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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1779 by

Chapter 1779

You shouldn’t have forgotten that your son Hayden came to Yonroeville and killed Cristian with the hand of the housekeeper, so we were trapped in Yonroeville and couldn’t leave, right?

I met Rebecca at the hospital. She was troubled by her pregnancy. Because Elliot refused to touch her or have children with her.

I think Elliot should have you in his heart, so he refused to touch her. At that moment, I immediately understood why you came to Yonroeville to look for him regardless of your life. Because the two of you are a match made in heaven, and no matter what happens, it will never let you separate.

At the time of writing this email, I still feel that you will end up together because I believe in true love.

You can probably guess what happened next. I transferred the embryo from your body to Rebecca, who promised to help us leave Yonroeville.

I am writing this email to you, firstly, to confess my mistakes to you and ask you to forgive me. The second is to tell you that the children of Rebecca and Elliot are actually the flesh and blood of you and Elliot.

If you want to find this child, then you go to Yonroeville to find him now! It is not known whether the child is a boy or a girl. But I believe that Rebecca should treat him well.


With a ‘bang’ sound, the phone fell to the table, making a crisp and deafening sound!

Avery was like being cursed by someone, and the whole person stood still.

Her face was ashen, her lips pursed, as if she wanted to say something, but she couldn’t.

Seeing her distraught expression, the waiter immediately stepped forward and handed her a tissue.

“Miss Tate, do you need help? Is there anything I can help you with?” The waiter asked in a low voice.

Avery held a tissue and quickly wiped the tears from her face.

“It’s fine…I’m fine…you don’t have to worry about me…” Avery said quickly, picking up the phone on the table with one hand, dragging the suitcase with the other, and quickly left the Vip waiting room.

When she came to the airport lobby, she found a corner with few people to stop.

She turned on her phone again and checked the email just now.

Mail is still there. She saw clearly this time.

It was sent by Xander. It was a regular email sent by Xander 3 years ago.

If Neti’s mailbox hadn’t been shut down, the email would have been sent to her 18 years later.

Now 15 years ahead.

She couldn’t help but burst into tears!

Haze is her daughter! No wonder Haze looks so much like Layla!

Xander actually did such a thing behind her back! No wonder Xander injected her with general anesthesia twice! She has always suspected Xander’s motive for doing this. It is because of this.

How could Xander do this? How could he do this!

She felt that her internal organs were about to cough up, and her heart was aching to death.

The last trace of reason was pulling in her mind, telling her that Xander was dead, and it was pointless to blame him now.

But her daughter Haze…Where did Haze go? Is she still alive?

If Avery knew from the beginning that Haze was her daughter, she would bring Haze to her side immediately, and Haze would not suffer with the Jobin family.

5 hours later.

Mike’s alarm clock went off.

He turned off the alarm clock and dialed Avery.

The country Avery is going to is a five-hour flight from Bridgedale.

The alarm clock he set was when Avery got off the plane.

This time she went on a trip alone, and Mike would inevitably be worried.

She called, but prompted her to turn off her phone.

Mike put down his phone and planned to call her again in 5 minutes.

But 5 minutes later, her phone was still off.

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  1. Thank you so much translator! Finally moving forward, but I am disappointed that Avery didn’t reach out to Elliott. She goes to yonroville alone, that’s a dangerous place to go.

  2. I think it getting a little rediculous how no one communicates, lies, and covers up to protect and ends up in a mess blaming the other. As far as Haze i think the only one mean enough and would want to get back at Avery and Eliot. Has the resourses to do this is her step mom (Wanda). She plans to use her for protectsion and get even with Avery.


  4. Avery call Elliott he boarded that plane for yours and his daughter she belongs to the both of y’all call him dammmitt

  5. I’m sure she is going to ask nick for help when she gets there. Maybe Elliott will have to go there and help her or get her out of a jam,

  6. Seriously though, how was Hayden able to get together with the housekeeper and kill Christian? No one is wondering that? If You think 🤔 about it, Hayden is 9 now so old was he when he was supposed to be able to mastermind a murder with someone else in a different COUNTRY! Make it make sense!!! It doesn’t, but we all have accepted the B.S. because we all have come to far in this book, I wish this author would have finished this book before posting it for people to read. This author is NO Stephen King, and this book is NOT the Green Mile and we’re waiting for him to release the next part of the Green Mile 😁🤷 I’m not going to talk to bad, because I keep coming back for more.😆

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