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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1791 by

Chapter 1791

“Fire.” After Avery finished speaking, he immediately pulled Mike and ran outside.

Other guests on the same floor also came out of the room one after another. Because of the power outage, the elevator was unavailable, and everyone had to leave through the safe passage.

Fortunately, there was no crowding.

When everyone descended to the first floor in an orderly manner, they smelled a pungent burnt smell.

“It’s a fire on the first floor.” Avery took Mike out of the hotel, and after breathing in the fresh air, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“It seems to be the restaurant we ate at last night.” Mike took a breath and coughed a few times, “Fortunately, it wasn’t a fire when we ate last night, it’s f*cking terrible!”

Avery: “Such a big fire, if it wasn’t made by humans, then there would be a big problem with the hotel’s firefighting.”

“I was sleepy to death in the early morning, but now I am completely awake.” Mike said, looking at Avery, “Isn’t that the clothes you wore last night? You didn’t take a shower last night?”

Avery blushed: “I was so sleepy last night, I plan to get up this morning to wash.”

“Then why don’t we change hotels!” Mike thought Change hotel to catch up.

Avery: “But our luggage is still in this hotel. Let’s take our luggage out when the fire is out!”

“Okay! Let’s have breakfast first!” Mike dragged her away from the hotel door.

Now there are crowds of watchers and guests who escaped from the hotel at the entrance of the hotel.

They found a breakfast shop near the hotel and sat down.

Avery was hot and stuffy, worried about the fire in the hotel, so she had no appetite.

Mike brought her a bowl of porridge and put it in front of her.

“Many people came over for breakfast today, and there’s nothing left in the store.” Mike was having fun, he continued, “We’re not too late, at least we still have porridge to drink. The people who come later have no more porridge to drink.”

In response, Avery lowered her head and drank the porridge.

At the next table, someone chatted about the hotel fire.

“I heard that the hotel wanted to fire an employee in the restaurant, but the employee didn’t want to leave. The two sides didn’t reach an agreement, so the employee deliberately set fire to it.”

“Why is this person so extreme? There is a place to stay, can this person find another job after leaving this hotel?”

“Yes! This person entered the restaurant by relationship. Because she looks a bit handsome, and she is with the chef. , so the head chef opened the back door for her.”

“Since this person looks a bit good-looking, why can’t she go and stay in this hotel?”

“Because this person has no identity and came from a criminal gang which is escaped from the criminal gang… More than two years ago, the criminal gang was wiped out, and only she survived and escaped.”

“D*mn it! No wonder the hotel wants to fire her! No wonder she was able to deliberately set fire to it. Such a terrible thing!”

Avery got up from the chair when she heard this. She quickly ran towards the hotel.

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    1. Right?!?
      Ok so now this one gang member survived and happened to burn the hotel she’s staying in 3 years later and she happens to hear people talking about it 🤦🏻‍♀️

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