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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1819 by

Chapter 1819

“What if your father doesn’t welcome your mother to your house for dinner?” Tammy laughed, and asked, “If you do this, you are not afraid that your father will spank you?”

“No!” Robert little face was wrinkled, his voice was clear, “Dad won’t hit me!”

Tammy: “But your father doesn’t want you to bring your mother home for dinner.”

“Dad wants to!” Robert felt that his wishes were his father’s wishes. Because he talked to his father yesterday, and his father had already promised his mother to go to their house to sleep, how could he not be willing to eat a meal.

Tammy turned back and forth with laughter and looked at Avery: “Avery, do you want to accept your son’s invitation to go to your ex-husband’s house for dinner? If you want to go, I can cancel the takeout.”

“Robert, thank you very much for inviting your mother to eat at your house, but Auntie Tammy has already helped your mother to buy food.” Avery explained to Robert patiently.

Robert lowered his eyes and thought for a while, and then discussed with Avery: “Then when my sister comes back, you can go to our house again!”

Tammy did not expect Robert to be afraid of his mother, and now he wants to abduct her directly. Only half an hour before and after.

“Robert, who asked you to tell your mother that? Did your father teach it?” Tammy asked.

Robert: “No!”

“Oh, I see, you want to help your sister abduct your mother home!” Tammy had an epiphany.

Everyone knows that Robert is Layla’s little follower.

As long as Layla is at home, Robert will not stick to Mrs. Cooper and Elliot.

In the whole family, his favorite is Layla.

Robert’s face turned red when he was told the central matter.

Avery looked at her son’s cute and shy appearance and said to him, “when your sister comes back, your sister will bring you to your mother’s place. I saw your sister this morning! Because I slept with her last night. “

Robert looked envious: “Did my sister say when to go home? I miss her so much.”

Avery: “She will be back in about half a month.”

Robert’s concept of half a month is vague Not clear, but pretended to understand and nodded.

At about 8 p.m., the Foster family’s bodyguards took Robert away.

“Avery, you said you had a busy day today, what are you doing?” Tammy planned to stay for a while.

Just when Avery was about to reply to Tammy, a text message came into her phone.

She pulled Elliot’s number out of the blacklist not long ago.

Similarly, Elliot also pulled her out of the blacklist.

Because this text message was sent to her by Elliot.

Elliot said he sent someone to take Robert back.

Avery glanced at the text message and put down the phone. She couldn’t remember what Tammy asked just now.

Avery: “What did you ask me just now?”

“I asked you what you are busy with today. Didn’t you just come back to Aryadelle? After a few days off, what are you busy with.” Tammy said.

Avery was going to tell her about Haze, but at this moment, another text message entered her phone. It was still from Elliot.

However, this text message made Avery think Elliot was dreaming. Because he asked—how much do Avery want for child support? One-time payment or monthly payment?

alimony? !

After being divorced for so long, why did Elliot suddenly think of paying Avery child support?

4 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1819 by”

  1. Tammy you need to shut up. How dare you try to sow discord between Robert and Elliott. Wow these grownups are really ignorant and childish.

    1. I felt exactly same way! Why can’t she mind her home….the only child that appreciates Elliot, they still want to corrupt

    2. I never liked this girl called tammy right from the beginning…how I wished Hazel would hate on Avery the way Hayden hates Elliot, I want Avery to feel real hatred from hazel when she grows up…

  2. Why should Elliot pay anything to Avery! She was the one who ran away and broke up their family. All because she’s so selfish! Elliot has mad alot of change and yet she’s too blind to see tha. Besides Elliot has 2 of their kids..

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