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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1831 by

Chapter 1831

Kara took her little hand and walked over to the camera of the mobile phone, staring at Hayden in the video.

When Hayden saw the two little girls appearing, the expression on his face couldn’t help softening.

“Kara, Maria, call me brother.” Although Hayden had never seen them, he had seen their photos, so he recognized them both.

Kara has a more lively personality, so she shouted obediently: “Brother!”

“Maria, can you speak? If you can, then shout out to brother. When brother comes back to Aryadelle next time, I will buy you a gift!” Hayden coaxed.

Kara pouted: “I called you brother, do you have a gift for me?”

“As long as you call me brother, you will have a gift.” After Hayden finished speaking, Robert in Avery’s arms felt itchy.

Although he was hiding in his mother’s arms, he stared at Hayden in the video with his eyes fixed.

“Brother.” Maria shouted shyly and nervously.

Although it was not loud, Hayden heard it.

“Little Maria is really good. Your brother will definitely buy you a big gift!” Hayden promised to look at his brother hiding in his mother’s arms, his expression suddenly serious, “Robert, you coward! Both sisters dare to call brother, You dare not! You are really a good son brought out by Elliot!”

Hayden didn’t expect his younger brother to be so timid, not like him and Layla at all.

After being yelled at by Hayden, Robert’s face flushed, and he quarreled with Hayden: “You are a coward! You bad brother! I don’t want you to buy gifts! My father will buy them for me!”

“Then go find your stinky father! Don’t hide in my mother’s arms!” Hayden mocked.

Robert’s eyes were wet with anger, he broke free from Avery’s arms and went to find his father.

Avery didn’t care about anything else, and immediately ran after Robert.

Avery: “Robert, your father is home.”

“Woooooo! I want Dad! I want to go home! I don’t like bad brother! He’s so fierce!” Robert cried with tears streaming down his face very sadly.

Avery watched her son cry and felt very distressed.

She picked Robert up and strode outside and planned to send Robert back.

She had brought Hayden and Layla, and knew that the child would make a fuss, and if it was not coaxed well, the child would cry and gasp for breath.

Everyone heard Robert’s cry and came over to check the situation.

“Robert and Hayden quarreled. I’ll take Robert back first. Don’t worry, let’s go eat!” Avery said, and walked out with Robert in her arms.

When the Foster family bodyguard saw Avery come out with Robert in her arms, the bodyguard immediately greeted her.

“Go in and find Mike and get my car key.” Seeing that the black Rolls-Royce had already driven away, Avery spoke to the Foster family bodyguard.

After the bodyguard entered the house, Avery hugged Robert and coaxed gently: “Robert, mother knows you are not a coward. How good you were with your two younger sisters just now! Youe elder brother didn’t know because he didn’t come back to see you. How good are you…”

Avery cooed patiently, making Robert stop crying quickly.

On the way back, Robert fell asleep in Avery’s arms.

After a while, the car stopped in front of Foster’s villa.

Avery took Robert to Mrs. Cooper, took the car keys from the bodyguard, and drove away alone.

Elliot came down from the upstairs and frowned when he saw the tears on his son’s face.

Mrs. Cooper explained, “Sir, Avery said that Robert and Hayden had a quarrel. The two brothers probably haven’t seen each other for three years. They must have no feelings. Hayden won’t come back, you can take Robert to Bridgedale to see Hayden. You must miss Hayden too, right?”

Elliot hesitated for a while, then answered.

He really should go to Bridgedale to see Hayden!

Three days later.

Jewelry Auction.

Avery entered the auction site wearing a white casual fisherman hat and a light and elegant purple dress.

20 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1831 by”

  1. Doesn’t Elliot realize that all those people are his enemies? Is he blind? It’s like stepping foot in an ant pile like fire ants. Chad and Ben are becoming his enemies, he better not talk his personal business with them or fire them. Avery?

    1. I’m not sure why everyone thinks they will be together in the end I think this is going to end a tragedy. Nobody ends up happy. Hayden has been a brat this whole book and needs a lesson. Avery friends need to mind their own business. And Avery need to stop blaming everyone else for her secrets.

  2. Everyone is against Elliott EVERYONE. No one is on his side and yes Chad and Ben have turned on him too. I really wish someone would put Tammy and Mike in their place I’m sick of the both of them.

  3. And yet again, a shit show from Hayden’s nasty mouth.
    An 11 year old who’s that nasty needs a smack across the mouth and be put in his place…

  4. This chapter was very bad. Its not fair on Elliot. Avery is not a nice person she could’ve tell Elliot how she feels he didn’t mess with the recording.

  5. I have been reading this novel for 4 and half months now, it’s time for it to end. But at this rate of 5 chapters a day, it will be next year sometime. 😭

  6. They are all a bunch of hypocrites. Treating Elliot as an outcast.
    Hayden is psychotic trying to bully is younger brother. He is full of hate toward his own Dad.

  7. Tammy and Chad needs to keep their opinions. Stop pushing your mouths in Avery and Elliot business. None of you are Avery’s friend because she’s always right and Elliot is always wrong.

  8. Mike you are a bully.
    I feel sorry you.

    Elliot you need to move on and live Avery alone. She’s not treating you right. I know at the ending you and Avery will be together. One big happy family.

  9. Regardless how many chapters there are I would hope that there would be happiness in the end after all the tragedies and misunderstandings. I wish Elliott and Avery find true love be that with each other or a significant other. I hope they learn what to do and not do to build a strong relationship. My wish is that the children do not suffer from psychological problems and they could feel love and security from their parents whether they are together or not. The friendships should be supportive and should not take sides but keep an open mind and not use either Avery or Elliott’s shortcomings against them with their children. The theme or moral of this story should be love is not always enough if there is not honest communication of thoughts, feelings or actions . Lies, unspoken thoughts and reacting instead of resolving leads to misery that is detrimental in any relationship.

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