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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1818 by

Chapter 1818

“Mom…” Robert immediately walked up to Avery, raised his head and glared at Kara with big, dark, shiny eyes, “This is my mother, not your mother!”

“Just now your mother was with you Speaking, you hid behind Sister Kara yourself!” Tammy came over, said and laughed, “Since you don’t let your mother hug Sister Kara, then you can’t hide from your mother in the future! Otherwise! Your mother is going to hug other children.”

Tammy was afraid of making Robert cry, so she took her daughter from Avery’s arms.

Avery didn’t expect Robert to be so jealous.

It was obvious that Robert didn’t seem to want her mother on the surface.

“Robert, can mother hug you?” Avery squatted in front of her son and looked at him tenderly, “Mom wants to hug you very much. Just like sister Kara’s mother hugged her.”

Robert struggled Extremely, finally looked up at Tammy and Kara, ​​and then stretched out his little arm.

Seeing this, Avery immediately picked up his son.

At this moment, Avery felt as if she owned the whole world.

Today was the second time their mother and son have met since she returned to Aryadelle. Unexpectedly, Robert was willing to let her hug him when they met for the second time.

This was going much faster than she imagined.

“Avery, if you miss Robert in the future, I’ll bring Robert to play with you.” Tammy put her daughter down and picked up the bag on the ground, “Didn’t you say you won’t be leaving for now, so I’ll give it to you I brought some soup tonics.”

Avery watched Tammy take the tonics out of the bag.

“If you think that stewing soup is too troublesome, you can find a nanny who specializes in cooking.” Tammy said, “Hey, what about Mike? Didn’t you two come back together? Did he already leave?”

Avery: “Not yet. He went to Chad’s for a drink.”

“Oh, have you eaten yet?” Tammy said, walking towards the kitchen.

Cold pan, cold stove, no sign of fire.

“I haven’t eaten yet…” Avery hugged Robert and followed, “I have something to do today, so I didn’t cook by myself.”

“Hurry up and find a nanny! Otherwise, you won’t be able to eat three meals a day. Be on time, be careful of stomach problems.” Tammy said, “What do you want to eat? I’ll give you some takeout.”

“I’m not picky eaters, you can order whatever you want!” Avery hugged Robert and didn’t want to let go.

“Okay, I knew you didn’t eat, so I’ll bring you dinner along the way.” Tammy sighed, “I originally wanted to surprise you.”

“I’m quite surprised.” Avery was very moved, “This I didn’t take the initiative to tell you the next time I returned to Aryadelle. In the end, you all knew that I was back.”

Avery even thought that she would not see Robert so easily, but Ben Schaffer brought Robert to her place yesterday.

She used to think too bad about Elliot and the people around him.

Now it seems that she and Elliot are divorced, and everyone’s attitude towards her is still the same as before.

“When you got your Ph.D, I had a hunch that you would go back to Aryadelle.” Tammy finished the takeout and put her mobile phone on the table, “When you come back to Aryadelle this time, stay for a while! At least you get to know Robert well.”

Avery nodded.

At this moment, Robert struggled in her arms for a while, as if she wanted to go to the ground.

Avery released him immediately.

Who knows, the little guy grabbed her hand: “Mom, our family has lack of food!”

Avery: “???”

Tammy was also stunned.

Is Robert’s reflex arc a bit long?

When he was talking about Avery’s lack of food just now, he didn’t open his mouth. Now they were talking about other topics, but he suddenly reacted.

“Robert, do you want to invite your mother to your father’s house for dinner?” Tammy looked at Robert’s handsome face and asked with a smile.

“Mmmm!” Robert grabbed Avery’s hand and didn’t let go.

It seems that he is waiting for Avery to nod to agree.

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