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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1780 by

Chapter 1780

Avery changed the itinerary.

After seeing Xander’s email, she booked a flight to Yonroeville.

Now, she was on a flight to Yonroeville. She sat on the plane, looking at the scenery outside the window, tears kept falling.

The flight attendant called her, but she didn’t answer.

After a while, the purser came over.

“Miss Tate, do you need help?” the steward said softly, “Are you feeling unwell? Or…”

Avery quickly wiped away her tears and looked at the blanket in the steward’s hand : “It’s a little cold, you can just give me the blanket.”

“Okay. Do you need hot water?” The steward gave her the blanket and continued to ask.

Avery saw a stewardess next to her holding a glass of water, so she said, “Thank you.”

The stewardess immediately handed her warm water.

“Miss Tate, the plane will land in four hours. If you have any questions during this period, you can call us at any time.”

“Thank you.”

Avery drank the warm water, spread the blanket over her body, and closed her eyes. She wanted to force herself not to think, not to cry. But there was not a second in her mind that she stopped thinking about the bits and pieces that happened in the Yonroeville.

If it’s really weird, it’s up to her to blame herself.

Back then in Yonroeville, she had to have a relationship with Elliot. Even though she knew she didn’t take contraceptive measures, she still took a fluke and didn’t take the morning-after pill. caused an accident.

And Xander’s death was probably also because of this child.

Rebecca wanted to completely occupy the child, so he killed Xander who knew the truth.

It’s just that Rebecca never dreamed that Xander sent Avery an email before she died.

Thinking of this now, Avery heart still hurts in addition to pain.

Not only Xander and his girlfriend died, but everyone in the Jobin family also died.

All this, what a terrible death game.

And now, she’s going to enter this terrible game to find her missing daughter.

She was not afraid, not at all.

If she is afraid, she will not go to Yonroeville alone.

What she is most afraid of now is that her daughter died three years ago.

In the evening, Maddox called Avery and wanted to ask what email Xander sent her.

As a result, she didn’t get through.

Maddox felt uneasy in his heart, so he found Wesley’s number and dialed it.

Wesley was very surprised when he received a call from Maddox.

“Uncle Jenkins, what’s the urgency for you to call so late?” Wesley calculated the time in Bridgedale, it was already very late.

Maddox sighed: “Today, Avery called and said that Xander sent her an email. Then I called her to ask what email Xander sent her, but I couldn’t get through to her. Xander has been dead for three years, how can he still send her an email? your aunt and I are confused about this!”

“Xander sent Avery an email?” Wesley Shocked by this bizarre thing, he said, “Don’t worry, uncle, I’ll contact Avery now to see what’s going on.”

Wesley hung up the phone and turned to Avery.

Just like what Maddox said, Avery’s phone couldn’t get through.

110 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1780 by”

      1. agree. . and now she’s trying to become stupid again by not telling elliot the truth, she went ti find haze by herself again. this really shows she is really selfish. elliot has the right to know the truth also but never bothered to tell him about the email. she’s not genius, she is stupid

    1. Finally, hope to see a happy ending here soon. The author should know, that it’s time for avery to let elliot know about haze. I don’t want this to prolong in circles again, same repeated mistakes because avery won’t tell elliot. Always put the character of elliot and avery as an idiot, because they are diffinitely not. It’s time for both of the character know the importance of communication for the sake of their lost child! Keep it up author, time for the two to communicate with each other. Hope you don’t put up us in circles again. Thank you!

      1. Avery won’t end up telling anybody. She is going to get in trouble in yonerville and nobody is going to know the truth about haze.

      2. I dont think they are dumb just dont listen and they are very passionate. I dont think it was fair that he took her kids.

        1. I don’t think Elliott did anything at all what will you have done if it was you and he wanted Avery to come back and take Layla but Mike didn’t want

  1. Wow.. I hope she thinks fasts and sends that email to Eliott. But she won’t. Thank you so much. Would love a few more today but I understand it takes time

  2. Okay the timelines are really not clear. So The says author says the embryo was removed 18 years ago but only about 3 or 2 years have passed after the divorce. Robert is 5years and is older the Hazel so how old is she really??

    1. Mesh,
      It’s been 3 years, and the mailbox that Xander used is going out of business in a week and that’s why they’re sending people their mail earlier than planned. Layla and Hayden are 9 now. I’m actually wondering how old everyone of these characters are.

  3. OH my goodness, cannot wait to see what else is coming. I wish Avery would do the right thing and call Elliott, but I am sure she won’t.

  4. Avery, still insist on keeping things from Elliott. She should have reached out to Elliott. This is never going to end. instead of going to see Robert who she hasn’t seen in 3 years. I just don’t get her.

  5. Please let her for once call Elliot, let him come over there, let them sit down together and both get a chance to explain everything to the other. Let them find Haze & finally all be together! Let it be them against the world!

  6. Is Elliot wronged with his suspicion about Haze to be his and Avery daughter? That was the main reason he was rushing to save Haze at yonroeville when Rebecca died.
    Am sure with the help of Nick, Avery will find the girl. I pray Haze will reconcile the parent again and the whole family be United again. Enough of effects of marital crisis on Hayden and Layla.
    Thanking the author for the path this novel is trending. Love it. More please

      1. Becky,
        So do I, Hayden has been nothing but a mean, rotten, miserable, vindictive, manipulative child and extremely cold hearted and mean spirited, all of this on a 9 year old child, the author went to far with his behavior, attitude, and character, what child genius or not performs on such a snake level, all though he got it from his mother and Mike, what child knows no limits?

    1. Oh it’s getting gripping now, I hope they find Haze safe and well and I wish Elliott would contact Hayden, I don’t like the hate between them two, i feel so sorry for Hayden

  7. Avery is to blame for everything. She had better not complain to her friends or any others and make this Elliotts fault. He tried to explain, he showed her pictures, I am sure he hasn’t forgotten Haze(when he was searching she threw divorce at him before hearing him out) He suspected it was his and Avery’s child. But what did Avery do? She said she didn’t want to hear, divorced him because he didn’t keep his promise. Yes she divorced easily, AND he was heartbroken because he didn’t know why. Avery has kept him out of her life for 2 1/2 years. She doesn’t deserve to be a mother just look at her interactions with Layla and Robert (almost non existent) Angry with Xander, but its like oh well he is dead nothing can be done now. IF Elliott would have done something like this or asked her to abort the child for her own health(if he had known) she would have nailed him to the cross. AS much as I want to see them together and to find Haze its going to be a long haul because Avery and her friends have destroyed any good relationship between Hayden, Layla and Elliott. Also when she finds out what does she do? Reacts without thinking and tells no one. These friends should be ashamed of themselves, none of them are any better than Xander. Their prejudice and intolerance toward Elliott has destroyed a marriage and even what should have been a loving family unit. Everyone of them needs to a accountable for their actions.

    1. MEJ,
      Exactly how I feel! Avery does not deserve Elliot or to be happy. She has caused all of this! I don’t want them to get back together, but in the back of my mind, and the predictably of the book, I feel as if they most likely will. Which is disturbing to me. As a parent, you know your child, you have a connection that no one else does. Elliot knew Hazel was their child, he just could not logically get it to make sense.

      1. I agree, she does not deserve Elliott! I also think that for her to be so smart, she has no common since at all!!! Dumb as a rock! Ok someone took the baby, cause there is no evidence that the baby died…does she think she is just going to go over there and ask for the baby back?? REALLY! What I think is going to happen next, is she going to go over there and get in trouble and Elliott is going to have to go and rescue her, just like always!!!

        I love this, keep the chapters coming, I just really wish you could give Avery a little since!
        Thanks for the new chapters! 😀

  8. The one that get me mad is that mike he is the one making decisions for her am sure once she sorted herself and finally on her phone she will probably call mike first and he will make decision for her again and the story will go another way again …

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I hope that doesn’t happen. I am ready for the story to wind down and something good comes out of all of this

    2. Real,

      I agree. He’s the reason Elliot got blocked from her phone in the first place and made her think Elliot never tried to call. Mike is so toxic.

  9. Capítulo 1781

    Erick tuvo que llamar a Mike.

    El teléfono de Mike se comunicó tan pronto como llamó.

    “Mike, ¿por qué no puedo comunicarme con el teléfono de Every?”, preguntó Erick.

    “¡Yo tampoco puedo comunicarme! El aeropuerto al que la llevé al mediodía aún no se ha puesto en contacto con ella. Cuando estaba en el aeropuerto, era bastante normal. ¡No hay razón para bajar del avión y seguir saliendo!” Mike está calvo la mayor parte del día.

    Planeaba volar al país donde ella viajó para encontrarla si no podía contactarla después de esta noche.

    “Ella recibió un correo electrónico de Xander hoy”, Erick le dijo que el padre de Xander lo llamó hace un momento, “¿No te lo dijo?”

    “¡No! ¿Xander no está muerto? ¿Por qué le enviaste un correo electrónico? ¡Es demasiado extraño! ¿Es posible que alguien haya falsificado la cuenta de Xander y le haya enviado un correo electrónico? ” Mike comenzó la teoría de la conspiración, “¿No debería ella ¿ser engañado?”

    Erick: “…”

    Erick no tiene un pensamiento tan divergente como Mike.

    Él piensa que Xander todavía puede estar vivo…

    “¡Deja de hablar! ¡Every me devolvió la llamada!” Después de que Mike exclamó, colgó el teléfono de Erikc.

    Every se bajó del avión ahora y encontró un hotel para quedarse primero.

    Después de encenderlo, vi las llamadas mortales en serie de Mike y lo llamé de inmediato.

    Mike tiene prisa, y si no se lo deja claro, puede freír la olla rápidamente.

    “¡Every Tate!”, Gritó Mike con ansiedad después de ponerse al teléfono, “¿Recibiste un correo electrónico de Xander hoy? ¿Dónde estás ahora? ¡Dime claramente! ¡Envíame la ubicación!”

    “Estoy en el país Yonroeville ahora” Every se sentó junto a la cama, agotado física y mentalmente, pero no podía cerrar los ojos.

    “¿Qué estás haciendo en el país Yonroeville? ¿Xander sigue vivo? ¿No se envían las cenizas al país Bridgedale? Every , tú…”

    “Haze es mi hija”, cuando Every dijo esto, sus emociones se rompieron nuevamente, “Mike, Haze es mi hija. ¿Todavía tienes una foto de Haze en tu teléfono? ¿Puedes enviarme la foto? ”

    Mike estaba atónito.

    “Xander me envió un correo electrónico cronometrado hace tres años. Mi buzón quebró, así que me envió el correo electrónico cronometrado que me envió por adelantado”, Every se atragantó, “Mike, la odio tanto “Cuando vi la foto de Haze, claramente pensé que ella y Rila estaban talladas en el mismo molde, ¡pero no me atrevía a pensar que ella era mi hija en ese momento! ¡Obviamente Rila era como yo! ¡No como Eliott! ¿Por qué? ¿No vienes al País Yonroeville para encontrar a Haze?”

    “¡Every, no llores!”, La mente de Mike estaba un poco confundida, “¿No está Haze ya muerto? ¿Qué puedes hacer cuando vas al País Yonroeville ahora?”

    “¿Quién dijo que Haze murió? ¿Se ha confirmado esto? ¿Se ha encontrado el cuerpo de Haze?”, Every nunca había oído hablar de esto, por lo que estaba atónito.

    El mensaje que escuchó en ese momento fue que no se pudo encontrar el cuerpo de Haze y que Haze no estaba.

    Mike también estaba atónito: “Yo tampoco he oído la información exacta. Después de que te divorciaras de Eliott Foster, ambos vinimos al país Bridgedale…”

    “¡Entonces Haze puede no estar muerto!” Every estaba muy emocionado, “¡Quiero encontrar a Haze! ¡Definitivamente puedo encontrarla!”

    “¡Every, no seas terco! Si Haze estuviera realmente vivo, ¡Eliott la habría encontrado! Incluso Eliott Foster no pudo encontrarla, ¿crees que podrías?” Mike decidió ir a Country Ahora encuéntrala.

    El tono de Every indicó que ahora estaba extremadamente inestable.

    Mike estaba preocupado de que algo le pasara a su impulso.

    “Inconscientemente crees que él es mejor que yo, ¿por qué me miras con desprecio? ¿Por qué no puede él encontrarlo, entonces yo no puedo encontrarlo? ¡Tengo que encontrarlo!”, Dijo Every enojado y colgó el teléfono. .

    Mike se quedó sin palabras.

    Sabía que estaba equivocado.

    A sus ojos, Eliott Foster es un personaje muy poderoso.

    Pero Every es igualmente poderoso.

    Justo cuando Mike luchaba por llamarla para disculparse, ella volvió a llamar.

    Mike tomó el teléfono inmediatamente.

    “Mike, Haze es mi hija, no me lo digas primero”, confesó Every: “Si puedo encontrar a Haze, definitivamente la criaré yo mismo”.

    1. Puedes compartir donde puedo leer lo demas? Dicen los otros comentarios que compartio el link pero busque sin encontrarlo.
      Gracias de antemano.

    2. What is the name of the Chinese book so I can look it up and see if I can just click on translate. I want to try to read ahead? Please 🙏

          1. Shannon,
            I couldn’t get past chapter 1917 either, did You find out how they were able to access it, if You do please let me know. Please and Thank You.🙏

    1. Yo leo la china y les traduci ese cap es muy complicado cambiar nombres me da flojera aparte está página lo ase muy bien solo puedo decirles ke el aprovechado de Eliott en el capítulo 1917 pasa con solo una toalla a ver la vídeo llamada k Avery le hace Asus hijos solo para k vea every su cuerpo jaja no están juntos siguen separados fueron a Yonroeville a vuzcar a Haze en un terreno creo de cadáveres sin organos espero no la encuentren ai

  10. I’m sorry, I don’t want to spoil the book for you guys. I’m on chapter 1916 and I will not give this book any of my time anymore. It got worst. Nothing changed at all. Waste of time time. Same drama with Avery, kids, and friends. This author needs help and seriously should not write a novel ever again.

    1. How did you get that far?? I’ll take the spoilers! Can you tell me what is happening?! Just warn other so they don’t have to read it if they don’t want to 😉 is there even an ending to this book?

      1. Spoiler***
        No ending at all. I’m on chapter 1916 and the story is still going on. Haze still hasn’t been found. Kids got worst and hates their father even more.

        1. Where were you able to read the ongoing chapters plssss I have been looking everywhere and can’t find them ugh I hate the wait of chapters to be uploaded. I use two sites which include this one. I’m becoming annoyed and want to give up on the book already.

      2. Jay, I have read through to chapter 1917. It’s a lot of twist. If you go back and read the comments under chapters 1760, Lety posted a link and that’s how I got access. I don’t want to spoil it for others so I want reveal what I read.

      1. From the chapter and post I just read that Lety posted, I knew I should have stopped reading a while ago.
        This book is not going to end happily for Elliot. Avery should have lost her vision, that’s all im saying. Karma!

        1. I can’t seem to translate any of these comments- but from what all of you seem to be saying at chapter 1917 – 137 chapters later the book is still taking the same direction and there aren’t any answers? I think I am calling it quits and will stop wasting my time.

          1. Julia,
            It is still the same thing going on, but now 3 years later they all have become worse, if You can believe it. They’re still not together, she received Xanders email and didn’t share it with Elliott, but instead called Mike as usual, Elliott had to find out second hand because she went back to Yonroeville by herself to see Nick, and she left before Elliott arrived of course, Nick tells Elliott about Avery’s assumptions about Haze, but she only half ass told Nick, she kept saying that she was having dreams about Haze and Haze was asking to be saved. Hayden and Mike are the masterminds behind the company that makes driverless cars and it’s of course the biggest thing ever!! Everyone wants a piece of it or a car, Norah wants to partner up with them, but when they find out it’s Elliott of course here’s Hayden and Mike’s chance to belittle, Elliott telling him that they don’t want his business, meanwhile Elliott was unaffected, it was Norah who wanted the deal especially bad, especially after Elliott had treated her so wrong because of Layla’s awful behavior and Avery’s presence, she felt rejected by Elliott, and in Norah’s mind she thought that getting in with this new company she could land the owner and surpass them all. Norah sends an email to Billy who’s supposed to be the owner of the company so that she can have a sit down with him to pitch her ideas in hopes of a deal, she gets an invitation to meet Billy and when she gets there he has her feeding rats, snakes, etc., Norah gets so scared she peed on herself and was escorted back to her house, Elliott buys Avery one of the new cars because it was Avery’s father who had initially came up with the idea years ago but died before he could make it happen, when he goes to see if Avery received the car he gets there to find out that Avery already has one of the new cars and it was customized and when he bought Avery one they told Elliott that they don’t do custom made things for the ordinary and he would have to register and wait like everyone else, so when he seen Avery’s pink-silver custom made inside and out, he asked her where did she get her’s from at explained that they wouldn’t do it for him, she wouldn’t tell him, and Mike turned around and told everyone that Avery’s boyfriend bought her the car and he was the owner of the brand new company that everybody wants a piece of, Avery allows Mike to keep going on with his B.S. as usual, but then she has to remember that if Elliott gets upset with her then she won’t be able to visit with the kids, even though Elliott has no problem with it, he has a problem with so called friends sneaking his children to go and see Avery, why can’t she call why doesn’t she take the initiative to see her own children, why does everyone have to go behind his back. Mike tells Avery what they did to Norah, and said if she ever gets out of line he had something on her, my opinion peeing on yourself is NOT enough to blackmail someone, especially as reputable as Norah. Elliott offers 100 million to find out who Billy is, and since Norah, thought she met Billy, she told Elliott that her friend was the one who met him, she told Elliott how, Billy was extremely ugly and had dwarfism and on top of it all he was a pervert and extremely disturbed. Wanda is back openly looking for Billy to work with, because Wanda said that this was her late husbands idea, and she has great knowledge about the ends and outs of the car and idea. Avery and Elliott start looking for Hazel together although they’re not together, because of Avery and the whole time, they ni discuss ANYTHING about what happened in their past relationship, it doesn’t make sense at all to be together with NO outsiders Avery’s friends, and take the initiative or should I say the opportunity to put all the cards on the table, they both are very resourceful he can access the phone again and Avery should’ve showed him Xanders email, but Nope! They leave their bodyguards behind because Avery insisted on it, talking about they’re still resting, Elliott said what are we paying them for then, I totally agree, they end up going to the corpse pit and to meet the criminals, by themselves. That’s it, it ends at chapter 1917!!!

      2. I found the Chinese novel from a previous reader I believe it’s in chapter 1767 posted on this website. It’s in Chinese but if you right-click on your computer, it will translate into English

    2. Lou,
      May I ask how you’ve accessed more chapters than we have?
      This has been a very frustrating book for e because I used to reading a book unto my eyes get tired and not having to wait for chapter after chapter. I understand it’s being translated and I appreciate the hard work… but this is soooo frustrating.
      Take care

    3. How did you get to 1916??? I can’t seem to get any further. I just read 1780 & don’t know how to get the next page. Can you tell me where to go please? Thank you

    4. Hi Lou, is there anyway I could DM you for spoilers. I am really tired with the plot going in circles now and just want to know how it is wrapped up. Is Rebecca still alive and hiding Hazel just to separate Avery and get Elliot? Or will Elliot ends up with Norah Jones? Will the misunderstanding ever get resolved, will they talk about the blindness that causes the divorce? It’s so annoying they hear things from other people and not directly from each other. Thanks in advance!

  11. I probably need to quit reading the book. I was just hoping for a happy ending. I have never seen anything written like this before. Why can’t the author wrap the book up and let us finish reading it. I am tired of all this back and forth. But I will thank the translator

  12. Of anyone read this book to the end can you please tell us how it all ends. The other website have porn and I do not want to see those stuff. I don’t want to wait for the next few months for this book to end.( Thank to the translator for translating, I’m not trying to sound mean)

    1. Lovely, it’s on going even with the website you are talking about, it ends in 1917. So still no happy ending. I had read someone had said it is a happy ending. I also heard this book is over 3000 chapters, so we have a long way to go.

  13. Now this is what I’m talking about! Can we plssssssss have a few more chapters before bed!!! 🤣🤣😢😢

  14. This is crazy. I thought I finally found the complete book!! I’m so addicted to this book. First book I read in 20 years. It’s so good. I would love to see this as a movie. I’m confused how everybody’s comment say 8/5? It’s only the 4th. Please tell me how to find the rest of this book!!!

  15. Avery said she missed Robert but she’s not making an effort to see him, she rather travel than visit him.
    Now she’s looking for another child when she easily gave up on them because she’s pissed off with Elliot… unbelievable

    1. It’s not because she pissed off with Elliot. As a mother when she got to know the truth she can’t think anything else rather than decide to go to that dangerous place on her own.

      1. You said as a mother, was Elliott not as a father as well even if the child was his and another woman’s child, she failed to think about what her reaction would be if she finds out that she accidentally gets pregnant with someone else’s child and finds out that the people the child is with are all dead.I hope she realize how selfish she is and forgive Elliott

  16. Avery is the prime example of a terrible mother. So consumed with her wicked friends lives than her kids. Mike is her King and Eric is her b!tch….smh

  17. More please!!! I really wish someone could tell em how to find the book in Chinese I would take the time to translate myself. I’ve gotten very dissatisfied with the book partly for the plot being the same always. I will probably discontinue if Avery ends up in yonroeville in trouble without anyone knowing. It’s stupid how this book goes in circles. Plus I waited a couple weeks to read it so I could read at my pace, and I’ve already caught up. I appreciate the translators efforts, and appreciate her hard work. It’s just too much to rely on someone else’s time just to read basically the same story line over and over and over.

    1. Tc, thank you for the update. I was right in my suspicious, Wanda is behind this. I’m sure Avery and Elliott will get back together soon. They have to work together to get out of this spot.

  18. After how many months, I finally found the original version. At first, it did not feel right because the name’s not the same, but still, Eliot and Avery’s chemistry was still there. I finished Chapter 1917 and Eliot and Avery’s love story is cute to read. The story is still on going. I’ll still visit this page and read every update just to say thank you to the author.

  19. Now she is rushing to find Haze because she found out she is her child, Avery is very selfish, she traveled without thinking and didn’t call anyone to tell them what has happened now. I just hope she thinks about Elliott with this her change of behavior toward Haze and realize this child is also Elliott’s flesh and blood and understand why he had rushed to find her without thinking as well, I hope she stops being selfish and understand other people have feelings too and know that this child was innocent and helpless at the time. Even if Haze is Rebecca’s and Elliott daughter she should never treat Elliott so badly for going to look for his daughter, she would what Elliott did if she was in his shoes even if she knew he was going blind with the way she rushed to look for the child now. Too selfish please, her character is not good

  20. Please if you have the spoilers , kindly see how we that are interested can dm you for it . I don’t mind dropping my Instagram account name @Weltan_su . Please message me on IG with the spoilers .

    I have serious anxiety and panic attacks and this book is making my life really worst .
    So do me the Favour please, or drop a mail I can contact for the spoilers .

  21. Spoiler alert* I am just going to say, there will be a lot of twist in the up coming chapters. Elliott has changed a lot and he tries really hard to be accomdating. Avery on the other hand, is a bit conflicted, in part due to Mike continually butting in. All the other couples are happy but still bad mouth Elliott. I’m not sure when this will end, but I can sense Elliott is not giving up. He will eventually get Avery back.

    1. Shar,
      How far did You get on that site, I was only able to get up to 1917 and then it sent me back to the beginning, if You know how to access it further, please let me know.

  22. The Chinese website definitely has wayyyy more chapters I just cannot find where to have it translated. Working on that as we speak so I can continue reading. These other websites are taking tooo long to upload them it’s frustrating.

    1. Annais, click the dots in the right hand corner, it will say translate, then click English. You must be on chrome to see it. I kept missing it because I didn’t know that.

  23. It turned out that Avery is planning to raise Haze on her own when she finds her she’s not planning to let Elliot know. Avery is very selfish.

    I followed the link Lety posted on chapter 1760, but I don’t like the horrible videos that are playing in between the chapters. I tried to take them off but it’s not possible.

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