presumably this set of jewelry is really beautiful.

Elliot wants to make his daughter happy.

Since Norah Jones is willing to transfer, it would be better.

“I’ll call you the money later.” Elliot shoved the jewelry box into Avery’s hand, and said to Norah coldly and politely, “Go away!”

Norah nodded, as if not aggrieved at all, and turned around car, drive away.

Avery was shocked by Norah Jones’s strong psychological endurance. She has heard all kinds of remarks about Norah Jones. When everyone talks about Norah Jones, they will say how much Norah Jones likes Elliot.

But with Norah Jones’s attitude just now, Avery really can’t see how much Norah Jones likes Elliot.

It was even less obvious that Elliot had any personal feelings for Norah Jones.

Entering the living room, the two confront Layla.

Layla’s eyes looked out, trying to see what was going on outside.

“Norah Jones brought the jewelry.” Avery explained to her daughter, “She’s left.”

“Oh, what does she mean?” Layla looked at the jewelry box in her mother’s hand and said coldly, “I just don’t want her present!”

4 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1846 by”

  1. I am with Avery, though misunderstandings happened she is the one who suffered deeply. Elliot let her down time and time again. Even if they had a problem, Elliot didn’t have to destroy her company, that was cruel for me. Elliot didn’t have to make a call to his wife to let her know that he was going to find Haze. These things are discussed in person. Though i want them to be happy as a family, the mistakes they both do and the way they hurt each other must stop. I understand though it is out of order why mike, Eric behaves the way they do. They have been there for Avery through thick and thin. Elliot should give Avery that amount of trust and comfort and Mike and Eric will automatically be at ease and be less involved. I want Avery and Elliot to be happy for the rest of the book. I believe in family

    1. It’s obvious you’re not following this story at all dolly, Elliot has never wronged Avery. Avery is the one always mid understanding Elliot. Even after the divorce he still tried reaching out to her but the stupid mike had to impersonate Avery. Elliot always does his best to bring Avery to his side. Avery is not a good mother she always speak Ill of Elliot in front of the kids and she always welcomes third party to her relationship with Elliot but reverse is the case for Elliot

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