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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1828 by

Chapter 1828

After Wesley came in, he said to Avery with an apologetic expression: “Avery, Elliot is here.”

Everyone was stunned.

“Maria wanted to play with Robert at noon today, so I called my brother, Elliot and asked him to bring Robert to our house after get off work. I forgot about it.” Shea explained.

“I called him just now and told him not to bring Robert to our house, but he already knew from my mother that we were coming to Avery. He said he would be there soon.” Wesley continued to explain.

“No wonder I went to pick up Robert, and Mrs. Cooper said that Elliot took him out.” Tammy said, “It’s just right for him to come, leave Robert behind, and let him go.”

“Tammy, ​​this is not good?” Jun glanced at the food on the table, “Brother Elliot eats together, just an extra pair of tableware. And maybe he won’t stay to eat? Let’s not show that we don’t welcome him first! “

Jun’s voice was settled, and outside the villa, the black Rolls-Royce stopped.

After a while, the bodyguard got off the car with Robert in his arms.

Wesley and Shea greeted him at the door.

Elliot entered the living room with them.

When Maria saw Robert, he immediately shouted cheerfully: “Brother, brother!”

It can be seen that Maria especially likes Robert.

Robert held a small gift box in his hand.

Every time Robert went to see Maria, Elliot would prepare a small gift for his son and ask his son to bring it to his sister.

So Maria especially likes to play with his brother.

“Kara, go and play with them!” Tammy took her daughter over there.

The three children, Kara, Maria and Robert never played together before. but after knew each other, the three of them quickly started playing.

“Elliot, have you eaten dinner yet?” Ben Schaffer asked Elliot, “We are just about to eat, why don’t you come and eat together?”

Chad saw Avery’s face ashen, and immediately said, “Brother Ben, this is not very good. Right? The boss must have food at home. Forcing the boss to stay here, the boss is embarrassed!”

Ben Schaffer: “???”

Elliot looked at Chad with cold eyes.

Although Chad argued in the afternoon that he was not brainwashed by Mike, it is now very obvious that he was brainwashed.

Chad coughed dryly in a guilty conscience, and pretended to find a cup to drink water.

Shea felt that since her brother didn’t refuse just now, it means that he hasn’t eaten yet.

Shea: “Brother, are you staying for dinner?”

Shea knew that Elliot and Avery were divorced, but Shea felt that with so many friends and children, it shouldn’t be too much to keep Elliot for dinner.

After all, Elliot brought Robert here, shouldn’t he have to take Robert away later?

Elliot looked at Avery. Since he came in until now, Avery has never looked at him directly.

“Shea, this is Avery’s house, let’s see what Avery has to say!” Wesley saw that Avery was in a bad mood, so he spoke immediately.

Mike had been silent all the time. Hearing Wesley’s words, he couldn’t help but say, “Wesley, it’s no wonder Avery has always regarded you as a big brother. You can really understand her feelings.”

Mike’s words are clearly true In praising Wesley, it was actually for Elliot.

Why couldn’t Elliot hear what Mike meant, didn’t he just let him go?

Just when he turned around to leave, Avery took the lead to stand up from the chair.

Avery didn’t talk to anyone, didn’t stop, and strode towards the master bedroom.

“What’s wrong with Avery?” Tammy didn’t know what happened, so she asked in a low voice in surprise.

Is it because Elliot planned to give the Tate Industries to Norah Jones?

If it wasn’t for this incident, It felt that Avery didn’t need to embarrass Elliot in the presence of so many friends and children.

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