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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1785 by

Chapter 1785

“Third brother, how are you feeling recently?” Avery didn’t want to continue this heavy topic, so he changed the topic.

“I’m feeling a little bad. At present, the doctors in Yonroeville can still solve my medical needs.” Nick laughed, “I heard that you have been studying for the past two years… Now you are a doctor. “

Avery: “Huh.”

Nick said, “Would you like to spend a few more days here? I’ll show you around. You’re going to leave as soon as you come, right?”

Avery asked, “I want to go to Jobin’s house to see.”

Nick said, “What’s so good about Jobin’s house? After the killing of the family, the house has been vacant for three years.”

Avery asked, “Then take me there. Look at the den of that criminal gang. Are there any people in that gang still alive?”

“It seems that you still want to find Haze.” Nick narrowed his shrewd eyes and said, “The felons in that gang are all felons. They’s locked up in jail. But he doesn’t know anything about misdemeanors. You can’t get any results if you ask.”

Avery: “Then please take me to the prison to see if you have any questions in the future. If something needs my help, I must define it.”


7 a.m.

Elliot was woken up by the phone ringing. Before he could reach for his phone, Robert next to him climbed to the bedside table and picked up his phone.

Layla was not at home recently, so Robert was very attached to him and always slept with him at night.

Of course Elliot would not refuse his son’s request. Because Elliot has been sleeping with Robert recently, the relationship between father and son is getting better and better.

“Baby, give your phone to Dad.” Elliot said in a hoarse voice.

Robert immediately held the phone and handed it to his father.

Robert: “Is it my sister?”

Elliot took the phone, glanced at the screen, and replied, “No. It’s an uncle that you don’t know.”

“Which uncle?” Robert lay in his father’s arms, looking curious.

Elliot: “It’s your elder.”

Elliot put his arms around his son and answered the phone with the other.

“Elliot, have you woken up yet?” Nick had just eaten dinner, and now he was lying in a rattan chair with a bird cage in his hand, talking on the phone while teasing the birds.

“It’s only seven o’clock. What’s the urgency, you have to come to me at this time?” Elliot got out of bed with his son, planning to take his son to Mrs. Cooper.

“I also wanted to find you later, but I couldn’t help it! Something big has happened, you mustn’t guess hahaha!” Nick deliberately sold off.

Elliot frowned, and his brain opened wide: “Kyrie has been resurrected?”

“Pfft! How dare you guess!” Nick took the bird cage and got up from the reclining chair, “But I think this matter is more Kyrie’s resurrection is more interesting. You can continue to guess.”

“No guessing. You will hang up if you don’t say anything.” Elliot was awakened and felt dizzy.

“Hey, you’re boring like this.” Nick complained, “Avery told me at least twice, let me not tell you.”

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