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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1802 by

Chapter 1802

“Have the two of them quarreled?” Mike has been paying attention to Avery’s figure outside the door.

He saw Avery clenched her fists.

“Maybe! Elliot doesn’t like others to kill first and then play.” Ben Schaffer said, “I brought Robert out today and didn’t tell him.”

“Then he can’t put his anger on Avery!” Mike said, put down Wine glass, I want to go out and help Avery speak.

Chad immediately dragged Mike back.

“They’re quarrelling, what are you doing? I don’t think Avery will lose. My boss is not good at quarreling.” Chad didn’t want to let the fool like Mike get into trouble, “The two of them definitely didn’t talk about visitation rights before, but now If you don’t make it clear, it will be more troublesome in the future.”

Mike heard the words and sat back: “Am I afraid that Avery will suffer?”

“You are not such a powerful helper!” Chad teased, “You can do nothing but help?”

Mike glared at Mike: “I don’t like to hear you say that.”

“Whether you like it or not, it’s the truth. As long as Avery doesn’t ask you to help, you don’t care about the two of them.” Chad said, “You are the most righteous all day long.”

“Why are you two quarreling?” Gwen said, and stopped the fighting, “You two wait a while, I have something to say.”

Mike and Chad immediately shut up.

Ben Schaffer felt that Gwen was going to target himself.

“Ben Schaffer, you lied just now and didn’t even blink your eyes. Now I suspect that you didn’t have a word of truth in your mouth.” Gwen really aimed at Ben Schaffer.

Ben Schaffer was ashamed: “I can’t tell the truth with your second brother, can I? Do you want me to tell Elliot that Robert was brought to Avery’s house on purpose? What did he think? If I openly confronted him, he could still treat me as a friend? If he doesn’t treat me as a friend, will I still have a chance to bring Robert out to play in the future? Gwen, the world is not black and white. “

Gwen: “But I just can’t stand your cowardice.”

“Where am I cowardly? I told a white lie to maintain peace.” Ben Schaffer said in a straightforward manner, “Gwen, I know you must be suspicious. Are the words I said to you all false… I can swear that what I said to you is the truth!”

Ben Schaffer said, in front of everyone, raised his hands up, swear.

Chad was Stunned.

Mike: “The old man is playing tricks again!”

At this time, there was a flash of lightning in the sky! Immediately afterwards, a ‘boom’ sounded, and thunder began.

Gwen listened to the thunder and looked at the lightning, her face distorted with fright.

“Hahahaha! Eat well when you eat, what swear do you swear! You’ve hired Duke!” Mike almost burst into tears, “If you don’t leave tonight, I’m afraid you’ll be struck by lightning!”

Ben Schaffer angrily withdrew his hand and explained with a red face: “Today’s weather forecast has a thunderstorm! I didn’t invite the thunder!”

“There is no silver 300 taels here.” Mike picked up the wine glass and poured it for him, “It’s still a bar! When you’re drunk, she won’t question what you say to Gwen. After all, you tell the truth after drinking, hahaha!”

Ben Schaffer picked up the glass and took a sip.

Avery walked in from outside the house and returned the phone to Ben Schaffer.

“It’s raining outside.” Avery said calmly and sat down in her seat.

“How was your chat with Elliot?” Gwen asked, “Did you quarrel? How was the battle? Did you win?”

Avery looked calm: “It’s not a quarrel. I said I want to see Robert in the future, Elliot can’t stop me. Before he asks me to see Robert in the future, I should just tell him in advance.”

“Is it going so well?” Mike couldn’t believe his ears.

Avery responded, picked up the water glass in front of him, and took a sip.

Of course it didn’t go so well.

Elliot felt that when Avery saw Robert this time, she didn’t tell him in advance that she didn’t take him seriously.

At the same time, Elliot proposed that if he secretly went to Bridgedale to see Hayden, Avery would definitely be furious when she knew.

Since it was Avery’s charge of letting Ben Schaffer bring Robert out, she could only admit her mistake to him.

Avery apologized to him.

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