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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1821 by

Chapter 1821

The takeaway that Tammy ordered for Avery has arrived, because the Foster family bodyguards came to pick up the strange text messages from Robert and Elliot, and she hadn’t had time to eat.

Her hungry chest was against her back, and her mind was full of white light.

She walked to the dining room with the takeaway and ate it happily.

Sometimes there are some truths that she understands in her heart, but the body will make mistakes in conditioned reflexes. For example, she always knew that when she was too hungry, she could not eat too hastily, otherwise it would hurt her stomach function.

She was probably so hungry that her head was dizzy, so she ate several mouthfuls of food in a row. If it wasn’t for the discomfort in her stomach, she would not stop abruptly.

Covering her stomach with one hand, she took a water cup to get some water to drink.

After a while, the phone rang.

She immediately went back to the dining room, put down her water glass, and picked up her phone. The call was from Tammy.

“Avery, Jun sent me a picture just now. It’s related to Elliot. Look! I think it would be too much if he really did this!” Tammy’s tone was very excited, as if Elliot had done heinous bad things.

After hanging up, Avery clicked on the picture sent by Tammy.

The picture is a screenshot of a short video. The content is about the news that Tate Industries is about to separate from Sterling Group and go public independently.

It also said that Norah Jones would become the big boss of the Tate Industries and would no longer be subject to Elliot.

The news itself is rather sensational, and what is even more shocking is that a user named Elliot liked the short video.

After seeing this short video, Jun immediately took a screenshot to Tammy, thinking it was funny.

But Tammy didn’t think it was funny at all.

It was too much for Elliot to take the Tate Industries as his own. But considering that all of Elliot’s properties in the future belong to Robert and Layla, it means that Tate Industries still has a relationship with Avery in the end, so he is not so angry.

But now, Elliot wants to give the Tate Industries to Norah Jones completely, how can this be done?

Just when Avery was about to reply to Tammy’s message, Elliot called.

Avery watched his name beating on the screen, and was a little lost for a moment.

Did Elliot call to talk about child support?

After all, they have nothing to say now except this matter.

Regarding the fact that he wants to completely throw the Tate Industries to Norah Jones, he doesn’t need to report to her at all, and he doesn’t need to care about her thoughts.

Avery wanted to hang up the phone, but she lost control of her fingers and pressed the answer button. Looking at the connected call, she took a deep breath and brought the phone to her ear.

“I thought you didn’t see the message I sent.” Elliot laughed at himself, “When did you pull me out of the blacklist?”

Avery listened to his strange tone and retorted: “Since you know that I pulled you in Blacklisted, then why do you need to call me again?”

“I won’t contact you, waiting for you to starve your child to death? Chad told me that you are having a hard time right now.”

Avery: “???”

very difficult? !

Where did Chad hear about it?


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