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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1787 by

Chapter 1787


A five-star hotel.

After Avery parted with Nick, she returned to the hotel and saw Mike in the lobby at a glance.

Mike saw her and immediately got up from the sofa.

“Avery, didn’t you see I sent you a message?” Mike waited for her in the lobby for three hours, “I’m going to starve to death, let’s go to dinner first!”

“I was going to the prison, and the signal was not good there.” Avery saw that he was carrying his luggage, so she asked, “Have you reserved a room?”

Mike replied, “No. You didn’t tell me your room number. I want to live next to you. Or we live in one Presidential suite.”

Avery took him to the front desk and booked a suite for him and the bodyguard.

Avery: “You two live together. I won’t change rooms.”

Mike: “Is it on the same floor as you?”

Avery: “Yes.”

They booked a room, took their luggage to the room and put them away, then went to the hotel restaurant for dinner.

“What were you doing in prison? Haze couldn’t be in prison, right?” Mike chatted casually, “I asked Chad, and Chad said that Elliot probably didn’t find Haze.”

“Have you cried? Your eyes are swollen.” Mike sniffed and comforted her and continued, “Don’t be sad. It’s best to find that child, and it’s not your fault that you can’t find it. After all, this has already passed. It’s been three years. It’s been too long.”

“If we do everything, we start to find reasons for ourselves before we start doing it, and we can’t do anything.” Avery glanced at the menu and really lost her appetite, so she passed the menu to Mike.

“Then you can’t stay here all the time, can you?” Mike took the menu and glanced at her, “You set a deadline, if you can’t find it after a long time, forget it.”

“I won’t stay here for a long time.” Avery picked up the kettle and poured herself a glass of water, and said, “Haze should not be here anymore.”

“Oh? Do you know where she went?” Mike asked, and also handed her a glass of water.

“I don’t know. I can only go to the nearby countries to find them one by one.” Avery said his plan, and continued, “I don’t know how long I will be looking for, but I’ll talk when I can’t find it!”

“Okay, anyway, It’s okay now…but we can send someone to look for it. We don’t need to run around by ourselves.” Mike suggested, “As long as we pay, more people will work for us. We can find better detectives.”

Avery said, “We can use any method. First of all, we have to find out whether she is still alive.”

“Well…you haven’t said what you are going to do in prison today.” Mike picked up the water glass, took a sip of water.

“When the Jobin family had an accident, the driver of the Jobin family took Haze away. So Haze didn’t die in that shooting. But the driver was a gambler, and he sold Haze to a criminal gang. I was going to jail today, went to meet the people of the criminal gang.”

“Oh… did you ask for any useful information?” Mike pressed.

Avery shook her head, “The felons are all dead. The people who are now in prison are all insignificant people in the gang. For example, I went to see today, there are very old people and middle-aged women who are in charge of cooking, and teenage children…”

Mike listened to her words and chuckled: “Avery, your thoughts are too naive. You said they were insignificant people, who told you that The guards in the prison?”

Avery: “Nick said the same thing.”

“He’s an a$$! They all talk about people and ghosts, you trust them, it’s better to trust the roadside fortune-tellers..” Mike drank the water in the glass and put down the water glass, “Do you know what needs to be done in a criminal gang to join the gang?”

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  1. I sure can’t stand Mike and Avery she’s just a basket full of sadness. Now she wants to find Haze, but she hated Haze!

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