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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1842 by

Chapter 1842

Layla said that Elliot made Avery wronged. If what Layla said was true, then Elliot did make Avery wronged. Although he didn’t know that Avery also wanted to buy this set of jewelry.

After the phone was dialed, it took a few seconds and was connected.

“Hello.” Avery’s voice came calmly.

“A week ago, you cursed me to death, is it because I helped Norah Jones buy the set of jewelry you wanted?” Elliot pointed out the question, “Layla told me just now.”

Avery was stunned. She had told her daughter before that she should not tell him.

Unexpectedly, Layla said it.

“Yeah, are you trying to laugh at me for being naive?” Avery retorted.

“I’m sorry.” Elliot apologized immediately after her voice was settled, “I didn’t know you wanted to buy that set of jewelry. Norah Jones didn’t tell me.”

Avery: “Don’t blame Norah Jones. She wasn’t there at the time, so I don’t know. I was the one who made the bid with her assistant.”

Elliot wanted to explain to her that Norah Jones seldom asked him for help, so he only helped Norah Jones last time.

But Elliot felt that even if he explained it, Avery might not like to hear it.

“Layla is very angry, can you come over?” Elliot moved out of his daughter, “I want to apologize to her, but she is angry when she sees me now.”

Avery was a little embarrassed. She didn’t really want to go to his house, but thinking that her daughter was angry at the moment, she wanted to coax her.

Foster family.

Mrs. Cooper persuaded Layla bitterly.

“I know you must like your father a little in your heart. If you don’t like him at all, you can go to your mother and brother at any time, but you don’t. You have been by your father’s side for more than two years, and you can see very clearly what kind of person your father is. He doesn’t interact with other women, and he goes home to accompany you and Robert after work every day. If he divorced your mother because of empathy, how could he treat you and Robert so good? “

Layla pursed her mouth and lowered her head, feeling sullen in her heart and didn’t speak.

Just now she yelled at her father’s name and reprimanded him, but he silently admitted without saying a word. She was satisfied with his response.

If Dad had quarreled with her just now, she would have left home by now.

“In my opinion, there is a misunderstanding between your father and mother that has not been resolved. They must have each other in their hearts.” Mrs. Cooper saw that Layla seemed to be listening to her, so she said, “If your parents can Reconcile, you and Robert don’t have to separate from Hayden. Why don’t you try to help them reconcile?”

Layla pouted: “My mom doesn’t like him anymore. I asked my mom before.”

“Don’t look at what your mother said. The two of them got divorced. How could someone so proud of your mother admit that she still likes your father?” Mrs. Cooper said, “The way your mother looks at your father can’t deceive anyone.”

Hours later, Avery drove over.

Elliot saw Avery driving into the yard on the second floor and immediately went downstairs.

“Mommy!” Layla saw her mother in the living room and ran out like a bird.

Avery pushed open the car door and got out of the car, holding a cake in her hand.

“Mom, are you coming for my birthday?” Layla asked, looking at the cake.

“Norah Jones came to give you a birthday present today. Does your father plan to celebrate your birthday today?” Avery asked back.

“He didn’t tell me again. As soon as I came back and saw Norah Jones, I immediately became angry.” Layla took her mother’s arm and whispered, “I quarreled with my father.”

Avery: “Your father called me now, and said you made a big fuss.”

“Oh… did he call you here?” Layla remembered what Mrs. Cooper said, so she asked, “You come when he calls you?”

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