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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1843 by

Chapter 1843

Avery blushed: “Mom is worried about you! But I think you are very happy now.”

“Because I drove the annoying people away! I won’t let her come to our house again!” Layla took Avery mom into the living room.

Elliot stood in the living room, watching the mother and daughter come in.

There was a smile on Layla’s face, as if the unpleasantness had never happened before.

Elliot had already called Norah Jones and told her not to come here in the future.

And the necklace was also delivered to her by the driver.

Norah Jones apologized to Elliot on the phone and told him that she did not know that Avery was also at the auction that day.

Elliot believed that she didn’t lie, but he felt very sorry for his daughter and Avery for this result.

“Avery, did you still buy a cake?” Mrs. Cooper saw Avery and immediately said enthusiastically, “If you stay for dinner tonight, let’s celebrate Layla’s birthday in advance!”

“Mom, if you don’t say anything today, If you want to do something, then stay with me here.” Layla coquettishly, “Let’s go and get Hayden back later.”

“Okay, Where is Robert?” Avery asked.

“He went to Aunt Shea’s house. We’ll bring Aunt Shea over for dinner later.” Layla suggested, “Just give me a birthday in advance!”

How could Avery refuse to speak after her daughter said so?

“Then I’ll go prepare the dishes now.” Mrs. Cooper smiled and breathed a sigh of relief, and immediately walked towards the kitchen.

In the living room, there were only Avery, Layla, and Elliot’s family left. They should have been harmonious, but at this moment, the atmosphere was a little awkward.

Layla wouldn’t be so awkward if Layla hadn’t had such a heated fight with her dad.

“Layla, it’s your father’s fault.” Elliot took the initiative to apologize to his daughter.

“What’s wrong with you? You make it clear.” Layla saw that Dad had such a good attitude, so she had to make a move.

Avery saw that her daughter’s attitude was a little aggressive, so she pulled Layla, and said, “Layla, don’t be angry. Talk well.”

“I can’t talk to him properly. I don’t think he knows what’s wrong with him.” Although Layla was complaining, her tone was much calmer, “If he usually watched more The two idol dramas will not be disliked by us.”

Avery looked at her daughter’s serious appearance, and sighed in her heart, her daughter has really grown up!

She decided not to mind her own business and let her daughter teach Elliot a lesson.

“Dad, sit down and let’s have a good chat.” Layla looked at Elliot with a serious face.

Hearing this ‘Dad’, Elliot could only endure the helplessness of being ripped off.

Elliot sat down on the sofa opposite Avery and accepted his daughter’s trial.

“You said, do you like Norah Jones? Do you want to marry Norah Jones?” Layla asked.

“Don’t like it, don’t.” Elliot replied.

“In that case, why are you helping her? Before in Bridgedale, you ate alone with her. It’s not right for you to do this!” Layla continued aggressively.

Elliot sighed in his heart: “I didn’t eat alone with her. Robert was there at the time. Halfway through the meal, Robert was sleepy, so I asked him to go back to the room first. As for help, your uncle Chad will occasionally ask for help. I’ll help, as long as I can…”

Layla: “How can Norah Jones compare to Uncle Chad?! Not only are you wrong, you don’t know how to repent!”

Elliot: “…”

Elliot saw that the corners of Avery’s mouth rise, is she watching the fun?

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  1. Layla needs Disciple. She is rude and spoiled. Both parents allowed her to say whatever she wants without them reprimanding her.

    1. Yes she will! As a “friend” it seems like Tammy is one of the biggest hindrances to Avery and Elliott ‘s relationship. No matter what comes out of her mouth, Avery believes it.

      1. I agree with everyone! 👏💯
        Avery’s past annoying and immature, it’s 11 years and 4 kids later, grow up, (reprimand) HELL those kids need a good ol’ fashion ass-whipping!🤷😁 I can see Layla being just like Tammy! The only one who has a chance is Robert and Maria, Shea’s daughter, because Layla is becoming just as toxic as Hayden! It’s just a matter of time.

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