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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1817 by

Chapter 1817

Avery hasn’t had dinner yet, no wonder there was a cramp in her stomach. She came out of the room clutching her stomach, and suddenly heard the doorbell ring.

She walked to the door and opened it.

Tammy brought her daughter, Kara and Robert together!

“Avery, I heard that you are back, I immediately brought two children to see you!” After Tammy brought the two children into the house, she took Avery to look at it, “How can you keep doing this? Slim body? I really envy your physique without getting fat! Is your hair color the one I recommended to you last time?”

“It’s not quite the same as the one you recommended. But it’s not much different.” Avery Because of the happiness, the pain in the stomach is relieved a lot.

“Your hair color is more beautiful.” Tammy said here, and then she remembered bringing her two children, “Mrs. Cooper knew that I was going to bring Robert to your place, so she didn’t say anything.”

“I saw Elliot last night. We’ve met.” Avery looked at Robert and Kara with a gentle smile, “I knew you were coming, I should have prepared a big meal for you.”

“We’ve had dinner! Come over now, I just came to see you. You haven’t told me why you want to dye your hair all of a sudden!” When Tammy said this, the conversation changed.

Tammy often changes her hair color and has dyed all kinds of colors but Avery is different.

Avery doesn’t like tossing her hair. In her impression, she has always had black hair.

“Because one day Mike found out that I had gray hair.” Avery said bluntly, “I thought to myself, I haven’t dyed my hair, and I have started to grow gray hair.”

“Actually, gray hair has little to do with age. I used to have gray hair. There is a classmate who has less gray hair, which I think is very cool! There is also a lot of pressure and nervousness, which can also lead to gray hair.” Tammy comforted Avery, “Jun also has gray hair, and I especially like to pull White hair out but he wouldn’t let it. He said he would pull out more and more.”

“It was a bit stressful in the past. It’s much better now.” Avery said with a relaxed smile, “The two little guys often play together, they have a really good relationship.”

Robert is one year older than Kara, the two younger Baby is squatting on the ground at the moment, trying to open the gift that Tammy bought.

Tammy: “I didn’t play together often. But Robert should always remember this sister.”

“Did we set a baby kiss for the two of them before?” Avery couldn’t help but raise the corner of her mouth when she thought of this.

“Yeah! But Robert is following Elliot now. Elliot will definitely not recognize this baby kiss.” Tammy said helplessly, “Is Robert a little afraid of you? When I took him out of the car, he was holding my leg tightly and don’t let go.”

“Well. Ben Schaffer brought him here yesterday, and he was quite afraid of me. I feel better today.” Avery said, and walked towards Robert, “Robert, do you still remember me? I’m your mother.”

Robert didn’t even think about it, and immediately moved behind his sister to avoid his mother’s enthusiasm.

An embarrassment flashed in Avery’s eyes, and then she smiled and said to Kara: “Kara, you are getting more and more cute! Auntie likes you so much!”

Kara: “Kara also likes Auntie!”

In addition, Tammy often communicates with Avery in videos. Every time they communicate with Avery, Tammy will hold her daughter and show off to Avery that her daughter is getting more and more cute, so Kara is not unfamiliar with Avery.

Kara’s words amused Avery’s heart.

“Auntie hug you, okay?” Avery asked Kara for advice, and then hugged Kara.

Beside her, Robert’s brows suddenly wrinkled, and his small mouth shriveled.

Although Robert is a little afraid of his mother, Robert knows that this is his own mother, not someone else’s mother.

How can his mother hug Sister Kara?

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