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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1811 by

Chapter 1811

“Layla, do you want a sister?”

Layla: “What’s the matter? Are you going to give me a sister? Or is Dad going to give me a sister?”

“If there is one who looks like you The girl is your sister, will you like her?” Avery continued to ask.

“Oh, did you say Haze?” Layla had seen Haze’s photo.

If put Haze’s photo together with her newborn photo, it can’t tell who is who.

“Layla, Haze is your sister.” Avery told her daughter the truth after hesitating for a while, “Mom came back to Aryadelle this time to find her.”

“Mom!” Layla turned her head and looked shocked. Looking at Avery, “Isn’t she the child of my father and Rebecca? I don’t recognize this sister!”

“Layla, if Haze is Rebecca’s daughter, do you think Haze will look the same as you?” Avery said softly, “She is the child of your father and I. There were some misunderstandings in the middle.”

“Ah ah ah! Haze is the child of you and your father!” Layla went straight from the chair, jumped down and shouted excitedly in the room, “She’s my sister?”

“Well, Layla, she’s your sister.” Avery took her daughter back to the chair and sat down. She brushed her hair and said, “I haven’t told your brother yet. He’s been very busy these days.”

“Oh, tell him when I video call him!” Layla looked excited and fidgeted, “Mom, Dad knows Is this matter? Since Haze is not the child of Rebecca’s vicious woman and father, then you and father…”

“I divorced from your father, and there are other factors.” Avery gave her daughter After combing her hair, she walked towards the bathroom with her daughter, “My main task now is to find Haze. Whether I can find it or not, I can’t just give up.”

“Let dad and brother look for it together!” Layla pouted, “My sister looks just like me, so if she sees me on TV in the future, will she find out that I am her sister?!”

Avery did not expect Daughter will extend this idea.

“I’m going to be a big star! In the future, my sister will be able to see me!” Layla suddenly set this goal as if she had been beaten.

Layla got out of the shower and climbed onto the big bed, and when her mother went into the bathroom, she immediately dialed Hayden’s number.

Hayden quickly answered the phone.

“Brother! Do you still remember Haze?! Haze is the child born by our mother and father! It’s not that bad woman Rebecca!” Layla’s tone was very excited, “We blamed my father before.”

Hayden: “Are you sure?”

“Mom just told me! Mom is with me today!” Layla didn’t hate her father that much, but now she heard that Haze is the child of her father and her mother, and her father did not The bad woman is messing around, and the image of Dad in her heart instantly grows taller.

Hayden: “Didn’t Haze disappear three years ago?”

“Yeah! Mom came back now, just to look for her.” Layla sighed, “I don’t know if my mom can find my sister. I really want to call my dad to follow her. Let’s find her together!”

“Layla, calm down first.” Hayden’s voice came calmly, “Even with Haze, we misunderstood Elliot, but Mom’s company was sold because Elliot suppressed her.”

Layla suddenly calmed down.

“Mom has already quit Tate Industries, but Elliot still uses the brand of Tate Industries. His behavior is really disgusting! I won’t forgive him!” Hayden will never forget the grievances his mother suffered.

Layla: “Brother, I see.”

The next day, Avery accompanied her daughter to the set. Seeing that her daughter’s condition had completely returned to normal, Avery left.

Sterling Group.

After Elliot got to the office, he drank a cup of black coffee and still had a severe headache.

He lost sleep last night.

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      1. He has also helped Hayden get where he is and he saved Hayden’s life and took a beating for Hayden when Hayden set in motion for
        Kyrie’s son to be killed. Alot of his hatred for his father encouraged by Mike and Avery always misunderstanding and assuming what she thinks Elliott has done or said. This last misunderstanding was too much and she is always mostly wrong is wrong but she has not admitted to anyone that she falsely cused Elliott of knowingshe was blind. She needs to own her mistakes and please keep Mike out of her and Elliotts private affairs he is always jumping to the wrong conclusions and trying to turn the kids against their father.

  1. I can’t stand Hayden! He’s always speaking negative of Elliot. Doesn’t even have the heart to forgive his dad and give him a chance. Like everything that went wrong is Elliot’s wrong doing..

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