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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1800 by

Chapter 1800

“I didn’t understand the older generation, why did they always persuade divorced couples to endure for the sake of their children, until I saw you and Elliot’s children, I finally understood a little.” Ben Schaffer waited Avery replied and continued.

“I know that my insistence on divorce will hurt my children a lot. But if I don’t get divorced, I will live a very miserable life. I thought that if I was in pain every day, I would not be able to give my children a warm and loving family.”

Avery explained. Her explanation answered the previous question.

She doesn’t regret her divorce from Elliot.

After Ben Schaffer left, Avery returned home. She went straight to the kitchen, wrapped the prepared dishes in plastic wrap, and put them in the refrigerator.

If she eats dinner alone, she doesn’t need to start cooking now.

After cleaning up the kitchen, she went back to the living room and lay down on the sofa.

After a busy afternoon, her lower back was a little sore.

But she is sober now.

Before Robert was one year old, she had been by Robert’s side, and Robert liked Avery very much at that time.

But after not seeing him for more than two years, Robert didn’t remember the past.

Avery must find Haze quickly and let Haze return to her or Elliot’s side.

Seeing Robert today and seeing that Robert was well taken care of, her resentment towards Elliot was relatively relieved.

Ben Schaffer sent Robert home, and then went to pick up Gwen from get off work.

After Gwen knew that Avery was coming this morning, she agreed to see Avery tonight.

In the evening, Mike brought Chad over as well.

Everyone gathered at the Starry River Villa, drinking and chatting together.

Foster family.

The black Rolls Royce slowly drove into the villa.

Elliot flew to Yonroeville last night, but he heard that Avery had returned to Aryadelle, so he rejected the enthusiasm of Nick and returned to Aryadelle.

When Elliot came home, it happened to be dinner time.

Mrs. Cooper didn’t expect him to end his journey in Yonroeville so quickly. After counting the time, he arrived in Yonroeville and returned immediately.

Mrs. Cooper breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

Fortunately, she asked Ben Schaffer to send Robert back early in the afternoon.

Otherwise, if Robert hadn’t come back by this time, Mrs. Cooper would definitely not be able to help lie.

“Dad!” Robert jumped into his arms excitedly when he saw his father, “Dad, I miss you so much!”

The little guy’s mouth was as sweet as honey, and Elliot’s tiredness of running back and forth was swept away. .

“Dad misses you too. Do you want to sleep with Dad tonight?”

“Of course I will.” Robert said, extending his small hand to Dad, “Dad, where are the legs of my robot?”

Elliot didn’t expect his son’s memory was so good.

Elliot: “It’s in Dad’s bag, Dad got it for you.”

Elliot bought the robot in a store in Aryadelle. At that time, he specially asked the clerk to remove one of the robot’s legs.

Children are relatively simple, and just coaxing and deceiving them can make them obedient and happy.

Elliot put his son on the ground, Robert followed his father with his hands and feet.

“Dad, I went out to play today.” Robert suddenly reported his schedule to his father.

“It’s so hot outside, who took you out?” Elliot touched his son’s head.

“Uncle Ben took me out.” Robert pursed his lips, and without waiting for Mrs. Cooper to stop him, he told everything, “Uncle Ben took me to my mother’s house.”

Elliot opened the suitcase, and after listening to his son’s words, his body stopped, as if he had forgotten what he was going to do.

“Mom showed me my sister.” Robert seemed to have not noticed his father’s abnormality, and continued to talk to himself, “Dad, I like you, and my mother likes you too.”

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    1. Nena, they will just hang in there. I have heard that something is going to happen. They will confess their love.. waiting for updates. It will be a while though.

  1. I was wondering how Ben will think a 3 year old child will join in their secret keeping. Well done Robert, you led the cat out of the bag without hesitation.

  2. The reason she’s giving why she got divorced its just bullshit she was just thinking about herself and not the kids who in her right mind leaves a one year old baby

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