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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1792 by

Chapter 1792

Mike tried to chase Avery, but didn’t catch up.

She runs too fast.

When Mike ran to the door of the hotel, he saw Avery getting into an ambulance!

The bodyguard stood behind Mike and asked, “Should we chase her?”

“How? Chase four wheels with two legs, you can’t figure it out.” Mike turned around and walked towards the breakfast shop and said, “In the ambulance, There are doctors and police, so she will be fine. When she is done, she will come back naturally.”

The bodyguard: “Oh, the boss is getting more and more self-willed.”

Mike said, “Avery thinks Haze is still alive. So she wants to find this child quickly. Do you think this child is still alive?”

The bodyguard said firmly, “Of course not. But this is not ruled out. The child may still be alive. If I can imagine things like God, I will be a bodyguard. I will go directly to be the big boss.”

Mike: “Actually, I also really hope that this child is still alive. If this child is still alive, it must be Layla 2.0. , when the time comes, there are four children, two on each side, so it will be fair.”

The bodyguard: “You think this is dividing pork! What is fair and unfair, whoever raises the child should give the child to whomever. Obviously, Layla should be raised by our boss. Elliot is completely bullying others!”

Mike looked at him: “You can say that, why don’t you go to Elliot to reason?”

The bodyguard confessed: “I don’t dare.”

The hospital.

After Avery followed the ambulance into the emergency room, she quickly learned from the police who the arsonist was.

After a series of rescues, the killer was sent to the ward.

About two hours later, the killer woke up.

Avery entered the ward with the attending doctor.

“Miss Tate, if you have anything to ask, ask quickly. Otherwise, it won’t be easy if the police come in later.” The attending doctor said to Avery.

“Thank you.” Avery said thanks, walked to the hospital bed, and looked at the woman with gauze on her face, “Hello, my name is Avery. I am a doctor and a mother. About three years ago, Jobin’s family was destroyed, but Rebecca’s daughter was taken away by the driver and escaped. But the driver later sold the child to a gang… That child, not Rebecca’s daughter, She is my daughter.”

The woman on the hospital bed listened to her words, her eyes remained cold, until she said the last sentence, the expression in the woman’s eyes changed slightly.

“I only recently learned that the child is actually my child. I missed that child for three years, and now the child may be long gone, but as a mother, I have to go to her, what if she is still alive? Avery said here, her eyes were wet, and she choked, “Can you tell me where The child was sold?”

“I know. But If I tell you, what benefits can I get?” The woman’s voice on the hospital bed was weak.

“What benefits do you want?” Avery heard that she knew Haze’s whereabouts, and her eyes lit up instantly, “As long as I can do it, I will satisfy you.”

“Come closer.”

Avery immediately put her head close past.

The attending doctor watched them beside them, curious about what they said. But pricked up his ears, he couldn’t hear what they were saying.

But it can be guessed that this arsonist must have asked Avery for money, or asked Avery to find a way to bail her and send her out of Yonroeville.

After listening to the woman’s request, Avery looked embarrassed.

But in order to find out Haze’s whereabouts, Avery nodded after thinking for a while.

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