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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1786 by

Chapter 1786

The friendship between Nick and Avery came through Elliot. So of course Nick would not put Avery’s words first.

If Nick listens to Avery and doesn’t tell Elliot about her coming to Yonroeville, others will tell Elliot about it.

Nick didn’t want Elliot to know this news from others!

“You went to Bridgedale?” Elliot carried his son downstairs.

Mrs. Cooper heard the voice and came out, and immediately took Robert over.

Elliot took the phone and went upstairs again.

“Where do I have the energy to go to Bridgedale? I just came back from a business trip, and I didn’t have enough rest for a day, so Avery came here!” Nick laughed, and continued, “Don’t you know that I woke up this morning and saw her at my house, I…I thought I was dreaming!”

Nick deliberately exaggerated how shocked he was about this, but he didn’t say what Avery was doing.

Elliot had an intuition that this was a bit strange, so he didn’t care about his face, and asked in a deep voice, “Why is she looking for you?”

“I’m afraid you won’t believe it… She came to me for Haze’s business.” Nick squinted his fox eyes and asked, “Did you continue to look for Haze after you returned to Aryadelle? Are there any new clues?”

“She came to you for Haze’s affairs?” Elliot’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, and the he felt more Strange, “What does Avery want to do?”

“You haven’t answered my question. You answer my question first, and then I answer yours.” Nick said lazily.

“I didn’t find Haze.” After hesitating for a few seconds, Elliot replied, “What exactly does Avery want to do?”

Nick stopped going around in circles: “Avery said that she has been having nightmares recently, and that Haze asked her for help. So she came over to find Haze. Do you think her words are credible?”

Elliot said without hesitation, “No.”

Avery hated Rebecca and Haze deeply, otherwise she would not have divorced him.

How could she come to Haze now because of a nightmare? Or, she came to Haze for another purpose?

“I haven’t been in contact with her for nearly three years. Maybe she’s changed now.” Elliot corrected after a brief silence.

“But I don’t think she has changed. She still feels the same to me as before. But…” Nick said here and paused.

Elliot was standing at the door of the master bedroom. Because of the pause on the phone, his footsteps also stopped.

He quickly thought in his mind the real reason why Avery did this.

“When we were talking about Haze this morning, she couldn’t help crying.” Nick would say from what he thought was strange, “It’s quite sad to cry. At least it took longer than your biological father to find out about Haze’s misfortune. It’s even sadder.”

Elliot frowned tightly: “Are you sure what you said is true?”

How could Avery cry for Haze?

This thing was outrageous!

“I don’t need to lie to you about this. I asked her why, and she said that Haze and Layla look alike, and she might suspect that Haze is her daughter. So she wanted to find Haze and do DNA with Haze. ” Nick explained.

“But now I can’t find Haze at all.” Elliot strode into the master bedroom, “Why did she doubt this issue now? Why didn’t she doubt it before?”

Nick: “I don’t know about that. Maybe Haze really gave her to her recently. It’s a dream. I thought about it, if I have the same nightmare every day, it’s really infiltrative.”

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