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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1789 by

Chapter 1789

“Oh, your boyfriend must be quite old, right? Is he married or unmarried? Do you have a future with him? You are young now, and it’s time to fight for your career…” Hendrix said.

Ben Schaffer walked over and interrupted him.

“Mr. Hendrix, I’m not married, and Gwen and I are in a serious relationship. We are going to get married.” As soon as Ben Schaffer said this, Hendrix looked at Gwen with a bewildered face.

“You go first! You don’t have to pick me up later, I’ll go back by myself!” Gwen sent Ben Schaffer away.

After Ben Schaffer left, Gwen walked up to Hendrix again: “Brother Hendrix…”

“Don’t call me brother. I can’t afford it!” Hendrix wondered, “Your boyfriend is so good, Did you come out to work to pass the time?”

“No… I’m really in a relationship with him, but I don’t know if we can get married! Who can say better in the future, relying on men is better than relying on yourself. In the future, you can arrange the work for me. I am not afraid of hardship or fatigue.” Gwen assured.

Hendrix breathed a sigh of relief: “If your work is just for ticketing, then I can give you to someone else to take you. Because I don’t have time to play with you.”

“Brother Hendrix, trust me, I will never treat work as a child’s play.”

Ben Schaffer drove to Sterling Group. He originally asked for a week’s leave, but Gwen only took three days off, so Ben couldn’t play any more and had to come to the new company to report.

He can only take leave early and go back to the company. Back at the company, he came to Elliot’s office.

“Elliot, I have a question and I want to ask for your advice.” Ben entered the office and saw the vice president was there.”

The vice president smiled: “We’re done talking. I’ll go out first.”

After the vice president went out, Ben Schaffer immediately walked to the chair opposite Elliot and sat down.

“Gwen has gone to work. I checked her new company in Aryadelle. It’s not a big company, but its strength is not bad.” Ben said, “Do you want me to directly buy shares, so that I can take care of Gwen.”

Elliot glanced at him: “Why don’t you just transfer the money to her and tell her not to go to work.”

“Gwen doesn’t agree. She said I used money to insult her.” Ben Schaffer looked helpless, “I just don’t want to let her go to work. She worked so hard, but she felt that I had ulterior motives. She said that I wanted to destroy her.”

Elliot: “Is it so serious?”

Ben Schaffer explained, “Gwen said that their business is to eat young people. If she doesn’t make money now, she will be old in the future. It’s even more impossible to get ahead. She also makes sense. So I can only let her go to work.”

“Since you respect her so much, you should ask her directly to see if she is willing to let her go to work. You are her boss.” Elliot said.

Ben: “Oh…Gwen definitely doesn’t want to.”

“Since you know the result, why bother to ask me?” Elliot picked up the coffee cup and took a sip.

“Drinking coffee early in the morning, didn’t sleep well last night?” Ben Schaffer leaned back in his chair and looked at him, “I asked Gwen about Avery, do you want to hear it?”

Elliot concentrated on drinking coffee, and said to him, Turn a deaf ear.

“There are no outsiders here, as long as you say what you want, I will…” Ben Schaffer teased.

“Avery is in Yonroeville now.” Elliot put down the coffee cup and looked at him, “Gwen shouldn’t know, right?”

The smile on Ben Schaffer’s face disappeared: “Why did Avery go to Yonroeville? Gwen only told me about her. Now that she is rich, she will not have to work for the rest of her life. Gwen doesn’t know how she got her money.”

“Very rich?” Elliot murmured, “Gwen said that she is very rich. What we think is very rich is a concept?”

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