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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1820 by

Chapter 1820

“Who is it?” Seeing that Avery was attracted by the phone, Tammy immediately leaned in front of her and glanced at her phone screen.

After seeing the words ‘Elliot’, Tammy sighed: “Didn’t you two lose contact? You started contacting after you returned to Aryadelle?”

Avery: “To be precise, now.”

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect to be I caught up with the scene. Show me, what did he send you?” Tammy didn’t consider herself an outsider and Avery also didn’t treat her as an outsider.

Tammy took her mobile phone and was stunned when she saw the two text messages sent by Elliot.

“Why did he suddenly want to pay you child support? Did you meet yesterday to talk about this?”

Avery shook her head: “No. We met yesterday because Layla had a little problem with her work. Apart from that, we didn’t talk about anything else.”

“Then did Elliot find out with his conscience? Or does he think you look shabby?” Tammy looked Avery up and down.

Avery wore home clothes and has stylish curly hair tied behind her head. Fortunately, her skin was very white, so even if she faced the sky, she would not look earthy.

However, Tammy knew that she had a considerable filter for Avery.

From Elliot’s point of view, it might be different.

Avery couldn’t help but doubt herself, and looked down at herself by the way.

“Even if I look shabby, I don’t need to use money to insult me, right?” Avery took a deep breath, thinking about how to reply to Elliot.

“Since Elliot wants to give you money, why don’t you accept it? If you don’t want to accept it, you can talk to him!” Tammy gave Avery an idea, “You ask him for 100 billion, and let him give it all at once. He promises to be angry.”

Avery felt that his current relationship with Elliot was not suitable for such a joke.

“I think it’s such a serious thing, why don’t you talk about it face to face? Or on the phone? He texted you and said, is he trying to test you? Or is he trying to entangle you when he has nothing to say?” Tammy saw Avery’s face was embarrassed, so she diverged her thoughts and tried to understand Elliot’s mental activities.

In fact, Elliot’s mental activities are very simple.

About half an hour ago, Chad sent him a message saying that Avery was having a hard time now.

Chad told him that in seven years, Hayden would be able to marry a daughter-in-law. Before Avery sold the company’s money, not a cent was moved, and she planned to leave it for Hayden to marry a daughter-in-law.

Now Avery has no company, no investment, and no job. Not only that, but she also has to support Hayden, who has huge expenses. Compared with the previous life, it is too miserable now.

If Chad hadn’t been drinking, he wouldn’t have given Elliot this kind of news without thinking.

After all, it wasn’t Avery who told Chad that he was in financial difficulties and needed Elliot’s help.

And when Elliot received the news from Chad, he took it seriously!

Elliot not only took it seriously, but also made Avery and Hayden’s life more difficult. It was almost impossible to make up for the fact that the mother and son were suffering from hunger and cold, and went to the street to beg!

So after struggling for half an hour, Elliot sent Avery a message about alimony.

“I think you’re right.” Avery took the phone over and agreed, and sait to Tammy, “If he sincerely wants to pay me child support, why didn’t he tell me last night? He could have called me to tell me about it, instead of sending it to me. The news said. How did he know that I pulled him out of the blacklist? In case I didn’t pull him out, I wouldn’t be able to see the messages he sent me.”

Tammy couldn’t help laughing: “I used to quarrel with Jun and blocked him when he was angry. Later, he once said that I was too naive and said that mature people like you and Elliot would definitely not block each other in a fight.”

Avery: “Elliot didn’t block me, I don’t know. But I’m not as mature as I think.”

Tammy asked, “I scolded him at the time, and I was going to be pissed off. I still care about so much. If you really don’t know how to reply, just pretend you didn’t see it!”

“Well.” Avery put the phone on the table, “It’s very late, is it time for Kara to go to bed? Why don’t you take Kara back first, and come over to play another day.”

“Okay! Then I’ll go first.”

Send Tammy away Afterwards, Avery returned to the living room.

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  1. Avery will always allow her friends especially Tammy and Mike to make decisions for or give her advice in marriage.

    1. And for that reason her and Elliott will never be able to be together. I’m sick of Mike and Tammy but I’m glad that Chad is finally back on Elliott’s side.

    2. You’re right about that! I wish Mike & Tammy would mind their business and let Avery & Elliot deal with each other..

  2. Why is it that when Mike sews discord and makes ambiguous statements that Chad or Tammy pass on , that Avery gives him a slap on the wrist and says don’t do it again. Avery, he will keep doing this because he always controls you. If Elliott pulled half the stunts that Mike has you would treat him like an unforgiveable scum. Too bad you are to stupid to realize besides the lies and inability to communicate with each other honestly that your friends??? are manipulating your relationship. Elliott should just ditch them all. but despite everything that Avery and her friends and even his children put him through he still cares and yes he craves for their love and acceptance.

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