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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1807 by

Chapter 1807

The staff immediately took Layla to touch up makeup.

The place suddenly became busy.

Avery is going to go to the filming of Layla with Eric.

Elliot blocked her way.

His sturdy body was an unavoidable wall of flesh.

Avery looked at his gloomy and cold face and said, “I didn’t instigate my daughter to hate you. I came up with that method just now so that my daughter could finish filming this scene smoothly.”

Elliot didn’t answer her topic, but threw a sentence, “I went to Yonroeville to meet Nick.”

Avery immediately understood what he was doing to block her.

Avery looked at Eric and said, “Go to see Layla filming first!”

After Eric responded, he strode away.

“Why did you suddenly look for Haze?” Elliot asked Avery in a low voice, looking at the back of Eric leaving.

Avery: “I’m looking for whoever I want. It has nothing to do with you.”

“Haze is my daughter. Of course you have something to do with me when you look for her.” Elliot put his hands in his pockets, his deep eyes fell on her face, “Why do you suspect that she is your daughter? Is it just because Haze looks like you?”

“What answer do you want from me?” Avery looked at him calmly, “Either you bring Haze back, I I’ll tell you the reason.”

“If I could find Haze, I would have found it long ago. She may not be here anymore.”

“Even her biological father thinks so, even if she is still alive, what does she have to do with death? The difference.” Avery’s eyes were sullen and disappointed with him.

Elliot: “I haven’t stopped looking for her. Until now, I still send people to look for her all over the world.”

Avery: “Have you ever looked for her in Aryadelle?”

“Do you think I don’t have one?” Elliot asked back, “She was just born when she disappeared. You know how small and fragile a newborn child is. Looking for her is like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

“I have to find it!” Avery’s eyes were slightly red, her chest heaved sharply, and her voice trembled, “What if she is still alive?”

Elliot looked at Avery’s irrational reaction and understood what Nick said.

Avery may have already decided in her heart that Haze is her daughter.

“Avery, if Haze was our daughter, we would not have quarreled, let alone divorced.” Elliot thought this was very ironic, so he made this assumption.

“You still don’t know the real reason for the divorce between the two of us.” Avery’s mouth raised a bitter arc, “It has nothing to do with Haze.”

“What does that have to do with?” Elliot asked, “It was because of your eyes back then. I’m sick, I didn’t go to you, but chose to go to Haze? Avery, you were sick with your eyes, this… No one told me.”

Before Elliot could say the next, Avery cut him off.

Because of his intense emotions, his voice was getting louder and louder.

Avery was afraid that he would influence others to shoot.

Avery: “What’s wrong with this? Elliot, if you think you’re right, then you’re right. I didn’t blame you for this, and you don’t have to mention the past of these old sesame seeds and rotten millet!”

Elliot clenched the fist tightly. His mind became blank after listening her words.

“I’m fine now. Judging from your appearance, I’m living a good life. Besides, you take good care of Robert, so you’re a good father right now.” Avery quickly adjusted her mood and boldly looked him up and down After looking at it again, “It’s good for us to maintain the relationship between our ex-wife and ex-husband.”

“I didn’t say I would remarry you, so why are you in such a hurry to distance yourself from me?” Elliot frowned.

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