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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1776 by

Chapter 1776


Avery and Adrian took Gwen to the airport, and after Gwen passed the security check, the two came out of the airport.

“Adrian, I’m afraid Gwen won’t be back in a short time. Would you like to move to my house?” Avery asked, “I have a lot of empty rooms in my house, and I usually stay at home alone.”

Adrian shook his head: “I don’t want to move here. I can take care of myself.”

“Adrian, I don’t think you need someone to take care of you. I want more people to talk to.” Avery explained, “I know you can not only do housework, but also cook now. I don’t need a nanny anymore.”

“The teacher Gwen hired for me lives in a community with me. My teacher is very old and has a lot of time every day. So he often comes to me.” Adrian said this matter, “I like to learn to draw with him.”

Avery: “Well. Do you want to learn to draw with him today?”

Adrian: “We made an appointment in the afternoon.”

“Okay, we have dinner together at noon, and I will send you back.” Avery was happy for Adrian, “Not everyone can find something they like to do, you must persevere well. Maybe in a few years, you will be able to open a solo exhibition.”

Adrian: “I will do my best.”

After lunch, Avery sent Adrian home.

Avery specially waited for the old gentleman who taught Adrian to draw and chatted with him for a while before leaving.

The old man had just retired and was relatively leisurely. Before retiring, he was a college art teacher.

The old man liked to teach people how to draw. Although Adrian had zero foundation and lacks talent, but was careful and diligent enough, and the old man was very willing to teach him.

Avery drove home and walked straight to the bedroom.

Just as she was about to lie down, a phone call came.

She saw Eric’s name and immediately answered the phone.

Eric: “Avery, I took a show, and there was a very important supporting role in it, which was very suitable for Layla. I showed it to Layla, and Layla liked it very much. I want to bring her into the show. She is more confused now. Because she really wants to go to your side, she hasn’t made up her mind yet.”

Avery listened to Eric’s words, and her brain began to run at a high speed.

Seeing that Avery didn’t speak, Eric continued, “This role has a lot of scenes. If you are in the group, it will take at least a month. If you agree to Layla going to film with me, then I can take her to find you after mid-August. What do you think?”

“Eric, does Layla really want to try?” Avery is all based on Layla’s wishes.

“I think she likes it. It’s just that the shooting time is a little long. She said that she had made a summer vacation plan before, and if I went to film wthout Layla, the plan would be disrupted.”

Avery: “Then I will talk to Layla tomorrow. Now that I’m graduating, I can go back to Aryadelle to see her at any time.”

Eric: “Are you sure you can go back to Aryadelle?”

“Why can’t I go back to Aryadelle? I’m not a wanted criminal in Aryadelle.” Avery couldn’t help laughing, “I didn’t go back to Aryadelle before because I…I’m quite busy with the subject, and I really can’t get away.”

“I thought you were planning to never return to Aryadelle because of some people!” Eric laughed.

Avery: “Do I look like such a coward?”

Eric said bluntly, “I don’t think you are, but your behavior sometimes makes people incomprehensible. Do you know how the country talks about you? Netizens who were full and panicked said that you took sky-high alimony from Elliot, and at the same time promised Elliot that you would never return to Aryadelle. If I were you, I would definitely kill and return to Aryadelle as soon as possible.”

Avery said calmly, “Eric, there is no need to spread rumors. Take it to heart. Now, I’m a little sleepy, so I’ll take a nap first. I’ll call you back after I chat with Layla.”

Eric: “Okay. If you go back to Aryadelle someday, remember to tell me in advance.”

Avery: “Well.”

After hanging up, Avery closed her eyes.

She thought she could fall asleep quickly, but she tossed and turned on the bed for an hour and still couldn’t fall asleep.

All kinds of people and things flashed in her mind. Her head seemed to explode, and her heart couldn’t settle down.

She scratched her messy hair, got up and got out of bed, walked to the window, and opened the curtains.

The scorching sun did not know when to hide in the dark clouds. Looking at the gray-blue sky outside, she suddenly wanted to go out to get some air.

In the past two years, she has been avoiding all news related to Elliot, and the people around her have a tacit understanding, never mentioning him and everything in front of her.

Now, Avery suddenly wanted to see the Tate Industries branch built in Bridgedale.

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