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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1796 by

Chapter 1796

Nick didn’t receive the news that Elliot was coming over in advance, so he didn’t tell him that Avery was gone.

Elliot wanted to show that he didn’t come to Yonroeville for Avery, but he couldn’t hide his expression.

“Didn’t she come to look for Haze? No more?”

“I don’t know! She didn’t tell me when she left. I wanted to invite her to dinner, but I couldn’t get through to her phone, so I suspected that she might have left. So I called to the airport to check, and found that she really left.” Nick didn’t know where Avery was looking for Haze.

“Since you’re here, take a vacation and stay with me for a few days!” Nick enthusiastically pulled Elliot to sit down on the sofa, “You came here for Avery, or for Haze’s business.”

I want to know why Avery suddenly suspects that Haze is her daughter.” Elliot looked calm, “She saw Haze’s photo three years ago, not just now.”

“Oh… Then she probably didn’t tell me the truth! After all, I don’t know her that well. And she came to Haze, and she didn’t want you to know. I explained it to me several times, and asked me not to tell you… If you ask her why, I’m afraid she won’t tell you.”

“Of course I won’t ask her directly.” Elliot had self-knowledge.

Since Avery blocked him more than two years ago and refused to have any communication with him, he knew that the two of them were completely strangers.

“Then what are you doing here? What if Avery didn’t leave? Wouldn’t the two of you meet?” Nick narrowed his fox eyes, “Since you’re here, it means you’re ready to meet Avery. In that case, when you return to Aryadelle, you can go to her.”

“She has returned to Aryadelle?” Elliot inferred the result from Nick’s tone.

“Yeah! She has returned to Aryadelle. I suspect she may have gotten the news from somewhere, thinking that Haze is in Aryadelle, so she flew to Aryadelle non-stop.” Nick pondered, “Elliot, didn’t you find it in Aryadelle?”

“I didn’t find it.” Elliot was saddened, “If Haze is still alive now, she is only two years old and less than three years old. If the people who raised her kept her at home, no matter how talented I was, It’s impossible to find her.”

NIck: “Yeah. You can ask the people around Avery to see what kind of stimulation Avery has experienced, so she insists on looking for Haze. I see her appearance, and she is very determined.”

Elliot: “Wait for me to return. Let’s talk about Aryadelle!”


After Avery landed, she returned to the Starry River Villa.

The home has been vacant for three years, but it looks as clean and tidy as when she left three years ago.

She put her luggage down and looked at Mike.

“Do you ask someone to clean every time you go back to Aryadelle?” Avery wiped the coffee table with her fingers, but there was no dust.

Mike shook his head: “No! Every time I go back to Aryadelle, I stay with Chad, but I never come here. Maybe Mrs. Cooper comes to clean from time to time. After all, Mrs. Cooper knows the password here.”

Avery responded and dragged Luggage ready to go to the bedroom.

“I’ll take a nap first, and I’ll talk about everything when I’m asleep.”

“Aren’t you going to eat something?” Mike asked.

Avery: “I ate on the plane. I’m not hungry now.”

“Oh, then you can go to sleep!” Mike slept on the plane, so he’s in good spirits.

Avery went back to the room. After closing the door, Mike leaned on the sofa and sent a message to Chad: We are back home! Would you like to come out for a drink?”

Chad: “We’re? Who are you with?”

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