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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1815 by

Chapter 1815

Because Mike knew for a long time that even if Elliot farted, Chad would be able to blow it into incense.

Chad turned on his phone and turned on the recording.

“Why is there no sound from Avery in the back?” Mike finished listening to the recording and asked the question.

“I felt strange when I listened to this recording. I asked my boss, and he said that Avery might not have listened to Elliot’s phone call at the time.”

“I asked him if the recording had been edited.” Mike said.

Chad hesitated: “I secretly copied the recording. My boss doesn’t want people to hear this recording.”

Mike teased: “If the recording is ok, why is he guilty? If the recording is true, he Without eliminating what Avery said later, it is impossible for Avery to hate her so much.”

Mike’s words made Chad move on.

He sent the recording to Mike.

Chad: “You take it to Avery another day. I believe my boss must not lie.”

“I think your boss must lie. Avery has no voice at all after that. This is not normal at all!” Mike retorted.

Chad: “My boss said that the call was like this at the time!”

“What your boss said is what?” Mike frowned, “Can you have your own opinion?”

Chad: “I won’t argue with you for this.”

Mike: “Wait until I take the recording and ask Avery. Let’s see what Avery has to say.”

Chad: “Well. By the way, are you going back to Aryadelle specifically to find children? No other arrangements? You don’t need to find children. You have to travel through mountains and rivers to find it, just pay someone to find it.”

Mike: “I know! We are going to pay someone to find it.”

“What’s next? What are your plans?” Chad asked because Norah Jones had taken over the Tate Industries.

After Norah Jones took over Tate Industries, Tate Industries has become bigger and bigger. Now it is the No. 1 drone brand in Aryadelle, and it also belongs to the first echelon in the world.

In this case, Elliot had no reason to let Norah Jones leave the Tate Industries.

Furthermore, Norah Jones’s outstanding ability is well known in the industry. In the past two years, many investors and companies wanted to poach her, but she did not choose to leave.

“It sucks! Anyway, the money from selling the company was enough for us to spend our whole life.” Mike said eloquently.

“You can play it, Avery can’t play it with you, right?” Chad mainly wanted to know Avery’s plan, “Avery is quite self-motivated. She can’t be like you.”

MIke: “Why don’t you ask her about your plan to come down?”

“I asked her, can she tell me the truth?” Chad sarcastically said, “Don’t I care about you? It’s not far. I’m afraid she will be stimulated.”

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