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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1845 by

Chapter 1845

Avery thought Elliot was going to walk away, but as a result, Elliot walked over to her and sat down.

Avery didn’t even think about it, she moved to the side.

“What are you doing?” Avery looked at his familiar face close at hand, but she couldn’t guess what he was thinking.

“Why did you say that I didn’t apologize to my daughter just now?” Elliot voice was a little lower than before, “This is still me. When I was away, how did you tell your daughter about me?”

“What’s in your heart? I’ll say what I want. How confident are you to think that I will say good things about you in front of the child?” Avery raised her lips and sneered, “It’s not impossible if you want me to praise you. You give me custody of the child, I can praise you to the sky.”

The calm on Elliot’s face suddenly disappeared.

Elliot: “Avery, you said that no matter what I do, I will find reasons for myself. When did I find reasons for myself? No matter what I do, I am worthy of my conscience.”

“Conscience? You talk to me about conscience? You dare to say you have no humility towards me?” Avery said coldly.

“Haze is our daughter. She was so dangerous at the time. What was wrong with me going to her? You have an accident with your eyes and you are blind. You tell others that I know, but I really don’t know. Avery, I believe you I won’t be wronged for no reason, so I adjusted the recording of our call at that time.”

Avery stared into his eyes, trying to see if he had a guilty conscience.

“I have a recording on my phone, do you want to listen?” Elliot took out his phone, “Our last call before you filed for divorce. Because I really don’t know what happened to your eyes, I’m very angry about your divorce. “

I’ve heard it.” Avery glanced at his cell phone, “Elliot, is your recording really okay?”

“I asked someone from the communication company to tune it up. When I was talking to you on the phone, I heard the same thing.” Elliot held the phone tightly, “I couldn’t hear your voice when we were halfway through talking. The recording also shows that you lost your voice after two sentences.”

“Are you sure?” Avery frowned tightly, “Are you sure you didn’t hear me at the time? Are you sure your recording is true?!”

“If I lie, if I make a false recording, when will you curse me? If I die, I will die anytime.” Elliot swore to her.

Avery looked at his determined eyes, her heart beating violently.

Is what Elliot said true?

Elliot doesn’t look like a lie.

“Avery, you hate me so much, is it because you told me on the phone that you had an accident with your eyes?” Elliot guessed countless times that the reason for the deterioration of their relationship was only this reason, which was the closest to the truth, “I don’t know. Is there a problem with your phone or my phone, I really can’t hear what you said after that.”

“I listened to that recording. In the recording, your voice is there throughout the whole process, but there is no me behind it. I heard it.” Avery took a breath, “If there is really a problem with my phone, it must be my phone.”

He thought of this misunderstanding, and it was only now that Elliot was stabbed in his heart.

Thinking that Avery couldn’t see at the time and called Elliot for help, but Elliot didn’t know it, and resolutely embarked on the flight to Yonroeville, how helpless and heartache would Avery feel?

“But… there is no problem with my mobile phone at all!” Avery picked up her mobile phone and said sadly, “I used to use this mobile phone. I still use it now. For more than two years, this mobile phone has never had any problems.”

Avery said this to prove that she should have no problems with her mobile phone at the time.

Elliot couldn’t hear her at the time, either he was lying or something else.

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