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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1813 by

Chapter 1813

Even Chad once thought the boss was a sc*mbag.

But for more than two years, the boss has been taking care of children in addition to work, and has not shown the appearance of a sc*mbag, so Chad’s heart has been shaken again.

“What do you want to record?” Elliot didn’t want to share such private things.

“I want to know, I have always believed in you, and my intuition is definitely correct.” Chad knew that it would be difficult for him to hand over such private things, but the words had already been said, and there was no way to take them back, “I don’t believe that you have little affection for Avery. I’m not righteous.”

“But Avery thinks I’m that kind of person.” Every time Elliot thinks of Avery’s cold face on the day of divorce, he is in a bad mood, “You can trust me, why can’t Avery?”

“Maybe she does have a relationship with her. You said something happened to her eyes… She wouldn’t deliberately throw dirty water on you. After all, she gave up custody of Layla and Robert, she must be heartbroken to make such a decision.” Chad doesn’t believe that Elliot is a scmbag who is ruthless, let alone that Avery is a scmbag who abandons her husband and children.

Elliot opened the drawer, took out a USB flash drive, and handed it to Chad and said, “The recording is in it, you can listern and later bring it back to me.”

Chad was flattered and immediately picked up the USB flash drive, “Okay. I promise not to leak it out.”

Chad took the USB flash drive and went back to his office.

After closing the office door, he connected the USB flash drive to the laptop, opened the USB flash drive, and there was only one audio file, The call recording.

Chad put on his headphones and clicked the play button.

The scene at the airport three years ago came alive in Chad’s mind.

After a while, Chad returned the USB flash drive to Elliot.

“Boss, I’ve finished listening. But why is there no sound from Avery?” Chad asked his own doubts, “I could hear her crying at first, but then she didn’t even cry anymore.”

Elliot also thought about this problem at the time. And he specifically asked people from the communication company what was going on in this situation.

The person from the communication company replied that the recording was the full version and was not damaged. The sudden absence of sound may be because the other party put the phone aside and stopped listening to the call.

“Maybe she was too sad, so she walked away.” Elliot guessed, “I don’t know the specific situation. But this recording is fine.”

“Boss, why didn’t you ask her to explain clearly?” Chad felt that since there was a misunderstanding in this matter, he should explain it clearly, “Avery has been blaming you all the time.”

Elliot rubbed his eyebrows, “When I retrieved this recording, I had fired Vice President Locklyn and hired Norah Jones, and established a new company in Bridgedale. The previous thing can be said to be a misunderstanding, and the latter thing is all instructed by me. She will never forgive me no matter what.”

Chad: “It’s not that you fired Vice President Locklyn, It was Vice President Locklyn who was unable to do the job himself and resigned voluntarily. Moreover, theoretically speaking, it is not wrong for you to expand the Tate Industries. Besides, wouldn’t the Tate Industries be given to Robert and Layla in the future?”

“Chad, You go out first.” Elliot didn’t want to continue talking about this topic.

For more than two years, he has forced himself not to think about what is right and what is wrong, because it seems that everything is wrong, and it seems that everything is right.

Chad walked out of the president’s office and took out his mobile phone. He secretly copied a copy of the recording in the USB flash drive to his mobile phone.

He promised that Elliot would not leak the recording, but if it was used to slap Mike in the face, it should not be considered a leak.

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  1. Chad believes him now, but all it is going to take is for scumbag a–hole Mike to twist the truth or make innuendos and then he will be back to betraying his boss by listening to malicious unfounded rumors created by Mike. I feel like Mike is not only a hacker but also a gangster/villain. He also uses Chad, knowing Chad will pass on to Elliott would he hears. Wow I certainly would not like friendships like this

    1. I agree with you, I’m sure Mike will do his best to make everyone believe that Elliott has done something to the recording. This story is tiring

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