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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1830 by

Chapter 1830

The three children want to drink water, so Avery came over to bring water to the children. Unexpectedly, as soon as she came over, she heard Elliot’s remarks.

The moment Elliot saw Avery, a flash of surprise flashed across his eyes, and then his expression returned to calm.

“I’ll take Robert away first.” Elliot said coldly.

“You can go by yourself.” Avery didn’t give him face, “Let your bodyguard take him back later.”

Elliot, Robert and the bodyguard came in a car.

Avery asked Elliot to go first and let him take a taxi outside by himself?

Otherwise, he drove the car away, how would his son Robert get back later?

Elliot’s whole body was cold and cold, he pursed his thin lips, and strode away without saying a word.

Robert probably won’t go home for the time being.

After Elliot drives home, let the driver drive to pick Robert up.

After Elliot left, the atmosphere in the villa suddenly resumed lively.

“Avery, come here!” Tammy beckoned to her, “You’re not angry with him because of the Tate Industries, so why are you angry?”

Avery didn’t want to say.

It’s not a glorious thing after all.

“The children want to drink water, and I’ll bring it to them.” Avery took a pot of water and held several glasses in her hand.

“Do you want to drink water? I brought her a kettle.” Wesley immediately walked to the living room and took out the kettle from the bag he brought with him.

“I also brought a kettle for Kara.” Tammy went to get the kettle.

As for Robert, Elliot didn’t bring him anything.

Because Robert is relatively old, he can already drink water from a water cup.

Avery took two kettles and a glass of water and went back to the bedroom.

“Mike, Chad said you know why Avery is angry, tell me!” Tammy poured Mike a glass of wine and asked, “She was really angry just now. Since Elliot entered the room, her face became gloomy.”

Mike couldn’t tell her privacy without Avery’s consent.

“Tammy, ​​you have such a good relationship with her, you can just ask her directly, why bother me? You are afraid of her, and I am also afraid of her! Besides, she is angry with Elliot, but it doesn’t affect her relationship with us. Don’t worry about them. I’ll be leaving in two days, so take this meal as yours for me tonight!” Mike raised his glass and wanted to toast everyone.

“Are you going back to Bridgedale? Where’s Avery reside in Bridgedale?” Wesley asked.

“She won’t leave here.” Mike explained to everyone, “Don’t worry, I will arrange for bodyguards to live at home to protect her 24 hours a day.”

In the master bedroom.

Maria and Kara each held their own kettles to drink water.

Avery held a water cup and fed Robert water.

Suddenly, her phone on the bed rang.

She picked up her phone and saw a video call from Hayden.

Without hesitation, she took the video call.

“Hayden, Robert is here with me now, do you want to see Robert?” Although Avery was asking, she couldn’t help crouching beside Robert and asked the brothers to meet, “Robert, look! This is your elder brother, Hayden!”

Robert saw his brother’s serious face, and nervously grabbed the hem of his clothes.

“Robert, call me brother.” Hayden’s voice came from a solemn tone, with the smell of an order.

Robert pursed his mouth and turned to drill into Avery’s arms.

Originally, he was not so close to Avery, but because he was less familiar with his brother and more afraid of him, now his mother is also a good safe haven.

Avery hugged Robert into her arms with a happy smile on her face.

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  1. The translation is appreciated, but honestly, can the “chapters” be any shorter…?
    And btw, I’m sooooo sick of Avery’s idiotic, presumptive, snooping, drama inducing “friends”…

  2. Honestly, everything is happening because of Avery’s idiotic and self righteous attitude. On top of it, her friends are the most venomous people towards Elliot. Is it not a common sense for someone like Mike to order recording from the service provider for both the sides before even concluding that some of the averts statements were erased. What an idiot he is who claims themselves as best hacker and an IT guy. The character I hate the most in this novel is Mike. Lastly I think Avery has lost her common sense. If she is so brilliant and empathetic person she should first be empathetic towards Elliot. What kind of love is it if she doesn’t understand the person whom she has been associated for more than a decade.

  3. Am I the only one thinking here dat it so unfair how easily Avery has access to all three kids? Like having easy control over dem? Even our Elliot only hope “Robert” was easily bought over with just ordinary pictures of Layla’s childhood,,, Like no stress at all… I think at dis point ehn, I don’t even want dose two 2 get back together again, everyone shud just be on der own n each find der happiness… Our so called spoilt princess (Layla) can go wit her so called nice n innocent mother (Avery) n let Elliot find Haze n be in custody of her… Equation even more balanced N d only tin left is good co-parenting cos not all couples are necessary 2 stay together b4 they can be happy… Periodt!

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