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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1838 by

Chapter 1838

She took out her mobile phone from her bag and saw that it was an unfamiliar number. After hesitating for a while, she still answered it.

“Hello, Miss Tate, I’m the person in charge of Jiade Auction. I just checked the information and found that you came to our auction site yesterday and wanted to auction a piece of children’s jewelry. However, for some reasons, this children’s jewelry was not sold during the auction process. I want to explain the reason to you.”

After all, Avery is Elliot’s ex-wife, and the person in charge of the auction house does not want to offend.

“I know the reason.” Avery said, “Norah Jones wanted that set of jewelry, but she didn’t dare to bid with me, so she asked Elliot to come forward and won the set of jewelry.”

The person in charge was embarrassed after hearing what Avery said: “Indeed That’s right. My boss knows Mr. Foster. Besides, Mr. Foster personally called my boss, and my boss would definitely save face. However, does it mean that Mr. Foster doesn’t know that you also want that set of jewelry?”

Avery said, “I don’t want it anymore…You don’t have to tell him about it.”

The person in charge: “Okay. I’m calling you mainly to apologize. I’m really sorry.”

Avery: “It’s okay, I don’t blame you.”

After talking on the phone, Avery met her daughter’s inquiring eyes.

Layla: “Mom, what kind of jewelry?”

Avery told her daughter what happened yesterday.

After listening, Layla blew the bangs on her forehead angrily.

Layla: “Dad is such an idiot. He actually helped other women to bully you. I really want to call and scold him.”

“He didn’t know that I went to the auction site too. He didn’t know that I wanted that set of jewelry too.” Avery had already quarreled with Elliot and didn’t want to be angry anymore about it.

“Mom, let’s just forget about it! I’m going to take back that set of jewelry.” Layla wasn’t mad at her, but she couldn’t be mad at her father. “What does the jewelry you want look like? Do you have any pictures?”

Avery turned on the phone and found the photo: “Layla, your mom wants to buy this set of jewelry for your birthday.”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll be even more angry.” Layla brought her mother’s phone over, glanced at the jewelry in the picture, “This set of jewelry is so beautiful! This should have been mine, a$$hole dad!”

“Layla, mom can buy you more beautiful jewelry.” Avery comforted her daughter, “If you tell your father, your father will only make it difficult. You can’t let him go to Norah Jones to come. Norah Jones is not only your father’s subordinate, but they are also partners.”

Layla snorted: “I don’t care what their relationship is. What! You are the most important thing in my heart! I don’t want to be wronged! I can’t let you be wronged like this!”

Avery: “Layla, I had a fight with your dad yesterday. I don’t want to fight with him anymore.”

Layla looked at her mother’s cold face. She didn’t want to make her angry, so she had to give up.



After Elliot took Robert to play for a day, Norah Jones flew over from Aryadelle.

In the evening, Norah Jones went to the hotel to find Elliot and had dinner with the father and son.

“Elliot, I have done research on the company of Dream Makers. Their boss is from Rishawaka. This person is very mysterious. I don’t know if he is a man or a woman…” Norah Jones explained what she knew and told Elliot about the situation.

“Have you asked someone inside their company?” Elliot believes that the company’s top management must know the boss’s information.

“Yes, I found it.” Norah Jones said, “I have a senior brother in there. Once I asked him to come out for a drink. When he was drunk, I asked about the situation of their company, and he said that there was no one in their company. I’ve seen the boss.”

Elliot frowned: “Who recruited the management of the company?”

“There are three people in charge of their company. These three people are in charge of different departments. They are all small shareholders of the company. It is said that these three people have never met the boss. I don’t know the specific situation. The big boss of our company must have a difficult journey.” Norah Jones said this and looked at Robert, “Robert, you are listening so seriously, do you understand what we are talking about?”

Robert shook his head cutely.

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  1. I have a problem with the fact that Avery can just jump back into these kids lives with no quarrels or problems from Elliott, but she always bad mouths him, undermines he decisions and constantly oversteps and her and her friends do and say deplorable things about Elliott to the children and in the whole entire 11years she’s not once made Hayden respect his father, let alone establish a good and healthy relationship. Avery’s always enjoyed playing the children against the father, especially Hayden! She’s by far the worst mother, ever!!! She doesn’t deserve those kids, and she doesn’t deserve Elliott. I’m fed up with Avery and her friends. Elliott’s too, at this point, the only ones I still like are Shea, Mrs. Cooper, and Robert.

    1. Exactly my point!!! For good 11 years she never tried even 4 once mend d relationship btw father n son and she claims she loves him… Honestly d whole story is getting trashy, everyone is just stupid including Elliot himself 4 allowing both Avery herself including all her friends tinks dey can just come n ride on him anyhow all in d name of he loves Avery… Everybody is just madt!!!

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