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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1839 by

Chapter 1839

“Robert, are you sleepy?” Seeing his son’s expression, Elliot didn’t seem to be in a good mood. “If you are sleepy, Dad will ask the bodyguard to take you back to rest first.”

Robert is not sleepy, but he doesn’t want to continue listening. They chatted, so he reached out and felt in Dad’s pocket.

Elliot knew what Robert was looking for. So Elliot took out his phone and handed it to Robert.

After Robert got his father’s mobile phone, he obediently went back to the room with the bodyguard.

Norah Jones smiled and said, “He’s so young, it’s not good for him to play with the cell phone?”

“He called his sister.” Elliot replied.

After the bodyguard brought Robert back to the room, Robert skillfully turned on his father’s mobile phone, found his sister’s number, and dialed it.

Layla answered the phone quickly.

“Sister! Sister, what are you doing?” Robert’s voice came clear.

When Layla heard her brother’s voice, she immediately responded: “Why don’t you make a video call? Did you call your sister yourself?”

“Yeah!” Robert replied obediently, “Dad is outside…I’m having dinner with Aunt Norah…I miss you, so I’ll be back first.”

“Dad is having dinner with Aunt Norah Jones?” Layla’s tone rose a few times.

Layla just found out that Norah Jones stole the jewelry that her mother wanted to buy for her, so she is full of anger at Norah Jones now.

“Well…I don’t understand what the two of them said.” Robert was very aggrieved, “I want to go home, but Dad won’t.”

Layla heard this and complained to her mother angrily: “Mom! Dad is dating Norah Jones now! He doesn’t care about my younger brother! My younger brother wants to go home, and he refuses to bring my younger brother back in order to date Norah Jones over there! I want to go and bring my younger brother back!”

Avery listened her daughter speaks, immediately reach out and ask her to give her the phone to herself.

Layla handed the phone to her mother.

Avery picked up her daughter’s mobile phone and put it in her ear.

The voice of the Foster family’s bodyguard came: “Layla, it’s not what you think! Your father didn’t date Norah Jones! The two of them are talking about business! Originally, your father was going to bring Robert back to Aryadelle tomorrow, but there was a temporary business, so he delayed. You have to trust your father.”

Avery listened to the bodyguard’s explanation and asked, “How is Robert now?”

“Miss Tate?” The bodyguard suddenly stuttered when he heard Avery’s voice, ” Robert is, by my side…looking at me!”

“Oh…are you sure Robert is not wronged?”

“I’m sure! Otherwise, why would my boss give Robert the phone? Go back to the room.” The bodyguard was afraid that Avery would misunderstand Elliot, so he couldn’t help but talk, “Miss Tate, you have been living in Bridgedale before, you should know about the Dream Makers company, right? Norah Jones is telling the boss about the Dream Makers company. It’s really not a date. They plan to meet the people from the Dreamer’s side tomorrow to discuss cooperation!”

Avery didn’t expect the bodyguard to explain so much to himself.

Avery: “Okay, I know, I will persuade Layla.”

Avery returned the phone to her daughter after speaking.

Avery: “Layla, don’t be angry. If your dad really wants to marry Norah Jones, he will marry her sooner or later.”

“My dad told me that he wouldn’t marry Norah Jones. I don’t know if he is lying to me!” Layla suddenly remembered her father’s previous promise to her.

9 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1839 by”

  1. Avery is a bitch and a bad mother, she’s the one who abandoned her 2 children for almost 3 years over a misunderstanding and didn’t even argue the custody. Before that, she abandoned her children for a man and let them have free range in life before they were 9 years old. Elliot has his wrongs but she has more than him.

    1. Sarah,
      I agree 👍💯 Avery is a BITCH and a horrible mother! And her friends are the scum of the earth. Hayden too!!!

    1. Ksenija Davidovic

      Totally agree with you. The same goes for Hayden. I really don’t understand children involved in everything and talking so badly with hatred towards their father… even they don’t treat very well their younger brother. And Avery allowed them to do it.

  2. Ksenija Davidovic

    I don’t get it. What is a point of this writer. Whatever Avery does it’s justified, but Eliot is always wrong. Also all his friends are on Avery’s side. Are they real friend of him. At least Ban should know better than this…
    Children are so spoiled and rude…
    How can Avery let them be like this? How can she speak with her children about all hers and Eliot’s issues and dramas and let them hate their father? She is so selfish, childish… with spineless and gossipy friends… This is disgusting. It doesn’t look like that we are not talking about adults, less about real l, successful and educated people…
    This is circus!
    Come on, Hayden is like rude adult. His mind is poisoned with hatred. This is not normal for a child. On the other side writer makes Robert like stupid and cowardly…🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
    Writer also destroyed Eliot’s character to the point that he became joke.
    Avery without emotions…
    I am really wandering where this story exactly lead us, and what we can learn from it????

  3. Ksenija,
    I totally agree with You! 👏👏👏
    Too MUCH including the kids in adult situations, and allowing them to openly and blatantly disrespect and show NO regards for his feelings and Elliott has become weak since dealing with Avery, and everyone knows that’s why they feel so inclined to disrespect him too! When You think 🤔 about it, in the 11 years that they’ve known each other, they’ve actually probably have only been together for about maybe a year or two. Let it go and move on. They have more time apart than together. What did Rosalie say to Avery before she died?🤷

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