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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1816 by

Chapter 1816

“Hahaha! I’m dying of laughter!” Mike sincerely thought it was funny, so he patted the table and wiped his nose, “The new building of the Tate Industries in Bridgedale is just across the street from the previous AN Technology!”

Chad was ashamed: “I know. Norah Jones chose three buildings in total, and in the end everyone voted for the current building. Because that place has the best location.”

“Do you think Avery has been stimulated a little in the past two years? You Instead of worrying about her, it’s better to worry about your boss.” Mike teased.

“What’s my boss to worry about?” Chad couldn’t understand Mike’s brain circuit, but he remembered that when he saw Avery last night, Avery exuded peace and contentment, and it seemed that she was not affected by the divorce, ” In other words, Avery’s mental state is not bad.”

“Yes! So I gave you the leisure to worry about her, so it’s better to worry about your boss.” Mike took a sip of his wine and gradually became more interested.

Chad said, “Let’s not talk about my boss, let’s talk about you! You really don’t plan to work next?”

“Yes!” There was a smile in Mike’s light blue eyes, ” What, are you going to find me a job?”

Chad took a deep breath and reluctantly said, “Why not, you cook for me every day, help me with housework, and I will pay you a salary every month.”

Mike With a ‘puff’ sound, the wine in his mouth almost spit out.

“I’m teasing you, are you serious?” Chad couldn’t help laughing at his reaction.

Mike wiped his mouth with a tissue: “I was teasing you just now.”

Chad: “What?”

Mike: “Too bad.”

“Oh, if you are not bad, what are you going to do?” Chad asked, “In two years, what are you doing? Every time I ask you, you don’t say anything. It’s so mysterious, shouldn’t you go back to your old job?”

Mike: “You can really guess. But it’s similar to what you guessed. You think, Avery has no source of income now, and she still has to pay Hayden to study. Do you know how much Hayden costs? I don’t have children to go to school, you may I have no idea. I can starve to death myself, but I can’t starve my benefactor and the benefactor’s son to death! So I have to make money.”

Chad was very moved, but he had some doubts about MIke’s words.

MIke: “You said just now that the money you sell the company will give you peace of mind.”

“I just said nonsense. I have never seen the money. Because Avery saved the money and said it was for the future. Hayden is eleven years old this year, and in Bridgedale, he can get a marriage certificate at the age of eighteen, which means that in seven years, Hayden may be about to marry a wife!”

Chad was stunned.

Even Hayden is about to marry a wife… Time flies by so fast!


Starry River Villa.

Avery wrote a day at home today. If she wants to find Haze, she must first write down Haze’s information.

She only had a photo of Haze when she was born, and she only had a photo of her when she was born, and there was too little information.

Now Haze is 3 years old, so she found the photo of Layla when she was three and put it in Haze’s folder.

As long as she can find girls who look similar to Layla, and then identify them one by one, it is also a feasible method.

As Elliot said, looking for Haze is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

After Avery wrote the supplementary information she could think of, she glanced at the time.

It’s past seven o’clock in the evening.

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