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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1803 by

Chapter 1803

Elliot probably didn’t expect her to apologize, so he was shocked and speechless for a long time.

When the lightning and thunder were roaring just now, Elliot suggested that Avery would need his consent to see Robert in the future.

Avery agreed.


Foster family.

After Elliot finished talking on the phone, he put down the phone and walked towards the bathroom.

He’s been in the flight basically all day.

Because of Avery, a day was wasted. Of course, Avery can’t be blamed for this. It was Elliot who was upset and had to go to Yonroeville.

He wanted to ask her about Haze just now, but he reminded him rationally that if he asked on the phone, he would not get any results.

When Avery wants to see Robert next time, he will take Robert to the appointment.

After taking a shower, he came out of the master bedroom.

Unexpectedly, Robert was standing at the door of his bedroom.

Robert had already finished dinner, holding the installed robot in his hand and showing it to him.

“Robert, are you happy to see your mother today?” Elliot took his son’s hand and walked downstairs.

Robert pouted, thinking about how to answer this question.

“What did mom tell you?” Elliot continued to ask.

Robert couldn’t remember what his mother said to him.

“There are a lot of sisters on my mother’s phone…” Robert raised his head, wanting to express that there are many videos of Layla on his mother’s phone.

“Does mom show you anything other than sister’s videos?” Robert thought for a while, then shook his head.

“Do you like your mother?” Today was the first time Robert saw her mother when he grew up. So Elliot wanted to know what his son was thinking.

Robert blushed shyly and decided to ignore this question.

He held up the robot and made a squeaking sound, pretending to be fighting.

Elliot saw his son avoid this question, so he thought of a way: “Do you like Aunt Norah Jones?”

Norah Jones would come to see Robert every one or two months.

Every time, She brought a lot of toys to Robert from abroad.

So Robert liked Norah Jones very much.

“I liked her!” Robert answered the question without hesitation.

“Then did you like your mother?” Elliot asked again.

Robert nodded shyly.

Although Robert was a little afraid of her mother, Robert knew that her sister liked her mother very much, so he should also like her mother.

After getting his son’s answer, Elliot was a little bit worried.

Robert’s personality is like Avery, he is gentle and well-behaved, and he likes whoever treats him well.

Unlike Hayden and Layla, who love and hate clearly, they are fierce like little wolf dogs.

Robert would only cry in front of Elliot when he was angry.

“Dad, do you like Mom?” Robert raised his head suddenly and asked this question seriously.

Elliot: “…”

He just heard this question, and his heart was completely confused. There was no way to answer the son’s question at all.

“Dad, let’s go and bring mom to our house! Sister will definitely be very happy like this, hehe!” Robert said. His eyes lit up.

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