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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1801 by

Chapter 1801

Robert looked at his father with a cute and handsome face, and said what he saw and heard from his mother today.

Avery said that he liked his father before, but after his communication, he now likes it.

These words made Elliot’s heart arouse thousands of waves!

The son’s serious appearance does not seem to be lying.

“Robert, who said this to you?” Mrs. Cooper asked Robert immediately when she saw Elliot’s body froze.

Robert raised her head, looked at Mrs. Cooper, and replied, “It’s what my mother said!”

Mrs. Cooper couldn’t help laughing and crying: “Your mother told you such a thing!”

“Mom did.” Robert was afraid that everyone would think that He was lying, so he repeated the point.

Mrs. Cooper saw that the atmosphere was really awkward, so she took out the other leg of the robot from the suitcase that Elliot opened.

“Let’s go and fit the robot’s legs.” Mrs. Cooper led Robert away.

Elliot closed the suitcase and carried it back to the master bedroom.

Avery actually said such things against her intentions in order to get closer to her son!

She didn’t expect her to be like this now.

After closing the master bedroom door, Elliot paced back and forth in the room, but his heart could not calm down!

Ben Schaffer actually carried him behind his back and took his son to Avery to see!

He turned on the phone, but did not see Ben Schaffer’s news or missed calls.

In a fit of anger, he dialed Ben Schaffer.

Starry River Villa.

Ben Schaffer’s cell phone rang, and seeing that it was Elliot calling, he immediately winked at everyone.

“Everyone be quiet first! I’ll take a call.” Ben Schaffer had expected the matter to be revealed, and he was about to be scolded.

Gwen was very gossipy and pressed his phone on the speakerphone, wanting to hear how Elliot scolded people.

Ben Schaffer looked embarrassed: “Gwen, can’t you save me some face?”

Gwen: “What kind of face, if he scolds you, I will help you scold back.”

With Gwen’s words, Ben breathed.

After picking up the phone, Elliot’s voice suddenly came: “Did you take Robert to see Avery today? Robert is my son, who allowed you to do this without my consent?”

Ben Schaffer cleared his throat: “The matter is like this…I took Robert to play outside today, and by coincidence, I met Avery…”

Elliot: “Is there such a coincidence?”

Ben Schaffer: “Yes! What a coincidence! How could I deliberately bring Robert to Avery’s house? I wouldn’t do that.”

Ben Schaffer’s eyes widened and he was talking nonsense, which fell into everyone’s eyes.

Gwen didn’t expect Ben to be so cowardly in front of Elliot, and was suddenly a little disillusioned.

When Avery saw that Ben was lying because he was afraid, she felt that she had implicated him.

“Give me the phone.” Avery stretched out her hand towards Ben Schaffer.

Her voice clearly fell into Elliot’s ears on the other side of the phone.

Elliot held the phone tightly with his fingers.

Unexpectedly, Ben Schaffer is now with Avery.

“Uh… Elliot… I’m at Avery’s house now… She wants to talk to you on the phone…” Ben Schaffer said hesitantly here, see Elliot didn’t respond, so he said, “Since you have no opinion, then I’ll give her the phone… You two have a good chat.”

After Ben Schaffer finished speaking, without giving Elliot a chance to respond, he directly handed the phone to Avery.

After Avery got the mobile phone, he turned off the handsfree, and then walked out with the mobile phone.

After walking out of the villa, Avery exhaled and said, “I asked Ben Schaffer to bring Robert to my house. Robert is my son, and I have the right to see him.”

Elliot listened to her strong tone. He coldly Said: “If you want to see your son, do you need my consent first?! You still ignore me as always!”

105 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1801 by”

    1. I personally like Elliot and I don’t think that is what bothered Elliot. She has ignored him and not spoke to him. All of his friends are now clinging to Avery. Elliot deserves to be happy. I would like to see them happy together

      1. There have been times when I disliked both characters. Both of them have been crazy, stupid, childish and unreasonable. They seem to be taking turns. Right now it’s Avery’s turn. I see the Author’s. Line of reasoning. I don’t agree with it. But, I see it.

          1. @Doris
            I think Elliot is stupid, cruel and vindictive. He is not a stable man to be trusted. Her friends are loyal to her. Wish I have friend like that.

        1. @Patricia C
          In this comment I think you are more fair. Both make mistakes in their relationship. Don’t always kill Avery. Elliot is a much worse person overall than Avery. I’m so thankful she at least have friends. With Wanda as a stepmother, her mother killed, Elliot as a husband, Ex-husband and father of her children, blindness etc her life was hard so far. I don’t want her lif for all the money in this world.

      2. I totally agree! Everyone has been way too hard on Elliot. All the friends have sided with Avery and even his ‘so called friends’ have gone behind his back. Avery hasn’t shown me much as a ‘mother’ at all!!
        She should’ve been at least trying to see and keep in touch with her children. And to not interfere and correct Hayden with the way he treats his father makes me furious! No child should treat their parent that way much less disrespect them. I think Elliot at least try’s his best- as many men who weren’t raised to be affectionate and loving, at least he try’s. This book as dragged on & on, and I’m not used to not being able to read at my leisure and finish when I want. We have to wait for these everyday.
        I do appreciate whoever is doing this for taking the time to translate this for us. So thank you! ♥️

        1. @Sharon
          I don’t agree with you. Elliot was not a good father. You earn respect. He didn’t earn it. Everybody is bias toward Avery. Elliot did so many bad things to Avery , the children and even other people. He murdered his own father because he was a bad man…..that’s ok? But Hayden is criticised and Avery is a bad mother? He nearly froze Avery to death, nearly strangled Hayden, forced Avery to have an abortion, blown up a flat, he actually KILLED people, yet all feel he is Sooo innocent/good. Etc. It’s actually sickening to read these comments. Did Avery EVER physically hurt anyone? Yet she is bad? The readers and there comments are just too much. Worse than the book. Just keep quiet.

          1. No she didn’t murder anyone she just traumatized her children by leaving them for years. She could have talked to Elliott when he got back instead of slapping him with divorce papers. Now she wants to look for another one and keep it a secret as well. Her secrets have hurt their family

          2. @ Deb
            Really? Who split up the children? Who strangled Hayden. Obviously he caused nou trauma by that. Why must Avery ‘Talk’ to him? He jumped on the plane as if there were no alternatives for him. I my opinion Elliot was the direct cause for their breakup. But just as I said….. it’s Avery and she must bear all responsibility. Elliot can do as he pleases and you will find a reason why it’s her fault….though again you did not answer any questions about Elliot’s bad deeds.

        2. Sharon,
          I totally agree with You, one hundred percent! I’m wondering are we all reading the same book?🤷 Nothing about ANYONE who is associated with Avery is any good, Mike’s a vindictive and petty man, who loves to stir the pot, he’s constantly overstepping his boundaries, he has no limits, it’s no secret that Mike wants Avery to himself, we knew that 50 million chapters ago, especially when he said, what’s going to happen to me when You and Elliott finally settle down and become a family, he’s conniving and deceitful always, Tammy’s nothing but an instigator and I believe is and has been jealous of their relationship, the ideal man that Tammy always wanted was a man like Elliott, she feels like she settled with Jun, and I don’t believe that she would truly be happy if Avery and Elliott finally worked everything out. Eric has been nothing but a snake from the beginning, he’s been nothing but disrespectful and also jealous of the relationship between Elliott and Avery , whether or not they’re together, he constantly oversteps his boundaries just like Mike, but especially when it comes to Layla, Avery’s not around by her own choice and now that she’s not Eric has no business being around, Elliott never wanted Layla to be in show business anyways, and You damn sure DON’T go and get another man’s child without his permission!!! Chad’s now nothing but a coward , with no voice or backbone who’s always scheming with Mike but he’s really the one who’s being played, telling all of Elliott’s business, Ben really went to far, because he had NO right at all to interfere with the business of Elliott’s child, it’s not for anyone to recognize the child except for Elliott, Rebecca’s dead and as far as it was concerned she was Hazel’s mother, he also needs to quit making an ass out of himself over Gwen, that piece of manipulating trash isn’t worth it, and she (Gwen) needs to get over herself!!! Her fake modeling career was created by Hayden, and don’t get me started on that AWFUL child, he’s nothing but evil and Avery encourages it along with Mike, it’s not natural and it’s past unsettling to the my stomach the relationship that Avery has created between the father and son, no child should have that much hatred against their father, especially being the BOY is ONLY( 9) years old. Jun’s another coward who needs to MAN UP and stop kissing Tammy’s ass, he needs to stand his ground if doesn’t want to speak I’ll of Elliott, so be it, and she should respect that, and Wesley all of the sudden with his newfound toughness, with his slick mouth towards Elliott, since when, Shea better nip that in the bud, Wesley has nerve when him and Avery wronged Elliott, Avery snuck and did Shea’s surgery, and Wesley stole her and had Elliott believing she was dead then You had to bring her back because she was sick, now You tell me who scumbags are. Let’s not forget Avery the biggest snake, and liar, master manipulator, she’s the queen RAT, always, plotting, scheming, going behind his back, keeping secrets, sneaking around, always allowing people to believe that Elliott wronged her but it was Avery who wronged him and her children, how do you abandon your children then You want to go rescue a child that you infact divorced your husband over, make it make sense! Please . Elliott the bad guy, I don’t think so, not sense the first chapters of this book, because now all shes done is make Elliott look weak. Elliott and Robert are the victims.

          1. Absolutely ! I completely agree with you. Avery is a lying “dirt bag” and her friends are like highschool girls. I’ve seen less cattiness amongst jr high rivals

        3. @sharon,i totally agree with you. just looking at hayden character, she did nothing to correct his disrespectful attitude towards his dad which benefited her after their divorce and enjoying it. she’s a self centered

    2. I agree with you. However, Elliott’s decisions since the divorce have been as a result of his hurt feelings. This all could’ve been avoided if he had taken time to personally go to Avery prior to purchasing a ticket to see what happened to Rebecca and Haze. Both characters have shortcomings and share blame for the problems in their relationship/marriage. To take complete control of her company and to forcefully try to crush her and her other company is unforgivable. He could’ve gone a different route to get her to talk to him. They take turns being ridiculous. Of course, it’s just a book and the author is trying to make it sensational and keep the drama going. It’s the author’s job to sadden, enrage and shock us.

          1. Yes…and her friends have not helped especially in the past couple of years. Ben finally got the truth out about why she hid from him. They should talk calmly for the sake of the kids.

          2. @Pamela
            Elliot started the novel with the secret about Shea. He set the trend. I will also keep my secrets from him. Why did he just run off to Rebecca’s child? He kept the photo’s etc secret from Avery, yet nobody criticise him. Strange readers.

        1. @Vicky Sigler
          Avery’s friend don’t need to help a relationship. Friend are friend. There sole purpose is to support a friend. Where will Avery without them? Forced to beg Elliot for mercy? He uses money and power to have his way and get away with all his deeds.

        2. He didn’t show Avery the pics of the baby because she asked him not to. He showed her the text. Just not the pic. He wasn’t hiding anything from her. He did what she asked

      1. You’re right, even though it’s just a fiction, I’m still carried away as if I’m also one of them in the plot.
        The author knows how to twist the story.
        Lastly, is the key lesson of this novel is that Both
        the Protagonist lack HONESTY & Open communication to each other.

      2. Elliott did not force Avery to give up her company remember the company was almost bankrupt when they were away at Y. Avery and Mike ask Elliott for help to prevent Wandra from taking over they gave up their shares freely. Without any pressure from Elliott

      3. Hahaha the author is doing a good job at that lol. Not sure I’ve ever been so invested in book characters. Although it’s soooooooop freaking long , the author has. Way of making you side with the characters. We have readers strongly for or against each character. That’s a pretty cool skill that the author has mastered!

    3. Dolly, Elliot isn’t against Avery seeing the child, he’s just pissed off with her ignoring him. For 2 years she never thought of seeing her son, she ignored him completely and every of her friends and Elliot’s friends are all on her side because she played the victim while Elliot is seen as villain. The only consolation he has is in Robert.

      1. Avery isn’t playing victim. Elliot isn’t playing victim.
        They are all victims of circumstance.
        If only her ear didn’t press on mute button, Elliot would have stayed by her side during the trying period. Mike is a whole lot of trouble . If Mike isn’t this impulsive, the situation won’t be this bad

    4. Well Elliott had the right too know that Hayden and Layla were his kids and Avery didn’t let him see or know that information for 5 years. He would have let her see him but she did just vanish and didn’t communicate with Elliott.

      1. @Mary
        Did you read the book? Fitst he suspected the children were Cole’s. Then he forced her to have an abortion. Then he said he will strangle his own kids. In the mean time she doesn’t know who Shea is, and thought Shea was his love. (She saw loving photo’s on his labtop and what did he do? Explain or tell the truth)? Again. You are ons of the readers who will always be bias towards Avery and who will always excuse Elliots behaviour

    5. How is Elliot crazy????. Avery took two children from him, she is planning to take Robert from him. Does Elliot deserve happiness or not??? Yes the son deserve to see his mother not in that manner,not without Elliot consent. Elliot never say bad thing to Robert about her. But she live saying bad thing about Elliot to the children. If she had hold forth and bring up Hayden and Layla to live their father, Elliot will not have problem with them. Spare me some slack plsss.

    6. If Avery was open and honest Elliot would let her see her son. A mother like that is likely to kidnap him. She’s already shown that she alienates her children from him and let’s them think it’s Elliot’s fault.

    1. She brought everything that occurred to herself. She don’t communicate, always assuming and always jumps the gun in making haste decisions. So no I don’t feel sorry for her idiot ass!!

      1. Somewhat pity Elliot, he is a lonely man. His friends and subordinates are drifting away from him one by one . They and Avery tend to believe to a one-sided story. Thanks to Mike and Tammy.
        Nick is more trustworthy..

    2. She wants the right thing She never consented for anyone to bring Robert. She’s not come to see Robert because she thought Elliot would not agree to let her see Robert. She did not want to anger Elliot because he was looking after the children and any misunderstanding would be no be good for the children.
      She was has even acknowledge that Elliot was looking after Robert very well. I think a lot of people misunderstand Avery. Her friends think they are protecting her. She thinks Elliot knew she was blind. It’s unfortunate that she she accidentally muted her phone and couldn’t see

    1. Thank you for the updated chapters. It would be nice if Avery would have shared the email with Elliott. She keeps, keeping secrets.

  1. I do not think he is crazy. I feel he is cold toward her because she has ignored him and never talks to him. I do not believe that he would forbid it. He just does not understand her now. I agree with Mary I feel no pity. I think she will choose to keep Layla and Hayden by her side and give Robert and Haze to Elliott. Not sure if she wants Haze. So sad she has made some really bad choices and yet the “friends” are all pitying Avery and treating Elliott like Shit. So disappointed with both Chad and Ben. Mike is a punk and a control freak who riles everyone up and builds up the anger and resentment towards Elliott in the others. When does he get put in his place?

  2. Thank you for the added pages today. It’s very much appreciated..
    Right off they have to get rude with each other. Uhggg

  3. Since Elliot is the one taking care she should ask him first. It’s the law of dissency. She accepts everyone to treat Elliott like a nobody, encourages her children to disrespect their father at least show respect herself to ask Elliot to see her son since he’s the one taking care of him. This story is so out of line to see I’ve made such a big deal out of it. Anyway to the translator ” Thank you ” there’s nothing you can do about the story. I hope the brain Dr with no brain comes to her senses. So far I’ve read 9 of them, 3 were completed, 2 stalled, 4 ongoing. So far this one is very disappointing. I’ve got very emotional and getting myself in trouble because of this book. The problem is not Elliott, it’s Avery because she lets her friends run her life and she can’t see that there are her downfall. I don’t think I’m going to continue reading.

    1. Leah… When you say that so far you’ve read 9 of them; 3 completed, 2 stalled, 4 ongoing, what exactly do you mean by that? Do you mean 9 novels from the same author as this one? Just wondering.
      This is the first online novel I’ve ever read… So I’m kinda curious. Thanks!

      1. Different authors. I’ve paid a lot of money for “Convenient Marriage: Mr Nelson love” by Hannah Baker. It’s a good romance novel. The love commitment is amazing. I’d like to have a Mr Matthew Nelson in my life. At the end…I’m not going to give away. The CEO ex pregnant wife is another one, good ending. Never late never away just completed that one. But this one, I don’t know the stars of the book????I go with Elliott. He has shown more commitment than Avery. I hope they really see each other for who they are.

  4. When Ben asked her to talk things out peacefully, she put the blame on Elliot not to have a fight with with her otherwiseshe wouldn’t quarrelwith him, but here she goes, not trying to have a normal calm conversation, for them to talk out… her behavior drives me insane, but the story is worth catching, so WAITING 🥴

  5. Eliot are cold to Avery but deep inside he missed her so much..oh my 😍. Please post more chapters about eliot and avery.🙏
    Hope their feelings back this time. Because the story goes depressing too long. Pls let them be happy. Please.🥺🙏

  6. Avery abandoned her children as far as I’m concerned, no matter how angry she was she should have called him out when he came home 2 years ago. These children are traumatized by the loss of their mother. Maybe she should meet face to face and talk it out so they both know what going on.

  7. Elliot was not the bad guy! He went to find his daughter, I understand she was hurting but still death or thinking your child could be dead overrides that. Elliot deserves my credit and respect from all of them. Avery is guilty in always keeping things from him.

    1. Totally agree and he had no idea she was hurt since she constantly lies thinking she knows what’s best. Now that she thinks Haze is hers she drops everything to run off and find her, but when Elliot did she blames him.

  8. I think that they are being like children they need to forget who is right and who is wrong and bring their entire family back together and stop trying to get one above the other and get their baby daughter back please and thank you

  9. She doesnt know that she accidentally hit the mute botton of her phone because she cant see that time. If it were you become blind and your husband run to other country for the sake of ‘other’s child’ when you need him most (by that time avery doesnt know yet that Haze is her own daugther), how would you feel if it were you.?

  10. If Elliot had someone to take Hayden without her permission just so he could see him, Avery would have been furious,

    1. Look back at chapter 1760 I believe… Lety posted a link. I believe?
      Read through all the comments though, there are over 120, and someone tells you specifically what you need to do in order to translate.
      This site is awesome though!!! I love the comments and how we all are like a group! Thank you so much for translating this for us!!! ❤️

      1. That is the link and just google translate. However the names are different so you have to figure it out. Chapter 1929 and they are still stupid.

  11. Avery has no place to see Robert, she is technically his mother, yes, but if I remember correctly from long ago… Elliot got Avery pregnant because, “she owed him a child, when he lost the child that he thought he and Zoe were having.” Yea, fast forward a few years, and we have gotten to this point… They reconciled, got married, were happy, but then all hell broke loose and that lead back to divorce. And if I also recall, in the terms of that divorce, Elliot was given custody of both Layla and Robert. That does not include Avery having visitation at all. Elliot was made the sole custodial parent of both children once she signed them over. Avery technically has no right to either of them, she is in the wrong once again, and frankly, she and Ben are very lucky Elliot was not a bastard about this.

    1. That was Elliot’s proposition. And although he has custody it was never included that she could not see the children. Just saying. I agree and disagree. Both are puppets of their own pride.

      1. You have a point. I agree. Visitation rights were not discussed. Both Avery and Elliot assumed that the other would not view visiting the children favourably.

  12. Uummm so this is where we are left at?! I found a way to translate the chapters on the Chinese page of the book but the names are confusing lol still glad I can read ahead and come back here for a better clarification. Would appreciate a few more chapters pls.

    1. Anais…. Yea, I checked it out and found the name thing really confusing! Kinda why I come here as well. Lol!

  13. Avery is just so stupid
    As for ben and chad i don’t know what is wrong with thier brain maybe they should just see a surgeon

  14. You have completed some of these books? How many chapters are there usually? I was just wondering how much more there could be to this book.

  15. I would still like to see Elliott and Avery back together. I loved how the story started out and the chemistry they had together. The only thing is that neither one of them know how to communicate. Thank you translator for all these extra chapters. Can’t wait for some more chapters

    1. Avery haven’t seen her son in almost 3 years and refused to talk to Elliott. He even told her All she had to do was ask to see the children. Elliott has allowed Layla to go visit her on her break. Now that is the indication to me, that he is not keeping Robert away. All she has to do is ask and stop listening to Mike and Eric. They should be able to co-parent together.

  16. Elliott is not at fault for her not seeing Robert! He even tried at one time to call her but she blocked him and this was when he saw how unhappy Layla was and was going to let her go to Avery! Avery is the one that shut him down! Also when people divorce they usually have visitation set so they can both be in their child’s life but Avery wanted the divorce so bad that she didn’t even give him any moment to discuss such a thing let alone visitation! She’s so stupid to be such a genius!

  17. I’m reading4 of them right now, 2 just stop no more chapters one of them is my favorite ” lock you in my heart “.

  18. Elliot is the acTual parent in this story, he just raised Robert with love and didnt for one day say ill about the mother to the child. Robert is just too sweet, he should not let toxic people near him and regulate the time he spends with his mother before they poison him emotionally. Avery is a full blown disappointed who takes decision without careful consideration. She can have the two children she raised badly. She and her supporters can chop then. What a failure as a mother. Parents should to keep the conflicts between them from their and involve outsiders in their marrige issues. Elliot is better off without Avery and I hope he finds Haze soon. Mike is a chronic manipulator, very toxic and disastrous and hate him for putting the fire that destroyed that marriage.

  19. Elliot is the acTual parent in this story, he just raised Robert with love and didnt for one day say ill about the mother to the child. Robert is just too sweet, he should not let toxic people near him and regulate the time he spends with his mother before they poison him emotionally. Avery is a full blown disappointed who takes decision without careful consideration. She can have the two children she raised badly. She and her supporters can chop then. What a failure as a mother. Parents should to keep the conflicts between them from their and involve outsiders in their marrige issues. Elliot is better off without Avery and I hope he finds Haze soon. Mike is a chronic manipulator, very toxic and disastrous and hate him for putting the fire that destroyed that marriage. Bunch of Toxic people surrounding a family and a mother without the smallest wisdom.

    1. Totally agree. I’m beginning to think she is a narcissist or has really bad judgment. Her decisions have create most of the chaos in this story and the misunderstandings.

      1. @ Linda G
        I don’t agree at all. Elliot started the conflict by keeping the truth about Shea. Well I guess. If he was honest, there won’t be a book. But don’t be so bias towards Avery. Elliot did so many bad things but is never criticised. The list is just so long! Yet readers like you will Always find an excuse for his actions. If we swop the roles…… I wonder. Elliot uses his money and power to revenge everyone who doesn’t go his way. That is ok for you. Avery didn’t seek any conflict with Elliot after the divorce, what did he do? What kind of man just get on a plane and leave? When Robert was born….how did he act? Robert didn’t ask to be born, to be premature or asked for Shea’s blood. But then Elliot stayed away from the hospital and said he won’t ignore Robert, but can’t love him? Now he runs after Rebecca’s child? Why was he so cruel to nearly froze Avery to death and then nearly strangle a 4 year old child? Imagine the child’s shock to see his mother like that?
        Why did Elliot separate the children? His own selfish reasons. He wanted Avery to stay because of the children. Readers with your opinions are just too bad/sad to read

      2. yes, i can also see a trait of a narcissist in her. very confident in all her decisions and not allowing anyone to interfere even her husband.

  20. I am not getting where everyone is blaming Avery for seeing Robert without talking to Elliott first. She had no idea that they were bringing Robert there. This was all set up by Mike, Gwin & Ben. Avery woke up to Robert being in her house. I just hope they can talk like adults to get everything out about what really happened and work together to find their missing child. All 4 kids deserve to have both parents in their life…even if the parents aren’t married.

    1. She wants the right thing She never consented for anyone to bring Robert. She’s not come to see Robert because she thought Elliot would not agree to let her see Robert. She did not want to anger Elliot because he was looking after the children and any misunderstanding would be no be good for the children.
      She has even acknowledge that Elliot was looking after Robert very well. I think a lot of people misunderstand Avery. Her friends think they are protecting her. She thinks Elliot knew she was blind. It’s unfortunate that she accidentally muted her phone and couldn’t see

  21. I wish Elliot will be the first person to find Haze, Avery is a huge disappoinment…. She should continue listening to her useless friends and Continue playing the victim game as well….

  22. I hate these readers who are so bias towards Avery. Elliot is definitely not an angel. He did so many things wrong and also kept so many secrets, yet he is NEVER send to hell and back. I don’t even want to get into detail, it will just take too long. But honestly, for Elliot’s actions you always find an excuse. ‘ Oh, he destroyed her for …..’ whatever reason. If it was Avery, she will be send to hell and back. Where did all the misunderstandings started? Elliot didn’t tell Avery about Shea. Why did he nearly froze her to death? But then a 4 year old child will be cursed. Please readers. If you want to criticise, be fair. At this stage I think the comments are more horrible than any character in this story. Some are just plain ridiculous. It is so annoying. Can’t you be fair? Measure all characters with the same stick or keep quiet.

    1. i dont remember avery asked about who shea is to elliot. what i remember was that she assumed that shea is his lover thats why he left him. that is avery eversince the story begin, she always assumes things

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