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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1824 by

Chapter 1824

Avery opened her eyes and saw Mike’s face. What happened last night suddenly came to mind.

“Avery, it’s almost nine o’clock, why are you still sleeping?” Mike walked to the window and opened the curtains, “I bought you breakfast.”

“Who told you to break into my room without knocking on the door?” Avery got out of bed immediately and walked towards the wardrobe.

“I think you haven’t gotten up so late, I’m afraid you’ll have an accident.” Mike sat down at the bay window and his eyes fell on her, “Actually, I didn’t want to come over so early to quarrel with you, it was Chad who asked me to come to you now and ask to clear.”

Avery went to the bathroom to change clothes, washed her face by the way, and walked out.

“How much alcohol did you drink last night?” Avery looked at him coldly.

“I didn’t drink much, just… a bottle!” Mike was speechless when Avery saw it. “What’s wrong? Do I still smell alcohol? I came from a shower.”

Mike lifted up his clothes, put it under his nose and sniffed it, and muttered, “It’s tasteless!”

“Did you tell Chad last night that I am living in poverty? Elliot sent me a message last night and wanted to pay me child support.” Avery exhaled, “Others have been drinking and like to brag outside, so why are you doing the opposite of others after drinking?”

Mike was stunned for a moment: “Have I ever said such a thing? I think about it. Ah!” After a pause, Mike slapped his head sharply, “I remembered, I didn’t mean to say that. It’s Chad who is particularly concerned about your future career development. I was annoyed by his questioning, so I made it up. “

“Why does he pay so much attention to my career development?” Avery got an explanation and became less angry.

“That’s how he is. He likes to worry about it. He said that he was afraid that you would feel uncomfortable when you saw the building of the Tate Industries.” Mike said here and asked her, “You must not see the Tate Industries’s building. Will it be uncomfortable?”

“Uncomfortable.” Avery replied, “I don’t care how they are developing in Bridgedale. But when I returned to Aryadelle and saw the familiar headquarters building of Tate Industries, I really felt bad.”

Mike: “… “

Mike didn’t expect Chad to be right.

“I know why Chad is worried about me.” Avery linked the news that Tammy showed him last night to this incident, “I saw news last night that the Tate Industries was going to be independent.

“independent?” Mike jumped down from the bay window, “How to be independent?”

“Separate from Sterling Group and go public independently. The news said that Elliot would give up Tate Industries to Norah Jones.”

When Avery was sleeping last night, Because of this problem, she tossed to sleep very late.

She couldn’t help recalling how she would feel if her father was still alive and knew that the company she had founded had ended up in the hands of outsiders.

If Elliot and Norah Jones changed the name of the Tate Industries, they wouldn’t be so upset.

“How could Elliot cheap Norah Jones for nothing? He must have made a lot of money.” Mike frowned, “Last night Chad told me that Elliot admired Norah Jones very much. Because Norah Jones’s work ability is very good.”

“Look. It came out. When the Tate Industries was in our hands, the breakthrough was not so big.” Avery said calmly, “She is indeed quite business-minded.”

“Avery, we came back to find Haze, so don’t think about other things.” Mike didn’t know how to comfort Avery, so he could only distract her with other things.

“Well.” Avery turned around and entered the bathroom, “You said just now that Chad asked you to ask me…what to ask me? Why do you have to ask me in the morning?”

“Oh, last night Chad listened to a recording from Elliot. It was the one you called Elliot when you were blind. Elliot said he didn’t know about your blindness. Elliot also told Chad if he knew at the time that you are blind, so he definitely won’t go to Yonroeville.” Mike took the mobile phone and walked to the bathroom door, and added, “I have listened to the recording. The first half is normal, but the second half is without your voice.”

Avery squeezed toothpaste stopped.

Avery: “Elliot made the recording?”

“Yeah! He wants to prove that he is innocent, not a merciless man… Chad asked me to bring the recording to you to see if the recording is real.” Mike said, turned on the recording, and played it.

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  1. I don’t think Avery really loved Elliott because the way always think bad things about her ah no you don’t do that to someone you truly care about. At least she was supposed to give the benefit of the doubt

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