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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1841 by

Chapter 1841

This necklace was very familiar.

It was the necklace in the jewelry set that her mother was going to buy for her last time, but was cut off by Norah Jones.

“Just a necklace?” Layla looked at Norah Jones and asked, “Aunt Jones, why are you hiding the bracelet in this set of jewelry? Or have you already given the bracelet to another child?”

With a swish, it turned red.

How did Layla know there was a matching bracelet for this necklace?


Seeing his daughter being so impolite, Elliot immediately said, “Layla, you…”

“Elliot! Shut up!” Layla frowned and yelled at her father.

Norah Jones was shocked! Mrs. Cooper was also shocked.

It was very impolite for Layla to call Elliot’s name directly. She was so angry at her father.

It was the first time that Elliot was scolded by his daughter in front of outsiders, and was a little confused.

“Layla, you shouldn’t speak to your father so loudly. Auntie does have a pair of bracelets there. I want to give it to you next time. Since you like it, I’ll go get it for you now.” Norah Jones wanted to calm down as soon as possible Layla’s anger, so hurried away and went back to get the bracelet.

After Norah Jones left, Elliot walked up to Layla and grabbed her wrist.

Layla didn’t even think about it, she pushed him away!

At the same time, Layla threw the necklace in her hand to the ground!

Layla: “If you let Norah Jones come to the house in the future, I’ll move out!”

Seeing that the situation was getting worse, Mrs. Cooper immediately stepped forward and stood in the middle of the father and daughter.

“Layla, why are you so angry? Norah Jones came here specially to give you a birthday present. She has never been to the house before. Have you misunderstood something?” Mrs. Cooper held Layla’s hand in both hands, hoping Layla can calm down.

Layla: “I didn’t misunderstand! Norah Jones is not a good thing! Neither is Elliot!”

“How can you say that about your father? Layla, what happened? There are no outsiders at home, so just say it directly.” Mrs. Cooper subconsciously felt that Layla’s fire must have something to do with Avery.

Before Avery returned to Aryadelle, although Layla often gave Elliot a face, the father and daughter had never had such a big fight.

“This necklace…it’s a set! My mother bought it for me. They took it away!” Layla pointed to the necklace on the ground, vented the anger in her heart, and then accused Elliot, “It’s all your fault that my mother divorced you. You made my mother wrong before. Now you also make my mother wrong!”

Elliot was stunned.

This set of jewelry was bought by Norah Jones at the auction.

Elliot was in Bridgedale at the time. Norah Jones called him and asked him to help the owner of the auction house to leave this set of jewelry.

Could it be that Avery also wanted to buy this set of jewelry at that time?

After Mrs. Cooper understood why Layla was angry, she immediately turned to look at Elliot.

Mrs. Cooper: “Sir, please explain to Layla! You must not know that Avery also wants to buy this set of jewelry, right? Otherwise, how could you help Norah Jones?”

Elliot pursed his thin lips, his Adam’s apple rolled up and down, and his face turned gloomy.

“He has a guilty conscience!” Layla said angrily, looking at the direction her father was leaving, “Grandma Cooper, Norah Jones will come to our house in the future, please don’t let her in!”

Mrs. Cooper took Layla and sat down on the sofa: “Layla, your father must not know that your mother also wants to buy that set of jewelry. Otherwise, he will not help outsiders. Your father and your mother are both tough-tempered, so it is easy Quarrel. As their daughter, you should mediate the misunderstanding between them, instead of making things worse.”

Elliot returned to the bedroom and closed the door. He took out his mobile phone, found Avery’s number, and dialed it.

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  1. I don’t know what type of kids these are that Hyden and Layla long time ago I would have gave they ass a good ass whooping by now first of all you don’t speak to an adult like that especially your father Avery dumb self she also planting these kids against their father she can’t be smart what if he turned Robert against her silly self I’m so sick of her I want this book be over it’s so much evilness I have never read so much hatered until I read this Novel wow 😲😳 SMH come on author you have to do better than this why keep making Elliot suffer and every body turning against him Avery is wrong not him I hope he takes Robert away from her .

    1. You are so right! By law, where I live, Avery is guilty of alienating affection of a child and parent. I’m my county, if convicted, Avery would lose custody of all 3 kids, and she would have to have supervised visitation with them. The supervision would be conducted by a state official. This is getting to be too much!

    2. Lisa,
      Perfectly Said!👏👏👏 I’ve been tired of these disrespectful and defiant kids, they are the worst, and Avery does nothing but encourages their deplorable behavior, she needs her ass kicked right along with the kids!!! I wouldn’t have Robert around her or those poisonous children.

    1. DR,
      I was thinking 🤔 the same thing, what 10-11year old child needs a 10 million dollar jewelry set?🤷 Stop it.

  2. Yes, Norah Jones is a snake, but they don’t know that yet, and she’s a damn child that needs to stay in a child’s place, and not dare to speak to an adult with such a vicious attitude, mouth and disrespect towards a grown up, Elliott shouldn’t have just grabbed her arm he should have beat her little ass in front of Norah and Avery for showing such disregard and open and blatant back talk and disrespect for him his home and his company!

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