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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1788 by

Chapter 1788

Avery has never been a member of a criminal gang, so naturally she doesn’t know what to do when she joins the gang.

Mike whispered, “If you want to join the gang, you must show sincerity. Sincerity is to do a bad thing and prove that you are a bad person. So the old people and women in the prison are not insignificant people. Moreover, the criminals in a gang are not insignificant. Why do you think some people know and some don’t?”

Avery felt that what Mike said was very reasonable, but she was a little puzzled: “Why did Nick lie to me?”

Mike: “Then how do I know?”

“I understand why Elliot doesn’t understand? This criminal gang was destroyed by Elliot.” Avery continued to raise doubts.

“Maybe these people are more strict and refuse to confess!” Mike wrote lightly, “From my experience, it is impossible to keep secrets in a gang.”

“It’s like you have been in that kind of gang.” Avery saw that his water glass was empty, so she picked up the kettle and poured water for him.

“You forgot what I do? As the world’s top hacker, I know a lot of unknown secrets in this world.” Mike said eloquently, “What you can usually see on the Internet is not in the online world. Ninety-five percent of the content is invisible to ordinary netizens.”

Avery asked, “Why can’t ordinary people see the remaining ninety-five percent?”

“Because It’s all things that the law does not allow ordinary people to see.” Mike explained lightly.

Avery: “I see, you’re talking about the dark web.”

Mike: “Yes, you can understand that.”

“Can you find Haze on the dark web?” Avery wanted to use all available methods to find the child’s whereabouts.

Mike replied, “I’ll try it later. I didn’t tell Hayden about Haze. Then you can tell him!”

Avery: “Well.”


Today was Gwen’s first day of work after returning to Aryadelle.

Ben Schaffer drove her to the company.

Hendrix, Gwen’s domestic agent, is Lexie’s friend. Lexie explained the situation of Gwen to Hendrix on the phone. Hendrix said that he would definitely try his best to bring Gwen.

The car stopped at the entrance of the company, Gwen got out of the car and saw Hendrix standing in the lobby on the first floor.

They had seen each other’s pictures, so they recognized each other at a glance.

“Brother Hendrix, hello. I’m Gwen.” Gwen greeted Hendrix generously.

Hendrix took a look at Gwen and was quite satisfied with her appearance, body and temperament.

“Hello, you will follow me from now on. If there is a job that suits you, I will arrange it for you. If you have anything, you can communicate with me at any time. I have been friends with Lexie for decades, you follow me, no need Restraint.” Hendrix said, looking at Ben Schaffer who came in with Gwen, “Who is this?”

“Hello, this is my business card.” Ben Schaffer handed the business card over and introduced himself, “I’m Gwen’s boyfriend.”

Hendrix took a careful look at the business card he handed over.

After seeing the position of Chief Financial Officer of Sterling Group, Hendrix’s eyes flashed with panic.

Lexie didn’t tell him that Gwen had such an awesome boyfriend, could it be that Lexie didn’t know?

“Are you guys a serious boyfriend or girlfriend?” Hendrix pulled Gwen aside and asked in a low voice, “Lexie didn’t tell me.”

“Because my relationship with him has not been settled yet.” Gwen was embarrassed explain.

Ben Schaffer heard their conversation clearly.

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  1. Thank you for more chapters. Sadly she’s doing the same old thing. See everyone is going to the link posted and reading the book. So just going to leave thank your for your work. I want to keep reading with the names that have built the story. At least I know it will be a lot more chapters.since they posted about chapter 1917. I appreciate your time and effort. I feel I will be disappointed in this book. But was so hooked on it for the first 1300 pages I got to see it through.

    1. Darla, that’s true, I just think people want an ending, this is just a constant repeat of the same storyline. The other site is on going as well, seems to be no ending in sight. 😂

      1. This book was the first book I had read in over 20 years. I was so hooked into it. Like they were people I knew but it just is a sad round and round. I know I won’t read another online book again. Sometimes I think this book started with one writer then someone else took it over. . But have to see it through

        1. Darla, I have never read an online book, this was my first. My daughter told me to try it. I started it on goodreads and quickly realized how expensive that might be and found this site. I will say I like the convenience of not carrying a book, but I refused to start another. I started the divorced billionaire heiress on this site – still waiting on updates on it, Alpha’s regret- which isn’t the type of book I have would normally read (out of my normal zone), but it is complete and was a good book once I got pass the realization I was reading about werewolves. I also finished, Mated to Alpha Twins on this site, which is also complete and started Alpha Asher – which is very slow to update but good. I am more of a Danielle Steele/ Nicholas Sparks kind of a reader. So the other books where definitely different for me, but you didn’t have all of the typos and grammar errors on the above books. They were definitely a little more graphic than I am used to, but I figured I would stick to this translator’s site and read some of the finsihed book while waiting to complete this one. Right now I am reading three (including this one) that are not complete.

          1. Julia I feel like we are the same people right now.
            I read the Alpha has a son and fated to the Alpha also
            Again way more graphic and… Werewolves…

            But not badly written and characters evolved for the good.

            This one somehow got my attention while waiting for others to update…

      2. Shar exactly,taught the book would have been close to wrapping up but was so wrong,every storyline is repetitive,and the chapters are too short 🙄 don’t want to say to much but from chapter 1917 they should get back together, find their daughter,become a power couple,destroy their enemies,Elliot and his son make up and the family live happy after, just my opinion, but as you said no ending in sight, at this pace the book might finish in 2023😂
        Thanks to the translator much appreciated

        1. Tisha, I agree with you, they are definitely back together again. Hayden is going to find them soon. They are going to find Hazel and take down Wanda once and for all. This time they can’t let her escape. But I think there is going to be a lot of twist before that happens..

      3. I agree Avery always did things behind Elliots back. They always said no secrets but she continues to do impulsive things. My guess is Wanda has Haze???

      1. I think it was chapter 1760 someone posted in comments.i don’t remember for sure. I went to it read a paragraph and came back here so it’s the book I have read from the beginning

      2. EOH,
        Lety posted the link on chapter 1760, when you open it’s in Chinese so you have to click on the 3 dots on the top right and choose the language you prefer. Also the names are in Chinese and it’s a little bit confusing.

    2. For a smart person, Avery is not so smart!! Book smart, but definitely not relationship smart. Mike is an ass that is all I have to say. I would like to see a happy ending. I would like Hayden and Elliot to reconcile. Let them be happy!!

    1. Jeanette Catubing

      Is this going to end in 2023? Well, please notify me in new year. I don’t know how to get rid of this but I think I needed since my mind is full of guessess about the novel’s next chapters😂. I wonder if who is the author? Will the twists becomes painful? If it will, I stop for now before my heartache😂. Thank you for your hardwork, still…

  2. Darla, I have read a lot of novels, but this is the first one where the ending is prolonged. I’m going to see it through the ending. I’m hooked.

    1. Me too. But going to read it through from here. It had no meaning the one paragraph I read on that site after spoilers posted. It just didn’t even hit me as the same book with the different names etc. I see the characters in my mind by their names. Been reading it since April. That other thing was just words. I started this on good novel and jumped around to two other sites before I found this one so just staying here. But truly hate the revolving circle it is. A friend I told about it said it was a rabbit hole. And I could be reading for years. But I will stay loyal to this translator til the book just finally gets to rediculous to even keep going on.(which probably won’t be long)

  3. I wish I had never got involved in reading this novel. I now know the meaning of when his eyes opened. Hopefully they will open soon and everything will be settled.

  4. To the translator I am so grateful for all the hard work you do. I have read many books on line and been in book clubs where we discuss books face to face. I just feel in the last week or so we have become unreasonable and used this comment section to discuss other websites offerings of this story. Yes, like everyone else I want to see resolution, however, this is an on going book and you also translate for many other books. I am more than satisfied with the rate we receive chapters because after having read many free or paid online books I know that your translation rate is beyond excellent. I like seeing the discussions on what we think the future may hold or seeing the flaws in Averys and Elliotts thinking, and how the other characters interfere in their lives. I am not interested in spoiler alerts or posting of other websites because clearly after every chapter we are reminded that you are working hard to translate. But, because we are a society that wants everything now, we seem to be dissatisfied because the original Chinese site is ahead. So, I pose the question to my fellow readers, if this site catches up to the Chinese site (which is still ongoing) what are you going to do then? Sorry, if this offends anyone, but I feel we are offending the translator by using this comment section to promote other sites or try to get the translator to keep giving us more and suggesting that he/she should make this translation a priority because we are wanting the end now. I just need to get this off my chest because I am so appreciative of all the hard work I see on this sight for this novel and many others. Once again my apologies if I have offended anyone.

    1. I agree. Not going to another site. I appreciate this translator and I will wait patiently for updates. Thank you translator

      1. MEJ, I can see your point, yes I agree we do want more upset because you voice your opinion. I think we are just tired of the same old storyline mainly. In the beginning Avery and Elliott had to deal with Chelsea, then Zoe, but after each they always found themselves back to each other. This time it’s different they both seem to have changed into two dumb individuals, they used to be strong. And the children had turned into unreal aa well. I think we just want to have a happy ending soon. I have been reading this novel for months and I am ready for closure. I the meantime I have read about twenty novels with over 1700 chapters.

  5. How many of you think that Haze is alive? And if you believe she is alive do you think some random person has her or do you think that someone from the past has Haze? Maybe even the person that had the Jobin family killed has her. I think that Wanda has Haze. Who do you think has Haze?

    1. Linda B, I have been thinking that Wanda has her. Wanda was upset because he Elliott didn’t help his mom and her company went under. I do believe that the lady Elliott has managing Avery Old company is working with Wanda.

  6. SAR, No worries I knew what you meant. Sometimes our mind works faster than our fingers and we see what we thought we wrote. If happens.

  7. Are there chapters missing on this site? It shows this site is at 1788 while other sites show 1798. But in the same place. Just want to make sure I didnt miss anything. Thank you!

    1. That is the issue with different sites because different sites paginate differently. So just as an example 1788 on this site could be 1798 on another. You haven’t missed anything. The only place it would have more chapters would be on an original chinese site where the chinese authors post as they write. This site(NAIJDATE) as well as others that post this story (swnovels, infobagh) are translation sites and each one has different ways of assigning chapter numbers. It really causes a lot of confusion because of this and people think they are missing content .

  8. Linda B, I have been thinking that Wanda has her. Wanda was upset because he Elliott didn’t help his mom and her company went under. I do believe that the lady Elliott has managing Avery Old company is working with Wanda.

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