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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1825 by

Chapter 1825

Avery stared at herself in the mirror, and her memory was brought back to the beginning.

At that time, her eyes suddenly became blind, and her mood fell to the bottom.

Nervousness, fear, and unease filled every nerve in her body. She thought that if she finally called Elliot, he would definitely come and take her to the hospital.

After listening to the recording, Mike pressed pause.

“Avery, why are you crying?” Mike saw that her eyes were wet, and immediately put the phone aside and brought her a tissue.

“Didn’t you just ask why I was silent in the second half?” Avery’s body was tense, and the hand holding the toothbrush couldn’t stop shaking.

“Yeah! Chad said he asked Elliot, and Elliot said he probably didn’t listen to your phone at the time.”

“He lied!” Avery threw the toothbrush in his hand to the ground, crying, “My voice was eliminated! I told him I couldn’t see! I begged him to come to me! How could he silence my voice and show this recording to prove himself?!”

Mike’s chest heaved quickly.

He didn’t expect that Elliot could be so shameless.

He took a deep breath, bent down, picked up her toothbrush, and threw it in the trash.

“Don’t cry, I’ll buy you a new toothbrush.”

​​After Mike left, Avery turned on the faucet. The sound of water rushing drowned out her cry.

She thought that she had forgotten the hurt Elliot gave her, but when the recording came, the pain came out from the bottom of her heart.

Mike came out of the villa with confusion in her mind.

At this moment, Chad sent a message to inquire about the result.

Mike dialed the phone, suppressed his anger, and asked, “Chad! Do you want to see Avery cry? I’ve never seen her cry in more than two years! You f*cking ask me to use the recording to ask her. After listening to the recording, she cried! She said that Elliot had silenced her voice! In the latter half, Elliot had manipulated her!”

Chad: “…”

Mike: “If you don’t believe it, come now. Avery’s home, she’s still crying!”

Chad was exhausted and very uncomfortable: “Forget it, there’s no need. Since the two of them don’t agree, then one of them must be lying. I thought that there must be a misunderstanding between the two of them. It looks like I was wrong.”

Mike: “Don’t mention that b*stard in front of me in the future.”

Chad: “Got it.”

Avery made an appointment with a famous private detective in Aryadelle at home.

She handed the information she had prepared to the other party.

“Haze is my daughter. After she was born, she was sold from Yonroeville to Aryadelle. You are a famous detective in Aryadelle, and I believe in your strength. I wonder if you can help me find my daughter. If you help me find my daughter, the price is not a problem.”

Who knows, the detective shook his head after seeing the photos she provided.

95 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1825 by”

  1. Thank you for the extra chapters. I am so tired of Tammy and Mike. They will do anything to keep Elliott and Avery apart

          1. Thank you for the extra chapters but please post more. Just when I thought Elliott and Avery could move past all the drama and heartache and misunderstandings.

          2. @Tan Hong
            Give me one good reason why Avery will think she’s wrong. Will you? I won’t!!! If I sure I told someone something, I will NOT feel I’m wrong! I’m not THAT stupid and neither is Avery. Elliot (your hood and mature reasonable hero) can’t figure out the problem, how can she?

          3. My question is why can’t she do her own recording to see if she told him since she is saying that Elliott edited the recording. I wonder what kind of genius she is

      1. @JOJOBA
        Think clearly. If Avery gets a copy of the conversation between her and Elliot from HER phone , she will hear his voice AND hers. It will only prove what she said to Elliot.

  2. Thank you for more pages. I appreciate them so much still in bed day 7 with COVID. So read and sleep. Thank you again

    1. Hang in there, we just had it too. It’s going around bad. Everyone Ik has got it this time around. Lucky for us I think we had a mild case. The boys had more symptoms then us females. The headache was the worst like everyone says. It lasted about a week for us, the weakness lasted a little longer. The last symptom I had was lost of taste and at that point I was starving so it made it worse. Hope you feel better soon!

    2. Praying for your immediate recuperation 🙏🙏
      ILIVE THIS NOVEL but sometimes got bored when i hope things would turn out for the best as to reunite the protagonists but still there are lots of twists🙂

    3. PLEASE stop with your stupid opinions and comments! Just read the story! So many chapters complaining and it’s ALWAYS Avery and her friends! Don’t you get tired of writing?

      1. Lovy,
        I feel they are mostly correct. Avery and Elliot have a right to attack each other. They earned that right when they entered a relationship. However, her friends literally keep messing things up. They gossip and act like children, they mislead both Elliot and Avery with half truths and missing information and cause so much unneeded drama. It’s frustrating to read. If the author cut the friends out the book, even with Elliot and Avery’s own misunderstandings, would be better. But her friends are just complete idiots and they lead her astray

  3. I knew that Avery wouldn’t believe Elliot no matter what. None of them think of the possibility of accidentally pressing the mute button since she couldn’t see in the panic and nervousness.
    I believe something will happen that will make her think of that possibility.

  4. For Avery to be so smart she is really stupid! I wish Elliot would find somebody else and move on I’m just sick of her at this point. I think Mike want her to himself.

      1. @Jojoba @Lex
        I hope so too. Then Avery is also totally free to find someone else. I also hope the stepmother is not as bad as Wanda was to Avery. Unhappy marriages must get divorces. I agree totally. They can both move on.

  5. It was Avery herself who muted the phone ,but still she’s blaming Elliot of manipulation! Will she ever realise her faults and mistakes? !! And I’m sick of Mike and Snake Tammy badmouthing Elliot at the drop of a hat.

  6. She’s stupid they all are. I’m so tired of Elliott being made out to be the bad guy and Avery and her stupid friends are perfect and innocent. Come on writers let Elliott and Avery tell everyone to butt out of their relationship and family. They have been meddling in their lives far too long and the kids need to stop hating Elliott so much my gosh. And I’m so sick of Eric he needs to go for good.

      1. Haahah true.. I love avery being alone like the beginning.her mother is more thoughtfull.. Better than have bad friend

        1. @Arinzone
          I read your comment and wonder why do you think you are better than any of the ‘bad’ characters in this book? You actually wish for Avery to be alone and unhappy? Are you sure your name is not ‘Wanda’?

      2. Spoilers lert! That’s exactly what happens later on, but it’s in yonsville looking for Haze. Elliot and Avery are left to die in an abundant location. Avery ask Elliott if he is still in love with her and he responsed with his heart. He said he never hate her, he did not like the way she treated him. He loved her and she told him she loved him too.

    1. I totally agree with you. If I had friends like these friends, I would have told them long ago to stay out of my business.

    2. I love this book. But I don’t like the way Tammy and mike talk about Elliot. She the one that give up the two kids and he is one that taking care of them. Avery needs to stand up to her friends and so she can be with Elliot and her kids.

      1. Thank you so much for the extra chapters!!!
        Avery is so stupid, she knew she was nervous and hitting buttons, did she not think she could hit mute???? Mike and Tammy need to go!!!

      2. @Helen
        Get you fact straight. She didn’t ‘give’ up her two kids. She wanted them all, but Elliot refused. He split the twins and kept the children for his own selfish reasons. He thought Avery will stay for the children.
        Furthermore….the girl visited her during holidays and they talked and face time regularly. Only Robert did’t want to go to her because he only knows his father. (When it was the twins who did’t like Elliot, no excuse……They were raised bad and Avery was a horrible mother.) so I take it Elliot must be un the same boat now? Oh no, now he and Robert is so cute. Really?

    3. @Lydia
      Avery’s friends can’t butt out. It will be a very unfair situation. Elliot is domineering, he uses money and power, is vindictive and has all these bodyguards working for him. He will completely over shadow Avery. Did you forget about the incident where he nearly froze Avery to death. He does just what he wants to do and she has no say. (‘Like just getting on a plane! What kind of man does that?)’
      Elliot has the advantage here. She NEEDS friends.

  7. She was BLIND. Is she really that stupid? She doesn’t deserve Elliot, because she can’t admit that she could possibly be wrong. Ugh!

      1. If Avery is immature, I wonder who is mature? She acts like most women I know. (Not so young). The comments anyway makes me feel that not many readers are also rational or mature.
        But I also learned something else…..NEVER love a man. Marry for status and money. In that way you won’t care what he does or say. If a woman loves a man, she expects of him to always put her first (if he loves her). Imagine Avery didn’t love Elliot…..there won’t be any problems! She won’t care if Shea was his ‘real love’. She won’t care to have his children. She won’t care if he forgets her and have another child. She won’t care if he jumps on an aeroplane. She won’t even expect of him to help her when she was blind. She will just enjoy his money, status and play with friends etc. She will be very ‘mature’😂😂😂

        1. They both loved each other, but they don’t figure out how to overcome their emotion. Avery loved Haden because he resembles and reminds of Elliott and Elliott loved to lay because she looks like her mom ( Avery) neither of them want to part with the children. That’s proof that they are still in love.

    1. I think she should just inquire the recording from mobile provider herself if she doesn’t believe Elliot. But I’m sure she would not do that. She simply does not care…

    2. You are si stupid with all your comments. Why will she think she’s wrong? You alk have such bad opinions and judgment of character. If I KNOW I told someone something, why will I even THINK I’m wrong? Stupid readers, stupid comments. Just read and be quiet. You are all so bias towards Avery and friend and it’s REALLY annoying to some other readers.

      1. Wow, Lovy !!
        You must be a lot of fun at a party….. chill out! Life’s too short to be so judgmental of others and their opinions. To each his own. Let everyone say what they think without you blasting them for it.. It’s a book !
        I think Elliot and Avery are BOTH at fault and need to be locked in a room somewhere and get this mess straightened out once and for all. She’s too quick to judge (sounds like you, Lovy) and he may be a very good businessman but when it comes to personal and emotional feelings, he’s pretty naive. It’s actually pretty common in men. So chill out, let everyone vent and have their own opinions and I truly ….
        Hope you have a wonderful day….

        1. Sharon,
          Thank You so much.🙏😁 I was starting to think 🤔 that this is Lovy’s book, and she’s Avery! 😆😁 I’m with You. Calm down Lovy, and stop 🛑 reading the comments.

        2. @Sharon @Erica
          Yes, you are right. My name is different from Avery’s but I had nearly the same life. A bad man with all these bias opinions against me and my children. Till one day….. my children turned out perfectly normal. Do very well in life and are wonderful parents. They still don’t acknowledge the father. I married again with a wonderful man but will never forget the bias and bad people in my life. PS The third wife just divorced him. So much for the ‘good’ man and all his bias fans. Today his reputation is completely gone, money is gone, fans are gone (and I was like Avery…..had nothing to do with him after the divorce) and me and my husband are still together and HAPPY.

    3. @Mica??????
      Why will anybody be so stupid to ‘admit’ if they are POSSIBLY wrong? Why will she even THINK she is wrong? O my goodness. This comment is the ultimate of …(I’d rather not say).

      1. Why is the comment box here? What is the function of this box? Everyone can express their thoughts freely…why so worked up?

  8. I thought he had the operation so he couldn’t have any more kids. Avery was with him so why even bring that up. Did I misunderstand? Anyway mike and Tammy need to go and mind there own business. Elliot needs to give Tate Industries back to Avery even though I dont care for her character at the moment. I’m getting aggravated with all the misunderstandings. Let some truth come out and let them believe it ugh.
    Thank you translator for the chapters today I hope you are able to give us more.

    1. I remembered the same thing. He had a mastectomy. I guess the writer is playing with the idea that he can have it reversed if he wanted more children.

      1. Patricia, he had the operation after they came back from yonroville. He didn’t want Avery to go through having another baby.

    2. If I’m not mistaken when Elliot had the surgery as to not have any more kids, it was fixed as though it could be reversed if he ever decided to have more in the future

  9. Mike is a tech wizard you would think he could figure out if a recording was fake. He can get the recording to see if it was altered. All this half truth half knowledge is nuts

  10. Jackie I call her a brain Dr with no brain. Elliott should investigate her conversation just like he did his since her brain didn’t tell her that the possibility of her doing something wrong. Only Elliot could be wrong, I think her are jealous. At least the author is going in the right direction because some of the truths are coming out. It’s been a very tough road for them. No matter how long they’ve been divorced, at the end of the day the truth will come out. It is Elliott who will look into this. I hope so

  11. Hayden is a computer expert and so is Mike. They could easily verify if that recording was tamper with.. in all the time that Elliott has chased after Avery, he has never gave her false nonsense. How can she think that? I know she is upset and not thinking right.

    1. Given the benefit of the doubt if it is to clear Elliott they don’t care. In their eyes, he is the villain according to his son Haden. Avery acted out of Jealousy. She was hurt because he put Haze first!

  12. They all stupid! No common sense. Eric is so disrespectful, Elliott should slap him into the end of the book. Mike is jerk! He should just walk off a cliff. Tammy is busy body. She should be slapped. Laila need to be whipped and sent to her room for being such a brat. It’s to much

  13. Scary, it seems the most normal person in the book right now are Robert and Elliott. The others are psychologically damaged. I mean what 10 year (Hayden) has so much hatred, Layla is a brat who doesn’t know what she wants and really has no right to disrespect and hate Elliott. Avery is medically academically smart (s0metimes, except when it comes to herself) but she has no emotional intelligence (shows in how she interacts with her children, Elliott and her friends) Mike, Tammy and Eric are disgusting people (how can they gossip and sow so much discord) and be down on Elliott. When you really think about it, what bad moves other than hitting Eric and Mike has he ever done to them? As far as I know he never spread rumors or tried messing with their relationship with Avery despite not liking them. It was because of him that Tammy was saved yet she is so ungrateful. That leads me to Chad who is a gossipy little man who believes a master manipulator like Mike. Ben, not really sure about him. I think Wesley and Shea still have some kind of good view of Elliott. So, not wanting to sound like a mom I want to tell these people to GROW UP….Your childish nonsense is malicious and destroying peoples lives. Instead of always testing Elliott, look in the mirror and recognize that you are part of the cause of a marriage and family breaking down.

    1. At this stage, Avery still hides Xander’s email from Elliot. He is Haze’s father and he has the right to know what was being transpired..
      Mike, Tammy and Eric have the audacity to make decisions for Avery and this stupid her listens to them. They are so manipulative and insinuating, instigating…She allows all these to happen. Elliot is Layla’s father and not Eric!

    2. i open the website. eventhough im not understand most of the name in the novel because it not translate the name yet. but at the end of latest chapter they admit their love each other. really relief of that happen. but now they are know where to be found because some of accident. hope avery and elliot will be safe..

      1. Arinzone, yes the only one with the same name is Mike. The others are different names, but I soon figured them out.

  14. Avery is so stupid and full of herself, she thinks her friends love her she doesn’t know she’s being manipulated especially by Mike while Tammy is just being envious of her. Anyway they’ve cleared the misunderstanding even though Avery is still a little bit doubtful as to what could’ve happened to her phone that day and admitted that the problem must have been from her phone. Imagine Mike has started entering Avery’s room without knocking on the door.

      1. Arinzone, Billy is Hayden he created that company to out do his dad’s company. That’s why no one has seen him. I was reading between the lines of something Avery said. I think it will be revealed later. Probably not until they get back together again.

    1. Patricia, he had the operation after they came back from yonroville. He didn’t want Avery to go through having another baby.

  15. Oh, it was predictable…Avery is always right, and Elliot lied… Did he ever lied to her intentionally? I can’t believe she loved him some day. Maybe just when she made a sweater for him… She didn’t trust him at all and expects him to be a monster…

  16. Avery’s character was so annoying. Elliot changed a lot for her but Avery doesnt changed, she still immature. The author must change her character otherwise reader will get bored and stop to read.

  17. I honestly completely skip over any chapter’s with Tammy in it. I honestly can’t bear the stupidity. Mike is by the far the worst character in the book and to blame for 50% of Avery’s heartache – she is to blame for the other 50%. Elliot made mistakes and bad decisions in the first half of the book, but the author managed to make him grow and learn from his mistakes. Apparently the author must have used all of his energy developing one character- maybe three if you include wes and shea – and the rest are just idiots. I think the writer is going to end up using haze to reconcile avery and elliot. I just hope we don’t have to endure another 1000 chapters to see it. Sadly, I don’t think be will develop any of the characters or let avery “see” the truth and walk away from her so called friends. He needs to wrap up the Gwen and Ben storyline – abandon the Norah storyline, finalize what happened to Wanda and Cole and Henry and be done with this book. I wish I could just write the ending and put us all out of our misery. Seriously, I have written several stories over the years I considered trying to develop more and look to get published – If this book can be published, mine for certain could. Sorry for the long post, end of rant.

    1. i already done after they get married once again.. after that the story full of nonsense.. but still want to know the ending.. hahah

  18. How often does new chapters come out? I haven’t put my phone down reading this novel since I first started reading it!

  19. Why do all you haters not just stop reading this book? Read something else!!!!!
    You are all so bias towards Avery and I think the writer wrote wrote to you all:
    ‘you have the ability to change Elliots fart into incense’.
    He can’t do anything wrong, no matter what. With people like you in this world, no wonder it’s a man’s world and women suffer. Elliot did so many things wrong, yet NO ONE comment and criticise him. There is ALWAYS a reason or circumstances fot his actions(and it always boils down to Avery and her friends)…..poor Elliot. I hate this about humans. I can see Everyones mistakes…why can’t everyone be like that? Please stop writing your comments….you are NOT writers!!! Your comments are more upsetting than the story and you nothing better than Tammy, Mike, Hayden, Eric etc. You are just as evil in your comments and just as bias. Keep quiet. Practice what you preach. Read the book and stop criticising the book for 1800 chapters. It becomes really very boring and annoying.

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